Signs your Vietnamese partner is losing interest in you


I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives before.

One day your Vietnamese partner appears all happy and proud to have you as her man, and the next suddenly she’s gone cold and doesn’t quite appear like her old self.

You scratch your head asking yourself:

What happened? Why is she acting like this?

Then a couple of weeks later, she asks to take a break.

What? Why?

She gives you some BS excuse that you know isn’t the real reason but its too late now.

She’s outta your life.

And your left dumbfounded as to what you did to cause the breakup.

You rationalize to yourself:

If only I saw the signs earlier, then maybe I could have done something.

But you can’t turn back time.

If you don’t learn how to recognize the signs that your Vietnamese girlfriend or wife is losing interest in you, sooner or later she’ll pack her bags and say sayonara.

Which brings me to today’s topic of discussing the signs that your Vietnamese partner is losing interest in you.

Here are the typical signs that you should watch out for when she begins spacing out of the relationship:

  • She doesn’t ask about your day
  • She doesn’t seem present when she’s with you
  • She goes cold
  • She stops doing the little things
  • She’s closed off and withdrawn
  • She takes longer to text back
  • She removes photos or profile pics of the two of you
  • She starts cancelling dates with you
  • She’s no longer affectionate with you
  • She’s more easily angered
  • She doesn’t comply with your requests anymore
  • She doesn’t feel excited about sex with you anymore

She Doesn’t Ask About Your Day

Normally when your in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl, they will want to hear all about your day and what you did.

You’ll hear things like:

How was your day?

What did you do today?

She’s trying to show you that she cares about you and is thinking about you by asking about your day.

If you ever have those daily phone calls or text exchanges with your Vietnamese girlfriend you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now if on the other hand, she’s lost interest in you, you will notice that she either doesn’t call or text you, or if your talking, she doesn’t really ask anything about your day.

Usually she will give you short replies to whatever questions you throw at her without reciprocating.

There’s simply a lack of interest on her part to find out about your day.

This is a sign that something’s wrong.

Girls with high interest will want to know about your day.

She Doesn’t Seem Present When She’s With You

Vietnamese girl bored

This one goes hand in hand with the last point.

When a Vietnamese women is attracted to you, she will appear full of energy and enthusiasm when she’s in your company.

Now on the other hand, a woman that has lost interest in you will appear bored and dull.

She will either just sit around and stare into space or play on her phone when she’s around you.

As her interest levels in you drop, you slowly become less and less of a priority in her life.

What once was her wanting to consume every little bit of your attention throughout the day, now turns into her becoming apathetic towards you.

I had this happen with an ex-girlfriend of mine.

In the past, she would appear vibrant and full of life whenever we talked on the phone and her attention was completely fixated on me.

She wanted every single second of my attention.

However, some time later when she started to check out of the relationship and her interest levels in me had dropped, suddenly when I called her up on phone and we video chatted, she appeared distracted and unamused by my company.

I asked her:

What’s wrong? You appear bored.

She replied:

Oh nothing. I’m normal.

Normal my ass. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t dive deeper into the issue and try to fix it then and there.

A month later, she asked for a breakup.

How’s that for normal?

Even though she claimed she was acting normal, her behavior said otherwise and I knew it.

Yet I acted too late and just brushed it a side.

Never listen to what a woman says, but what her actions tell you instead.

She Goes Cold

Vietnamese partner losing interest in you: guy trying to ease his girlfriend

Ever have a great conversation with a girl over the phone through texting or have a great date with one and then suddenly out of nowhere she goes cold on you and stops replying back?

She’s just gone cold on you!

Either you said or did something that caused her to lose attraction for you.

Your going to need to backpedal and examine why she went cold on you, and then rectify this issue.

Once you do, you’ll notice that she will suddenly open up to you again.

I remember one time I said something stupid to my girlfriend about it being a waste of my time when I called her over the phone when she was preoccupied with something.

She quickly got angry at me and then went cold for several days.

I tried to call her and talk with her, but she wasn’t going to have any of it.

Finally one day I made one last attempt to try and rectify the situation with her and managed to get it resolved the next day when she returned my call back.

Instantly she opened back up to me and I knew I had managed to salvage the relationship.

She Stops Doing the Little Things

Asian couple about to kiss

Maybe in the past when she saw you, she would run right up to you and give you a hug assuming no one was watching her, or when you working at the desk, she would come and wrap her arms around you and kiss you on the forehead and tell you how much she loved you.

But now that she’s losing interest in you, she stops doing these things all together or appears unenthusiastic when she does it.

I remember there was a time where my ex-girlfriend would always bring me food whenever she came over.

Sometimes it would be BBQ chicken, other times, spring rolls or dumplings.

But nothing lasts forever.

This all eventually stopped at one point as I noticed her attraction levels starting to decrease over time.

At first I thought it was complacency.

Maybe she’s just complacent now that we are officially in a relationship.

I tried to rationalize to myself.

The truth was, I was in denial.

Her interest levels in me had definitely dropped yet I didn’t try to bring it back up, until it was too late.

If you start noticing that your girlfriend or wive has suddenly stopped doing the little things that she did in the past, its time to look deeper into the relationship and see if there is anything wrong that you need to immediately fix!

Here’s some examples:

  • She used to cook you dinner everyday
  • She used to give you back massages when you got home
  • She used to come right up and hug you every time you were alone
  • She would bring you over things
  • She would kiss you good night

She’s Closed off and Withdrawn

Vietnamese partner losing interest: girl is angry at her boyfriend for using the laptop

Ever been in a situation where your girlfriend or wive gives you a generic answer that everything’s fine yet you know it isn’t?


When you attempt to cuddle with her, she removes your hands and places them aside.

Or maybe…

You try to start a conversation with her yet she’s playing on her phone and not looking at you as she replies?

This is one of the most obvious signs that her attraction level for you has dropped.

She’s hoping that you would pick up on this and do something about it so that she can return to her old self.

I came across this multiple times in my relationships with Vietnamese girls.

I can recall one time when I tried to cuddle with my girlfriend while lying in bed, she removed my hands and turned away from me immediately.

I asked her “what’s wrong?”

She said “nothing, go watch your movie.”

I knew something was up.

I asked her again “what’s wrong?”

She again replied “nothing, go watch your movie.”

I knew she was upset and that I had to resolve this now so I kept on persisting.

“Are you mad at me for watching the movie and ignoring you?” I asked her.

She replied “I came over to your place, but you just want to watch your movie. You don’t care about me.”

So I again, tried to cuddle with her and tell her that it wasn’t true and that I loved spending time with her.

She again, removed my hand and withdrew herself saying “no you don’t”

This went back and forth and back and forth until finally, she turned around and kissed me.

I finally gotten through to her and she opened back up to me.

If I had let this persist and not done anything, her interest levels would have only dropped further. I knew since this just happened that I needed to fix it as soon as possible.

If you notice that your girlfriend is closed off suddenly and withdraw, its almost a 100% sign that her interest level in you has dropped.

She Takes Longer to Text Back

Vietnamese girl texting on the phone

This is a classic sign that a girl has lost interest in you.

Vietnamese girls are always glued to their phones 24/7, and no matter what hour of the day, they will always have their phones on them at all times.

A Vietnamese girl that is head over heels in love with you will respond promptly unless she is preoccupied with work or something else.

A Vietnamese girl that has lost interest on the other hand will take her sweet time to get back to you.

Your no longer her #1 priority.

You might have been bumped down to #3 or #4.

Whatever it is, expect to see her take a lot longer to text back when her interest levels are lower.

Now I do want to mention that if this happens once in a while that its nothing to be afraid of.

There’s no need to go into a panic if one day out of the week she suddenly takes 2 hours to get back to you because she was busy at work and couldn’t access her phone while her boss was watching her.

However, if this is starting to become a recurring pattern, and now she takes forever to get back to you, then you know something is wrong.

When you start noticing this pattern from her, its time to start panicking and find out what you did to cause her to lose attraction for you.

She Removes Photos or Profile Pics of the Two of You

This one is a huge red flag!

Its basically saying “OK you better do something fast otherwise your ass is gonna be outta the picture.”

My ex-girlfriend prior to breaking up with me, had removed all traces of our photos and videos together on her zalo.

Its their way of preparing for a breakup with you mentally.

Removing all traces of you guys together will help her move on easier without any reminders of the time you spent together.

Its similar to the no contact rule that a lot of “PUA” gurus teach to guys.

You need to cut her off. Delete all traces of her from your life and go no contact on her.

Some Pickup Guru

If you suddenly notice that your girlfriend is taking down all those lovely photos of the two of you down in Da Nang or Bangkok, maybe its time to re-examine your relationship and whether or not there has been an issues as of late.

And better do it quickly before she finally pulls the plug and calls it quits.

She Starts Cancelling Dates With You

This is another sure fire sign that she’s starting to check out of the relationship with you.

In a normal healthy relationship, couples will want to spend a lot of time together and build their lives together.

For some people this can even mean seeing each other every single day!

But in the case of a girl losing interest in you, she will want to distant herself from you.

Are you noticing that she’s not quite making as much time to be with you as she used in the past?

Did you get flaked on a couple of times already this week when you tried to make plans with her?

Unless she had some major family emergency come up, there’s no reason why she couldn’t make at least some time to be with you.

No matter how busy my previous girlfriends were, they always found time to spend it with me, even if it was just for an hour or two.

However, girls that aren’t attracted to you, won’t give you the time of the day.

Let me rephrase that one more time.

Girls that are attracted to you will want to spend time with you!

She’s No Longer Affectionate With You

Vietnamese partner is losing interest: couple in bed together

In the past when her interest levels in you were sky high, she couldn’t keep her hands off of you when there were no prying eyes around.

But now that her interest level in you has taken a nose dive, she can’t wait to be away from you.

And of course if you ask her why isn’t she being affectionate anymore you might get a slew of different answers that aren’t the real reasons why such as:

I’m tired.

An agitated girlfriend

There’s nothing wrong, everything is normal.

A girl losing interest in you

Whatever excuse she gives you, you need to ignore it and look at her actions and ask yourself this question.

Was there anything that I did recently that upset her or could have caused her level of attraction for me to decrease?

Only then can you go and rectify the issues that caused her level of attraction for you to drop.

Here are some signs that something is wrong:

  • She no longer wants to cuddle with you
  • She doesn’t hold hands with you anymore
  • When your walking together, there will be a distance between you guys and she may even try to lead rather then follow you
  • Kissing you has stopped

She’s More Easily Angered

Girls that are losing interest in you will have a much lower tolerance level for your shenanigans.

A simple harmless joke can easily turn into a heated argument if you try to push her buttons while her interest level in you is dropping.

Or worse, apathy from her.

If you start noticing that she’s getting agitated really easily, then you need to have a sit down with her and find out what’s going on that’s causing her to become so easily angered.

You’ll most likely then find out that her interest level in you has dropped a bit and she’s waiting for you to “fix” the problem you guys have.

She Doesn’t Comply With Your Requests Anymore

Vietnamese partner losing interest: guy and argue have their backs turned towards each other

I remember the first couple of months that I was dating one of my ex-girlfriends.

She would always do as I asked her.

“Could you help me out and translate this for me?”

“Could you bring me a glass of water please?”

“Can you help me buy so and so at the supermarket?”

“Sure no problem.” she would reply.

Surely, all signs of a girl with super high interest levels in me.

Then later on, once her interest level had dropped significantly, she stopped complying with any requests I made.

“I’m busy right now.”

“Maybe later.”

“Let me think about it.”

When a girl has lose interest in you, she will be less willing to comply with any requests that you make.

She doesn’t see you in the same light and doesn’t trust your masculinity anymore.

Here’s a simple test you can do to test whether or not your girlfriend has low interest in you.

Ask her to do something simple for you.

For example:

  • Ask her to bring you some food/drinks when she comes over next time
  • Ask her to help you go grocery shopping for some ingredients
  • Ask her to give you a short shoulder massage

Unless she is super busy, she will most likely comply but if she has lost interest, forget about it.

Test your girlfriend or wife’s interest level by asking her to do a simple request for you.

She Doesn’t Feel Excited About Sex With You Anymore

Now while you do become accustomed to each other’s company and bodies through having sex regularly, it should never get to the point where sex is no longer on the table or where there’s a complete lack of enthusiasm on her part.

Believe it or not but there are some couples out there that simply stop having sex all together.

They are basically stuck in a sexless marriage and are still together most likely out of convenience rather than love.

There’s no longer a spark in their relationship and his wife has long checked out of the relationship.

Unless you suck in bed, your wife or girlfriend should look forward to the deed with you at least from time to time.

Does it now feel like a chore when your both having sex?

or does she refuse sex all together with you when you try to initiate it?

Sex should never become rare or boring for her in a relationship unless her interest level in you has dropped.

Can You Re-Attract Her Back?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

Remember its always better to not put yourself in this situation to begin with rather than play damage control.

However all is not lost.

Depending on how much attraction she has left and how long it took you to figure it out that her attraction levels have been plummeting, you might be able to rescue the relationship.

If this is occurring in the early stages and she just started to lose attraction for you then its completely salvageable, assuming you can quickly figure out what exactly caused her to lose attraction for you.

I talked a lot about various girlfriend issues that arise and how to fix them in this article here but essentially it boils down to 3 main things:

  • The relationship has stalled and you aren’t willing to progress things in a relationship with her
  • You appear weak and needy
  • Your proving yourself to be unstable, whether that be financially or committment wise

As soon as you identify which one of these are the cause of her lost of attraction, you need to fix the problem asap.

Because you know what?

Once she’s completely lost attraction and checked out of the relationship completely, there’s only really one thing left on her mind.

A breakup!

You need to quickly put that fire out as soon as possible and then work on increasing her attraction for you again.

But don’t chase!!!

Give her some space and let her come to you and then you strike.

And if you managed to get to the root of the problem in the nick of time, her interest levels will go back up.


Many men think that once their in a relationship with a women then that’s that.

There’s no more work to be done.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A relationship is kind of like a plant that needs regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to grow and be healthy.

You need to give it lots of attention and nip any issues that arise as soon as possible otherwise if neglected, the relationship will decay and eventually dissolve.

If you find yourself in this situation where your Vietnamese partner’s interest levels in you has dropped significantly, here are a few articles that could potentially help turn things around for you:

With a bit more knowledge at your disposal, hopefully you can learn to recognize the early signs that your Vietnamese lover is starting to lose interest and do something to prevent it from dropping even further, and maybe even reverse it.

Master this skill of recognizing any small problems that may arise in your relationships with women and dealing with them early on and I guarantee you that you’ll always have a loving healthy relationship with a Vietnamese girl that is head over heels in love with you.

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