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Temporarily Title and Cover

You guys have been hounding me for a while now to release an eBook or some other dating product yet I haven’t considered the possibility of creating one until now.

But if you know me, I’m always up for a challenge and ready to provide value to my readers in any way that I can.

So therefore, I have been working on an ebook this past month.

It’s still in the planning stages so far as I try to finalize topics to include in the eBook but here is a glimpse of what you’ll most likely see in the eBook once it gets released:

  • Where to stay in Vietnam
  • How to get around the country
  • The best places to go to meet women (I don’t share any of this stuff on my site or Youtube Channel).
  • The differences between girls from different regions in Vietnam
  • Different archetypes of Vietnamese girls that you will meet here
  • How to approach women
  • Picking up girls in different locations (gym, mall, walking streets, etc.)
  • Maximizing your time here in Vietnam
  • How to turn yourself into an attractive guy that gets the attention of Vietnamese girls
  • Getting a girl’s number
  • How to go on an instadate with a girl
  • Asking a girl out
  • Planning out your dates
  • Vietnamese phrases that you can apply when courting girls
  • How to turn a girl into your girlfriend
  • Relationship management tips
  • And much much more…

I believe the book will be one of a kind and unlike anything that is currently out there on the market.

So if you already like my content so far, you’re going to love this book!

If you’re interested in learning more about the ebook and when it will be released, I’ve put together a page here where you can opt-in to be on the waiting list and get first dips when it gets released.

Click here to sign up.

I will be giving away a coupon code and possibly a bonus for those of you that sign up early to be on the waiting list. (limited to the first 50 signups)

And as always, thank you for the support!

I really appreciate the feedback and questions that you guys send over to me. It helps me create content that you guys love to see and read.

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