For many years while living in North America, I did not have much interest in Asian girls. This all changed one day when I had just gotten back home from a trip to Eastern Europe when my parents suggested that I come with them on vacation to Vietnam.

Vietnam was the homeland that I never really knew much about. I had seen videos previously that my relatives had sent my parents but up until that I point I knew practically nothing about the country except that it looked old, dirty, and ugly.

It was a place I would never have wanted to visit in a million years, until now. I was building off the momentum of travel and wanted to experience new sights and sounds. I still didn’t have much high hopes for the women of Vietnam as the ones back home didn’t do it for me but I thought the experience would have more than made up for it.

So just like that, I set off into the unknown and rediscovered my love for Asian girls, especially Vietnamese girls.

Thus this site was born.

Here at Viet Kieu Dating, you can find a library of knowledge and tools to assist you on your dating journey with beautiful Vietnamese girls.

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