Don’t Get Suckered by a Ladyboy in Vietnam: How to Spot Them


Just when you thought it was safe to go back out there and start dating again, the ladyboys strike!

On outward appearances, they appear feminine and just like a real women.

You are taken aback by their outward beauty and how affectionate and caring they appear.

However, they hold a big dark secret that has caused countless men to suffer from PTSD and seek a lifetime of psychiatric therapy.

Many men have become fooled by these Vietnamese ladyboys that masquerade around Vietnam as beautiful Vietnamese girls.

Sometimes they may even look better then a real Vietnamese woman!

Its with no surprise, that you may dating one without even realizing it, until one frightful evening when you finally think your gonna get lucky.

You may have gotten to first base, maybe even second, but now your in for a real shocker when you try to take things further.

“OMG! What have I done?”

You ask yourself, but it’s too late, you’ve just been had by a ladyboy.

Men often times get caught off guard until its too late, and they’ve been tricked by a ladyboy in Vietnam.

Countless stories like this exists for foreigners that haven’t become acclimated to the dating scene here in southeast Asia.

I too was a victim of ladyboys lying about their gender when I first arrived in Vietnam. I had matched with what I thought was a woman on Tinder based on photos that were ambiguous.

We exchanged numbers and then started talking, however I noticed her profile photo looked a bit masculine.

I tried to ask her in a polite way to clarify things, but she denied it. My gut on the other hand told me otherwise.

Upon further digging, I discovered their facebook. To my horror, my hunch was right! They were indeed a ladyboy. I immediately blocked them and deleted the messages, but the appalling memories will never be forgotten.


You would think the prevalent std rates and unplanned pregnancies would be the bulk of your issues here, but no! There’s another even bigger problem you need to look out for, ladyboys!

In today’s post, you will learn how to identify ladyboys masquerading as beautiful Vietnamese girls.

What is a Ladyboy?

A ladyboy is essentially a transgender woman that may or may not have undergone sex re-assignment surgery. Pre-op, it’s basically a guy dressed up as a woman with all of his sexual reproductive organs still in tact. Post-op however, the lines become more grey, especially with hormonal therapy being introduced to the mix.


Characteristics of a Ladyboy

Ladyboy’s typically act like a woman in their demeanor. They will wear dresses, makeup, push up bras, and even get breast implants to make their breasts resemble that of a woman. Their speech may sound feminine too, but make no mistake, your still talking to a guy.

With advances in medicine, the ability to detect a ladyboy is getting harder and harder. If your lucky and you happen to meet an honest ladyboy in Vietnam, typically they will tell you right off the bat, however there are some others that don’t tell you anything until its too late.

I think they may even get gratification from getting with unsuspecting guys.

ladyboy in vietnam on tinder

Signs Your Dealing With a Ladyboy

Although there is no way to be sure whether or not your date is really a ladyboy, the following signs could ultimately help you in identifying them and saving you a trip down to your therapist.

The Offer for Hooking Up Seems Really Easy

Ladyboys can be quite flirtatious and good at seducing men. After all, they do this for a living and have become masters in their art. If you suddenly find yourself in the company of a really hot Vietnamese girl and she seems overly into you compared to your usual experiences with women, then this should be a red flag. You didn’t suddenly overnight become a rock star. Their looking to prey on your ignorance and vanity.

A normal Vietnamese girl typically requires you to date her for a while before she’s willing to give up the goods. A lady boy on the other hand is looking to get down to business with a foreigner as soon as possible. Here’s a good rule of thumb, if a really hot Vietnamese girl is suddenly into you and being overly flirtatious with you then she’s either a pro, a gold digger, or a ladyboy.

tinder ladyboy conversation

Overly Feminine and Overacting

If you pay careful attention, ladyboys often times over exaggerate their actions and expressions. Their voice may be exaggerated and very high pitched, their walk and brushing of the hair may be too heavy. These are not natural movements you see in a female, especially Vietnamese females who are more on the reserved side.

ladyboy in vietnam on tinder 2

Wearing Flamboyant Clothes

ladyboy wearing dress at airport

Ladyboys tend to dress a bit over the top when it comes to fashion. If you thought girls could dress provocative, wait until you meet a ladyboy. We are talking really low necklines, lots of cleavage and skin. They also have no issues being seen naked and about on the streets. During one of the AFC soccer matches here in Vietnam, there surfaced a video online showing ladyboys stripping down and changing their clothes out on the streets at night during the victory celebration of Vietnam’s win.

Voice Sounds High Pitched Yet Still Masculine and Hoarse

Ladyboy’s over the years have become quite crafty and ingenious in their ability to hide their gender. Through months and even years of vocal voice training, a lot of ladyboys are able to project a more feminine sounding voice.

However, there is a limit to this. There are some things that money can’t buy, at least not yet. So in the meantime, if you listen really carefully while talking with them, you will notice a high pitched voice that is still masculine and hoarse despite their best efforts to hide it. It will sound off and not typical of a female.

Shoulders and Hands Appear Bigger and Broader

Ladyboys typically have much larger shoulders and hands compared to a real female. Look for broad shoulders on them and also examine their hands. Do the bones look bigger and resemble that of a man?

Also men are more veiny compared to women. How often do you see females with big outward protruding veins? I’m guessing not very often.

Do you see a lot of veins protruding outwards? If you do, then maybe it’s time to end the date right there before its too late.

broad shoulders

The Elbows

The shape of the elbow will look a bit off and not resemble that of a woman. Look for signs of the elbow being more square than normal. Also if you want to further vet your date, perform something called an elbow test. Have your date try to full extend their arms out. If you notice that the arms can extend passed 180 degrees and there is a slight hyper-extension at the elbows then the odds are that your dating a chick. If on the other hand, their arms cannot extend to 180 degrees or it stops at 180 degrees, then I’m sorry to tell you this, but your date’s a dude!

Males cannot hyper-extend their elbows the same way as females unless they have some sort of medical condition. If your date is reluctant to do this test, then alarm bells should be going off in your head.

elbow extension test
Greater than 180 degree of elbow extension

The Hips

Women in general tend to have wider hips then men. This allows females to give birth to babies and gives them that hourglass figure that drives men crazy. Men on the other hand have narrower hips. If you notice that your date has very small hips, then perhaps she could be a ladyboy.

ladyboy in vietnam: male vs female hips

The Face

Men have more pronounced foreheads, eyebrows that are more straight, and wider sharp jaws compared to females. This is why sometimes when you look at some ladyboys you can immediately tell its a dude. It’s because their face gives it away. Females have much rounder faces that can look like a heart.

male face
female face
ladyboy with long hair
Can you tell they are a ladyboy?

Presence of an Adam’s Apple

Real girls do not possess Adam’s apples. Only people born as a male have Adam’s apples. If you notice a small bulge sticking out from their neck, then you can be reasonably sure that it’s a ladyboy.

However, with surgery even the Adam’s apple can be removed nowadays, so be careful.

Adams apple

Weird Breast Spacing and Alignment

Remember that ladyboy that I told you about that I met on Tinder? Well her breast spacing was way off and the alignment just looked weird. Normal breasts are typically close to each other, whereas on a ladyboy if they get a bad breast augmentation job, the breast may be overly separated.

weird breasts
Notice the huge gap between their breasts

Taller Then Your Average Girl in Vietnam

The average female height in Vietnam is around 155cm. Most Vietnamese girls that you meet will be quite petite and short. If your date shows up towering 175cm or more than you better be careful and look at the other signs.

As a last resort I would suggest that you ask them directly. There may be some that will lie straight to your face through, so be careful. However, most of them will be a good sport and tell you if they are a ladyboy.

Places Frequented by Ladyboys in Ho Chi Minh City

The following is a list of places that ladyboys like to congregate at in Ho Chi Minh City. If you find yourself located in these ladyboy hotspots, be extra cautious for they may be lurking nearby looking for their next target.


I’ll start with the most obviously place to find them. There is a tonne of them on Tinder for some reason. There will be Thai ladyboys, Filipino ladyboys, and of course Vietnamese ladyboys. Most of them will typically list that they are ladyboys, especially thai ladyboys since its much more accepted in their culture. However be careful because there have been instances where they were keeping men in the dark about their big secrets including me.

ladyboys in vietnam on tinder 3


VietnamCupid ladyboys

Another very popular website for finding Vietnamese ladyboys is VietnamCupid. Just go into your search screen and select male seeking male under the search parameters and you’ll find several ladyboys here in the city. No more wasting time swiping left and right until your fingers go numb and you need to go check-in into ER, just to find the few ladyboys that are on Tinder.

The good thing about VietnamCupid is that your chance of getting a response back is very high, since most guys don’t want to pay for a membership, unlike Tinder where ladyboys have guys soliciting them left and right since its free. Ladyboys can afford to be more picky on Tinder, not on VietnamCupid. Your competition for ladyboys is next to zero here.

You can signup for an account here and start meeting ladyboys today!

Thai Friendly

Thai Friendly ladyboys

Thai Friendly is another popular dating app mainly catered to meeting Thai women and ladyboys. However, you will find a few Vietnamese gems on there from time to time as well. Now if your traveling to countries outside of Vietnam such as Thailand, Philippines, and even the USA, you will find a lot more ladyboy members on Thai Friendly.

You can signup for a free account and start browsing members by clicking here.

Other Online Dating Websites

Although not anywhere close to the amount of Vietnamese ladyboys that you could find with Tinder and VietnamCupid, you can expect to find a few ladyboys on websites such as Badoo, Bumble, Tagged, and Wechat. The find people nearby function in WeChat usually has a few of them. They usually list that they are ladyboys but if your unsure, ask them for more pics or even videochat with them before meeting up just to be on the safe side.

Bùi Viện and Phạm Ngũ Lão street

This area is known as the red light district in Ho Chi Minh City. This is usually where most westerners go to partake in debauchery activities. You can find all sorts of things here like drugs, pros, and even ladyboys if that’s your cup of tea.

bui vien

Typically you will see the ladyboys working in pairs either standing or sitting on a motorbike in the vicinity. Some of them may try to flirt and solicit business with you as you pass them by.

Also be very careful around Bùi Viện and Phạm Ngũ Lão. There have been reported cases of ladyboys working in pairs, luring and then robbing foreigners in that area.

Touristy Areas in District 1

District 1 is where all the tourist usually visit and stay at because they all live in a bubble and are too afraid to venture off to other districts.

This makes it an attractive place for ladyboys to solicit business. Again, expect to see 2 ladyboys working in pairs driving around the neighbourhood trying to solicit business or they may be parked at some busy intersection.

Some common areas that ladyboys typically scout for customers include:

Hai Bà Trưng street and Nguyễn Huệ street.

nguyen hue street


Believe it or not, but there are actually some restaurants here in Ho Chi Minh City that cater to foreigners wanting to meet a ladyboy in Vietnam. One such restaurant is called Quán Thúy Linh located in district 3. The restaurant is well known for their hotpot and cheap prices. While dining here, expect to be served by ladyboy waiters.

ladyboy waiter
ladyboy waiter smiling

Quán Thúy Linh

Address: 239/66A/66B Trần Văn Đang, Phường 11, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh


The following bars have been known to have ladyboys patronizing the place:

Chica Bar

Chica bar

Address: 60 Pasteur, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Republic pub

Repubic pub

Address: 274 Đường Đề Thám, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh


Even though ladyboys are present in Vietnam, that shouldn’t be a major deterrent when it comes to dating the local women for foreigners. Their numbers are quite small when compared to the likes of Thailand and the Philippines. If you keep your wits about you and you also follow the suggestions in this guide, your chances of running into one should be minimal.

If your interested in learning more about how to date ladyboys then I highly recommend this book called “How To Date A Ladyboy, The Complete Guide“. The author goes into great detail about the psychology of ladyboys, how and where to meet them in Asia, the different types of ladyboys, and how to date them. It’s the most comprehensive ladyboy guide that I’ve seen on the web!

how to date a ladyboy ebook

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    August 28, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Ive only experienced honesty among the trans community in Vietnam. this article makes it seem like a huge phenomenon even though in the conclusion you acknowledge that its not. I think if you really want to be able to spot trans girls than just spend sone time with them 😉

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      August 28, 2019 at 10:24 pm

      Most of the ladyboys, you probably won’t see them out and about on a day to day basis. However, when you turn to online dating for meeting girls, that’s when you start to see more and more of them.

      This article is aimed more towards the newbie who doesn’t have much experience in identifying them. If you’ve dealt with them previously, of course they will be a lot easier to spot.

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    August 30, 2019 at 10:07 am

    I think you will find most are not scamners who are not trying to deceive anyone. Ask if they are a ladyboy, & they will probobly say yes… you are bound to find out at some point, so why would they lie? Obviously aviod any that do lie.. I would actully apply that rule to anyone, regardlesx of their gendet.

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