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Vietnamese girl smiling

Does Curiosity Equal Attraction?

Introduction Does curiosity equal attraction? I occasionally get emails from guys that tell me how they are getting a lot of looks and attention from Vietnamese women that appeared enthusiastic to meet them and even asked for their numbers,…

girl angry at guy

What Is Female Auto Rejection and How to Easily Handle It

Introduction In today’s article, I’m going to talk about female auto rejection and the psychology behind it. I’ve encountered more than a handful of auto rejections from females here in Vietnam. One of my very first experience with it…

guy kissing a girl on the head

Persistence with women: Are you giving up too soon?

Introduction I’ve seen this countless times when it comes to persistence with women. Guy tries asking a girl out once and then fails to get her out. “I don’t got time for this crap.” “DELETE!!!” He pouts. There’s a…

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Should you bring your vietnamese wife back home?

Introduction Should you bring your Vietnamese wife back home? This is a question that many foreign men have after getting hitched to a Vietnamese woman or are in the stages of considering marriage with them. In this article, we’ll…