The Best Dating Apps in Vietnam for Meeting Vietnamese Girls

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Arguably one of the easiest ways to meet Vietnamese girls is through online dating apps in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, in terms of ease of meeting girls, online is king.

You will not find any other way to met the sheer amount of girls as quickly as you can online and be able to get them out on dates here.

Approaching strangers, especially girls are seen as taboo over here in Vietnam. This makes running day game a whole lot more challenging compared to the west. Establishing high levels of comfort and rapport with the girl is required to have success unless you look like a model and appear rich.

In today’s article, we’ll going to be looking at the best dating apps here in Vietnam for meeting Vietnamese girls.

These include the following apps:

  1. VietnamCupid
  2. Tinder
  3. Badoo
  4. OkCupid


Me and VietnamCupid go way back to the first time I landed here in Vietnam.

At that time, I was still green to the whole dating scene here in Vietnam and was clueless about the different types of girls that I would end up dating here in Vietnam.

I stumbled upon VietnamCupid one day while searching for websites to meet Vietnamese girls.

In the beginning, I was skeptical about the claims that I had read online regarding VietnamCupid being a good place to meet Vietnamese girls.

best dating app in vietnam: beautiful Vietnamese girl in pink ao dai

Firstly, the website required me to signup for a paid membership in order to really use key features. I had a pretty bad experience several years back when I first tried paid online dating through eHarmony. It gave me nothing but frustration and headaches. I didn’t want to repeat the mistake.

In addition, online dating in the west if you have ever tried it as a male, is just atrocious. Flake rates are just through the roof and the quality is sub-par.

Based on my past experiences, my doubts were merited.

However, since I was now traveling to a different country on the other side of the world, I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up.

With my fingers crossed I hoped I had made the right decision.

And the right decision it was.

Despite my skepticism, I was soon flooded with messages and interests from cute girls on VietnamCupid.

Was I dreaming?

On VietnamCupid, I was being pursued and had lots of girls messaging me first.

I received 98 messages in a matter of days!!!
Page 1 of my inbox

Soon enough, I was able to meet countless girls through VietnamCupid.

In fact, as I am typing this on my laptop, my girlfriend who I met on VietnamCupid is sleeping on my bed right this instant.

VietnamCupid has been around for a while now and is part of the Cupid Media company that specializes in niche dating websites. They practically have a niche dating website for any country that you live in, such as China, Korea, and Colombia.

Most of the girls that you meet through VietnamCupid are seeking serious long term relationships, with the hopes of one day settling down with a great guy.

For those of you who are looking to settle down, this makes it a no-brainer.

In terms of quality and quantity, VietnamCupid reigns supreme in the online world. You will be hard pressed to find any other website or app out there that comes even close to the amount of cute girls that you can get out on a date here.

Keywords is GET OUT ON A DATE!

You may find lots of hot girls on other dating websites such as Tinder or Badoo, but what is the use if you can’t even get them out on a date with you?

Getting Dates Is Easy

Girls are incredibly easy to get out on dates on VietnamCupid because the girls are serious about dating there.

You won’t find too many girls seeking attention nor girls looking to use foreigners to practice English because she’s too cheap to pay for English levels.

Just send the girl a few messages, ask for her number and off you go.

Because the site is a paid membership site, you won’t find anywhere close to the amount of guys you would normally find on free dating apps such as Tinder. This not only makes girls less guarded around guys they meet online due to less guys running bad game on them, but also greatly reduces the amount of competition you have.

Whereas on free dating apps like Tinder, you have thousands of thirsty guys swiping right on anything that resembles a female and blowing up their phones.

On VietnamCupid however, things are a lot different. I suspect this has to do with the fact that a lot of guys that come to Vietnam are cheapskates and don’t want to pony up for a membership.

If you’ve spent any time down here in Vietnam or even south east Asia, I am sure you have come across plenty of low value “expats” or backpackers who are stingy as hell. They only suck value out of your company, and provide nothing in return. These are usually the same types of people that stick with only free dating websites and apps.

Half the battle is already won when the dating site requires a paid membership. These guys are too cheap to pay for it, thus removing themselves from the dating pool. Throw in a killer profile and some professional photos, and you’ll clean up!


  • Higher quality girls then what you would find on other dating websites
  • Less chance of encountering time wasters such as girls looking for attention or to practice their English
  • Girls more serious about dating
  • Higher conversation rates from initial message to date close
  • Very little competition
  • Can message girls directly instead of having to wait for matches
  • Can see when girls are online and have read your messages
  • Less flakes compared to Tinder
  • More profile space and functions to help you stand out
  • Ability to search for girls


  • Need to purchase a membership to really use the site to its full potential

Click here to start meeting beautiful Vietnamese girls on VietnamCupid today!

If you would like to read my thorough review about VietnamCupid, check out this link here.


If there is one hookup app that has attracted immense media attention then it would have to be Tinder hands down.


This app used to be known as a hookup app, however girls in Vietnam seem to have gotten a different impression on what it is used for.

Instead it has quickly morphed into more of a serious relationship app, at least that’s what a lot of the local girls want to use the app for.

You will often times see descriptions that say “no hookups, no ons, no fwb”, or even “looking for friends only”.

Just be friends

Despite these shortcomings, the app is still a really good avenue for meeting Vietnamese girls if you have the proper expectations about what you can get from it.

Now you probably won’t find the future mother of your children on it, however you will find more than plenty of Vietnamese girls willing to have short flings with you though.

It is arguably one of the easiest if not the easiest app to use out there for dating. Just simply swipe right for girls that you want to meet and left for girls that your not interested in. If there’s a match, you will receive a message and then can communicate with the girl.

But it’s best to transition her off of the app as soon as possible into something else like whatsapp.

The app still has bugs and there are plenty of thirsty guys willing to bend over backwards to please any girl just to get some action that could throw a wreck into your plans.

best dating apps in vietnam: Tinder like
Like (swipe right)
best datng apps in Vietnam: tinder dislike
Dislike (swipe left)

One of the great things about the app is that you can still use most of the functions of the app for free. There isn’t really a need to make a purchase unless your short on time or your looking for an unfair advantage such as using superlikes and Tinder boosts.


  • Lots of cute girls use it
  • Can use the app for free
  • Extremely easy to use interface
  • Can meet girls for both short and long term relationships


  • Paid premium features (superlike, boosts, setting location, hiding profile info, etc.)
  • A lot of hookers, gold diggers, and time wasters on it
  • Scammers run amok
  • Relies mainly on looks and good photos
  • Tonnes of thirsty guys on it
  • Limited number of daily swipes for free memberships

I wrote a more in-depth article reviewing tinder and my experience with it. You can check it out here.


Badoo is another popular online dating app and website here in Vietnam. There are also a lot of cute girls using Badoo here in Vietnam.

The premise is pretty straight forward, you have several tabs on the upper left hand side. To talk with girls, you have a few options. You can browse for girls by clicking on the people nearby tab or going to encounters and clicking on the hearts to show interest in a girl or the X to say your not interested.

The site has recently implemented a new feature called live, where girls can go live on camera and men can chat with them and send them credits.

best dating apps in Vietnam: badoo live

You can also see your matches, girls that have liked you (premium only), and visitors that viewed your profile.

To really get the most out of Badoo though, requires you to have a paid premium membership as most of the key features are reserved for paying members only.

This is what you get with a premium membership:

  • Get your messages read first
  • Ability to undo “no votes” to girls that you voted on previously
  • Can see who is interested in you
  • Browse invisibly
  • Have your profile be featured and boosted to the top
  • Have your messages be highlighted
  • Can start talking with new girls that joined immediately

In addition to a premium membership, you can also purchase badoo credits that can be used to boost your ranking to other members and also be used to send gifts to girls. I frankly think it’s a waste of money but some people don’t seem to think so.

Despite the site’s large selection of members and somewhat easy to use interface, I got a bone to pick with Badoo.

Their website is extremely buggy. Sometimes, I would be unable to scroll back up to the top and select a different option on the left tab and just be stuck on the screen.

Another issue I had was that often times I would be shown girls that lived quite far from me. I’m talking over 20-30km’s away despite me putting in a filter of being no more than a few km’s away.

I would get all excited about matching with a really hot girl and chatting with her only to later discover that she’s 2-3 cities away from me.

Basically I wasted my time for nothing because there was no way I was going to travel that far to meet some random chick off the net.

There is also the issue of girls only using the app as a pass time. I met lots of girls that only wanted to use it to practice their English or make online friends only.

Lastly, I did come across some obvious pros and semi-pros on the website.


  • Lots of cute girls on the website
  • Can message and communicate with girls on a free account
  • Lots of features on their website and app


  • Lots of hookers and gold diggers present
  • Girls less serious about dating
  • Some girls using the site to practice English
  • Requires a paid membership to get the most out of the website
  • Not quite as intuitive as other websites to use
  • The website is buggy


OkCupid is another famous dating website that has been around forever. Its very popular in western countries and has a relatively large member base in the west.

Unfortunately in Vietnam, OkCupid has not been met with the same level of success. Vietnamese girls have been slow to adopt to the app compared to some of the other apps mentioned above. Because of this, expect to run out of matches within a day of browsing for girls on OkCupid.

Now let’s talk about the talent.

Most of the girls that you will encounter on there are average to cute and speak a decent level of English.

The age group of girls tend to be slightly higher compared to other dating apps, in the range of mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

okcupid talent

On the positive side of things though, I didn’t really encounter any hookers on there, and most girls didn’t project a gold diggering persona neither.

Most of them looked like they are serious about dating similar to VietnamCupid.

OkCupid offers 2 paid membership levels:

  • A-List Basic
  • A-List Premium

With both memberships, you can do the following:

  • See who likes you
  • Send unlimited likes to girls
  • See when a girl has read your messages
  • No ads

But with A-List premium you get the following additional features:

  • Daily auto boost to increase your exposure to girls
  • See girls answers to public questions
  • Receive message priority
  • Receive even more exposure


  • Easy to use interface
  • Quality is decent
  • Can communicate with girls on a free account
  • Girls can speak decent English


  • Limited amount of girls on OkCupid
  • Need to pay for more premium features
  • Lots of questions to answer for profile

Off the Beaten Path

Language Exchange Sites

These websites used to be good for meeting nice wholesome conservative girls, however word has gotten out in recent years and now tonnes of thirsty men have gone on these language exchange sites, hitting on anything that moves, including men!

Nowadays its a hit or miss. You can still meet plenty of girls through these channels however you need to quickly differentiate yourself from the pack. Due to the actions of many men who have raised a girl’s guard on these sites, expect things to be a lot more difficult then before.

Some of these girls get upwards of 500+ messages a day from men from certain countries!

As a result of this, they have had to block certain countries.

That just goes to show you how thirsty and desperate some men are.

interpals thirsty men
thirsty men rampaging through a language exchange website


Couchsurfing isn’t only about being a cheapskate that wants to freeload off a host’s kindness.

You can also use it to get laid too!

There are more than plenty of hosts in Vietnam that are eager to show a new foreigner around town. I have heard plenty of stories about people hooking up through couchsurfing.

I actually encountered a Polish girl through couchsurfing that was looking to hook up with me when I visited Poland but I bombed that opportunity. But that’s a story for another day.

In addition to contacting hosts directly, you can also attend weekly meetups or use the find someone nearby function.

I have met up with plenty of travelers using this exact method.

Another bonus with going the couhsurfing route is that you can also target travelers. Lots of lonely single girls traveling alone are looking to meet some stud for a fun night out.

Don’t disappoint her!

Don’t Waste Your Time With These Apps


When I first discovered Bumble, I was expecting to find tonnes of cute Vietnamese girls on the app similar to Tinder, instead I was met with shock and disbelief.

Most of the female members on it are western expats!

The app operates much like Tinder, with users required to swipe either left or right to potential mating prospects. The two apps bare a lot of resemblance in how they operate, which not surprisingly is because the founder of Bumble was also a co-founder at Tinder.

bumble like

Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities stop.

If you get a match with a girl, she is required to break the ice and send you a message first within a 24 hour window.

If she fails to do so, the match disappears.

You will quickly found out that girls are more than happy to let guys chase after them, but when things are reversed, hardly any girls will message you first, especially western women, despite all this talk about equality and being independent.

Viet girls on the other hand, will occasionally message you first.

But the troubles don’t just stop there.

If your not white, forget about receiving messages from western girls on the app, which makes up like 75-80% of the member base. They almost exclusively only date white guys on the app.

Furthermore, Bumble doesn’t even have a tenth of the user base here in Vietnam as Tinder does. Often times, I would swipe to maybe 3-5 girls before I would run out of potential matches.

It seems no one really uses this app, instead opting to use Tinder or VietnamCupid instead.

With such a small membership base, why even bother using it when there are better alternatives out there in Vietnam?

bumble out of matches
A very common sight on the app


  • Free
  • Females need to message you first


  • Extremely limited amount of members
  • Full of western expats
  • Very little Vietnamese girls on it
  • Extremely short time window for members to send you an initial message
  • Girls often will not message you first
  • Not good for non-whites


I heard this app used to be very good for dating because of a find friend nearby feature similar to what you see on Zalo and Wechat. Its what a lot of local Vietnamese used to use.

But for some reason or another, the developers decided to remove the very feature that made the app popular, rendering the app completely useless.

Nowadays its a relic of its former self.

With these questionable updates to the app, you can now only chat and message with people who are already on your contact list.

beetalk review
Look at those lovely reviews

But the final nail in the coffin is that the app is ridiculed with lots of bugs and many people have claimed that you can’t even login to the app. The most basic feature of any app, doesn’t even work on beetalk!

It saddens me a little bit that I did not discover this app during its hayday when I heard it was all the rage.

I tried it a while back and quickly uninstalled it after the find friend’s feature was removed and I couldn’t even re-log back into the app.

Facebook Vietnamese Women and Foreign Men Dating Groups

If you want to be surrounded by clueless supplicating beta males then join these facebook foreigner dating groups.

The quality of the members for both male and female is really low.

But the most appalling aspect of these dating groups is the amount of thirsty foreigners fighting over table scraps with their endless begging and graveling as a last ditch effort towards receiving some form of female attention.

These men are so clueless about women that they don’t even realize that their very actions are the exact cause that repel women away from them.

Nearly every single female that posts an introduction will get bombarded by these thirsty spineless men.

thirsty men on facebook

These men then go on whining and complaining about how they aren’t getting any luck with the Vietnamese ladies and place the blame on them despite not willing to accept that the blame solely falls on their own shoulders for not being an attractive enough male to attract a companion.

dating apps in Vietnam: blaming others
dating apps in vietnam: play hard to get

With the amount of attention that these females receive on these facebook dating groups, you would think most of these ladies would quickly be scooped up in no time, however you will tend to see the same girl make multiple posts for several months claiming to be looking for the love of her life.

This makes you question whether or not these females are actually serious about dating or just using the facebook group as a validation tool to boost their own self-worth. It could also mean that these girls are setting completely unrealistic expectations of what their standards are, due to the endless stream of thirsty men kissing their asses.

If that isn’t enough to turn you off from trying your hand at dating here, then know this, a lot of the women on there have baggage.

Just don’t do it!


With the advent of online dating taking Vietnam by storm, meeting Vietnamese girls is now easier than ever.

You don’t need to strike up the nerve to approach a stranger on the street while remaining mysterious and charming.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on bottle service and getting a table with the hope of attracting a girl.

The only thing you really need to do is send them a message.

If you stick to these recommended dating apps that I’ve summarized, getting girls out on dates should be a breeze.

Happy messaging guys!

Now that you know all about the best dating apps in Vietnam for meeting Vietnamese girls, why not find out the best date spots here in Saigon to take your date on. Click here to read my article.

Let me know in the comments below what dating apps you like to use to meet Vietnamese girls here in Vietnam.

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