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Vietnamese girl in pink dress sitting in boat

Older Men Dating Younger Women in Vietnam: The Facts

Intro Southeast Asia (SEA) has always been a hotbed for loads of older men that want to be dating younger women or finding a wife. Its popularity steams from its low cost of living, great weather, and of course…

Vietnamese vs Thai Women

Vietnamese vs Thai Women: Whose Better for Dating?

Intro When you ask most guys where they would like to travel to in Southeast Asia (SEA), Thailand usually comes out on top. The weather is nice, the cost of living is relatively cheap, but the biggest incentive over…

Vietnamese girl with apple

Cons of Dating Girls in Vietnam

Intro So far I’ve been only raving about all of the good things about dating girls in Vietnam, however there are some cons to dating girls in Vietnam that you should know about before deciding on dating a Vietnamese…

Asian girl playing on tablet

Does Long Distance Dating With a Vietnamese Girl Work?

Intro With the desecration of dating in the western world, some guys have given up on dating all together while others are making a last stand in an effort to find a beautiful feminine and traditional girl through the…

Vietnamese girls in red
Dating Lifestyle

Do You Need to Speak Vietnamese to Date Vietnamese Girls?

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Intro Despite Vietnam witnessing rapid economic development with tonnes of foreign investment flowing into the country, English levels in the country remain stagnant. Antiquity teaching methods coupled with a lack…

Vietnamese girl in ao dai

How to Attract a Vietnamese Woman

Intro Learning how to attract girls can be the difference between living a live of loneliness and solitude or a life filled with love, companionship, and ever lasting memories. Guys that fail to learn how to master this skill…

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