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Interested in Working With Me 1-on-1?

  • Need help navigating the dating scene in Vietnam?
  • Need more personalized information about Vietnam
  • Need specific help on a relationship issue?
  • Want to improve your dating and relationship skills with Vietnamese women?
  • Want personalized advice on being an ex-pat in Vietnam?

Consider booking a 1-hour skype (voice only) coaching call with me.

Here’s what you get with a coaching package:

  • Private 1 hour Skype coaching call (voice only) with me
  • Notes and summary sheet
  • Worksheet and homework (*depending on the situation)
  • Ongoing email support to help answer any additional questions you may have in between sessions (available only to ongoing coaching clients and not one-off coaching sessions)

The cost for a 1 hour coaching call is $50 USD.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with me if you are interested in booking a coaching call.

If you have a dating/relationship question that you would like me to consider in a future article or video, then use the contact form below. Please do not send me emails that are longer than 2-3 paragraphs.


Please do not send me emails with one or two words in it ie. hi, hello. If you have a question then please include it in the original email.