Travel Essentials

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On this page, I have compiled a list of travel gear essentials that I personally have used and has helped me get the most out of my trips abroad, especially here in Vietnam. These tools and resources will help you make the most out of your stay here in Vietnam.

Master the Vietnamese Language

If you want access to the best quality of girls in Vietnam, your going to have to spend some time learning the local language. Here are several Vietnamese language resources to help get you started.

Private Tutoring

Italki is a language learning company that specializes in 1-on-1 private language lessons with over 150+ languages available. There are teachers teaching southern, northern, and even central accent Vietnamese on italki. Most lessons start at only $5. Here is a discount code to receive an extra $10 credit after you’ve purchased $20 in italki credits.

Books and Other Learning Resources

Vietnamese for Beginners

This easy to follow and comprehensive language book teaches southern accent Vietnamese which is used mainly in the south. If your going to be staying in Ho Chi Minh City or any city in the south, then this will be your go to book.

The book covers a variety of general topics including grammar, pronouns, food, clothing, transportation, numbers, etc. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter for review. You’ll be covered for a variety of situations. It was one of the first books I personally used when I started to study Vietnamese and it has been a tremendous help.

Lonely Planet Vietnamese Phrasebook & Dictionary

This jam-packed phrasebook and dictionary is loaded with a 3500 word dictionary so that you never run out of things to say when communicating with someone. Their are a tonne of survival phrases that will come in quite handy in a variety of scenarios such as when ordering food or socializing with locals. The book is easy to use and you can navigate on the fly to key words and phrases at the drop of a hat.

Pimsleur Vietnamese Basic Course – Level 1

If your an auditory learner then this audio course by Pimsleur is well suited for you. This basic course covers ten modules with 5 hours of audio to help you perfect your listening and pronunciation skills. In a few short months, you should be able to carry out a simple basic conversation and understand quite a bit of what the other person is saying. If your planning to travel to the north, then this learning aid is perfect for you as they teach the standard northern dialect in this course.

Travel Guide for Vietnam

These small portable booklets are a great companion for those unfamiliar with Vietnam. Most of them provide a breath of information on the most popular cities in Vietnam, food, travel, accommodation, attractions, and basic survival phrases. Maps are also usually included to make traveling around the country painless.

Lonely Planet Vietnam

This travel guide is by far one of the most comprehensive travel guide’s I have ever used. Its illustrated in full color and includes maps, travel safety tips, info on most of the cities and towns in Vietnam, accommodations, food, attractions, local culture and etiquette, and much more. If it’s your first time traveling to Vietnam then this book is highly recommended.


Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage  – I’ve been using this set for years now without much trouble. It’s strong and sturdy and I don’t need to worry about my luggage getting damaged.

Osprey Packs Stratos 50 Backpack – My main backpack when I travel across Asia. There’s plenty of room and the backpack is extremely comfortable to wear.

TSA Lock – Keep your luggage secure and safe from thiefs with a TSA lock.

Travel Accessories

Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Powerbank Charger

Having a portable powerbank while traveling is a must, especially in today’s digital plugged in world where portability is everything. This powerbank has enough juice to charge your latest android and iPhones 3-4 times over. This is my go-to powerbank for traveling.

Anker Candy-Bar Sized Powerbank – Here’s a more compact and smaller version of the powerbank

Travel Power Adapter – If you travel often then owning a travel power adapter is must. This one here supports most countries around the world and even has sockets for plugging in USB & USB Type-C.

Money belt – This has been a huge life saver for me on more than one occasion when arriving in Vietnam. Street theft is a huge problem here and many unsuspecting foreigners soon find themselves left without any funds due to theft. Make sure you get a money belt with RFID blocking sleeves as well to prevent thieves from stealing your credit card info. The one I included has RFID blocking sleeves for extra security.

3M 1100 Foam Ear Plugs

Vietnam isn’t exactly peaceful and quiet now. If your not used to sleeping in rowdy noisy environments then these ear plugs from 3M are the perfect life saver for a good night’s sleep. I have tried other brands but 3M have been my go to brand when it comes to providing quality disposable ear plugs. Make sure you don’t arrive in Vietnam without ear plugs!