How to Spot a Vietnamese Gold Digger


So far, I’ve only talked about all the good things associated with dating Vietnamese women. However, I feel I’d be doing you, my readers an injustice if I did not mention the dark side that comes with dating some Vietnamese girls that you may encounter.

Some Vietnamese girls make excellent girlfriends and wives and will have you thinking why the heck did I even bother with dating women from the west in the first place. Whereas there are others, a much more sinister and devious being that resides in Vietnam that you should never get involved with except for hookups. Luckily, a much smaller percentage of the population resembles the latter.

These females are vicious, sinister, and nasty. They have no emotional remorse for the chaos and destruction that they bring to men’s lives.

Their guile and wit is unparalleled on this side of the globe.

If you concocted up a fairy tale about Vietnamese girls being some pure unicorn that would fulfill all of your fantasies, then I’m sorry to have to burst your bubble buddy. This is simply not true. Not all Vietnamese girls are cut from the same clothe.

Pure angel

There are some great Vietnamese girls that you absolutely should marry, and then there are some real malevolent ones out there that will suck the life and soul right out of you if you’re not careful. It’s up to you to find the special ones amid a sea of nasty ones disguised as the special ones.

So what exactly am I talking about?

Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the Vietnamese gold digger. The most foul wicked creature to ever step foot on the planet.

What Is a Gold Digger?

Basically, in layman’s terms, a gold digger is a girl or maybe a guy that uses other people for money. Money is their main motivation for being with that person. It’s like those young 18 year old girls you see being married to some 60+ year old balding fat guy wearing tie dye t-shirts and cargo shorts in south-east Asia.

We all know that the girl is with the old geezer because of his money but somehow he managed to convince himself that the girl is with him because she loves him and not his wallet.

These gold diggers have been some of the worst women I have ever dealt with. They are like blood-sucking vampires ready to suck out every last cent from your bank account, leaving you high and dry with only your dirty underwear to keep you warm at night.

Their emotional and social acumen is very high and for most guys, they simply won’t stand a chance against these girls’ wit and charm.

The more reasoned she is at this, the better she is at camouflaging and hiding her behavior. Ever hear that song called “man-eater” from Hall & Oates?

Man eating woman
Man eater

Well that’s exactly what your dealing with here.

I thought dealing with gold-digging was bad in the west, but oh boy was I wrong. These Vietnamese girls really know how to bring a new dimension to the term gold-digging.

Never in my life have I seen such rampant gold digger behavior from girls before. Due to such a huge class divide and income gap between the rich and the poor, it has left many young girls developing the tendency to gold dig.

Why Is It so Common Here?

Most of these Vietnamese girls living here that have never traveled abroad have this romanticized view that all foreigners are rich. They think we all live in huge mansions, own yachts, multiple sports cars, and our bank accounts are flowing with money like a water fountain. Essentially, we are viewed as walking ATM machines.

Whatsapp conversation with a gold digger
A text conversation my friend sent me with a gold digger

This false belief is further perpetuated by foreigners that come to Vietnam and like to show off their wealth and gain “face”. A lot of these foreigners try to give off the impression that they are very well off and wealthy when in reality, they are simply earning a middle-class income and living a normal life abroad.

In fact, I would argue that most foreigners in Vietnam have normal 9-5 jobs back home and earn a humble middle-class income. Sure, they might be more financially well off than your average Vietnamese guy, but they aren’t rich by any means.

Vietnamese gold diggers can be quite ruthless and cunning when it comes to money and seeking out their targets.

Gold digger in black mák

Hopefully this guide can teach you how to smoke them out, and in the process save some lives, and prevent some of you guys from declaring bankruptcy. Listed below are 17 tips on how to spot a Vietnamese gold digger.

  • The places she frequents
  • The things she owns
  • Her lack of an attempt to pay for anything
  • Her sizing you up
  • Her job
  • Asking you to buy her things
  • Plastic surgery and Botox/Collagen injections
  • Playing the victim card
  • Clothing style and appearance
  • Asking for an allowance
  • Good grasp of English
  • Snobby behavior
  • Lots of foreign guy friends
  • Showing off on social media
  • Frequently suggest going to expensive places
  • Pics of money and dollar bill phone cases
  • Being from the countryside

The Places She Frequents

Try to observe where she typically likes to go. Does she prefer to go to exclusive posh clubs and malls? What about where she goes to eat? Are they upscale Michelin 5 star restaurants or is she just visiting the local street stall stand?

A gold digger likes to frequent expensive places because that is where a lot of financially well off people like to hang out. Her hunting ground is where the rich reside in. You won’t encounter her in poverty-stricken areas.

The Things She Owns

Look carefully at the stuff that she has. Is she using the latest iPhone? What about her handbag? Is it a Louis Lutton bag? Jewelry, fur coats, leather boots. The list goes on and on.

Gold diggers have really good taste for the finer things in life and won’t settle for second best.

Her Lack of an Attempt to Pay For Anything

I know men are supposed to be chivalrous and pay for the first couple of dates and all, but if a girl never even attempts to help you out with the bill once in a while, that should be a huge red flag. If your unsure about whether or not your date is a gold digger, you can ask her to split the bill with you after dating for a while and see how she reacts.

If she scoffs and pouts and makes a big scene about it, then she really wasn’t all that into you to begin with.

Girls that are actually interested in you as a person and not your wallet will at least make the attempt to treat you back once in a while.

Her Sizing You up

If your meeting these girls online then most often then not, they will try to screen you for wealth prior to meeting with you.

The usual questions they will ask you are:

What are you doing here in Vietnam? Work or travel?

What is your job?

Where are you living in? (They can make an educated guess about how much wealth you have based on which districts that you live in.)

Are you living with your family or by yourself?

Are you staying at a hotel or at a house?

How much are you paying a month for your place? (I’ve had girls make up lame-ass excuses as to why she wants to know this. ie. I am trying to help my friend look for a place in your area. Really? Your a local and you don’t have an educated guess on the costs of rent in the districts?)

Once in a while, you may encounter some girls that are really bold and straight forward and will flat out ask how much money you’re making right off the bat. But these gold diggers are usually more rare and less experienced. The ones that are really good at gold-digging use more subtly in their approach.

Her Job

Her job can give you a pretty good indication on her social economic levels. If she’s working as a front desk hotel receptionist and she’s wearing Versace sunglasses, flying in first class, and staying at 5 star resorts, one has to wonder how she came up with this money.

Either she’s moonlighting as a pro, or she’s found herself one or more suckers to sink her claws into.

If you notice that she has an iPhone, that may not be a good enough indicator that she is a gold digger as most people here are brand obsessed and want to own an iPhone to maintain “face”, but if she’s all decked out in posh clothing and shows off a luxurious lifestyle then you better be careful.

Her Asking You to Buy Her Things

This one is a big one. Gold diggers don’t like to spend their own money. In fact, they resent it. “Why should I have to spend a single dime when I’m a woman and your the man taking me out on a date” she pouts with her collagen injected lips and fake breast implants.

I bring the beauty and you bring the moolah goes her logic. I’ve encountered a few of these girls, both online and in-person and had to tell a few off because it was blatantly obvious what they were trying to do.

girl with heels
Pretty please?

Plastic Surgery and Botox/Collagen Injections

Girls know that beauty is the kryptonite to men’s hearts. Men are enamored with beauty as it shows good mating potential and the ability to give birth to strong babies and raises the guy’s value. This is why there are tonnes of plastic surgery centers springing up all over Vietnam nowadays.

Girls are flocking to these plastic surgery centers in doves. Want double eyelids? No problem, give me a few hundred dollars and in a matter of hours, you’ve just walked away with more attractive looking eyes.

Gold diggers on the other hand, go all out on plastic surgery. Double eyelids, chin and cheek reshaping, nose jobs, fake breast implants, you name it, they will have probably gotta the whole package with the ultimate goal of snagging herself some rich guy.

Botox Anyone?

Playing the Victim Card

This is another tactic that was attempted on me by a gold digger. Boy are these girls crafty. The girl usually tells you about some incident usually involving money or material things that happened to her and now has caused her a lot of undue stress and emotional turmoil. She is hoping that you will become her knight in shining armor, racing over to rescue her in her distress.

Knight in armour
White Knight

When they employ this card trick, they won’t outright ask you for money, at least not in beginning. They are hoping that you will jump to that conclusion yourself and offer to give them the money. Your guilt with what happened to her will be your own undoing.

They will at first pretend to reject your offer until finally relenting and gracefully taking your money. You won’t even be aware that you’ve been manipulated into handing over your hard-earned cash.

Here are some examples:

  • Her latest iPhone got stolen by motorbike thieves. She can’t afford a new one but needs it desperately for work or school.
  • Her mother or another family member is really sick and she can’t pony up the medical bills
  • She lost a tonne of money somehow by being forgetful, and now can’t afford to pay her rent and bills

Her Clothing Style and Appearance

Gold diggers really have a keen sense of fashion. They have to if they want to lure some unsuspecting victims. Keeping up appearances is of utmost importance to them. Some of the best dressed girls will be gold diggers.

In addition, watch out for really slutty and revealing outfits. I’m talking about stuff like really low necklines and cleavage. Short mini skirts, and airtight jeans that hug and expose her butt cheeks like a vacuum seal. Makeup, hair, jewelry, high heels, and push up bras are her weapons of mass destruction.

Vietnamese gold digger wearing white

Asking For a Monthly Allowance

This is a classic sign of gold-digging behavior since the dawn of time. She’s gonna need those dollars to help her maintain her extravagant lifestyle. Otherwise, how in this world is she gonna be able to afford those silhouettes from Prada?

A typical amount they might ask for is around $200 USD a month to start. This amount then continues climbing and soon you will find yourself paying upwards of $500 USD a month to have some action with a used up second-hand Asian barbie doll.

If you don’t pay up, first she will act all spiteful and whiny, until finally she packs her things and leaves for the stars.

Usually on online profiles you will find girls state that they are looking for someone to take care of them and are generous. The keywords being “generous” and “take care of them” You may also find the words “don’t like cheap guys” in there as well.

Decent Grasp of English

Her level of English is usually decent and she can carry a conversation with you no problem. These gold diggers have been dealing with foreigners for a while now, hence their need to have decent English to communicate with their victims.

Exception: Local Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese also date gold diggers as well. If you look at those rich Vietnamese guys, nearly almost every single one has a hot girlfriend and most of the time, the girl can’t speak a lick of English.

Snobbish and Arrogant Behavior

In my dealings with gold diggers, nearly every single one of them has given me attitude. I also heard similar accounts from a few friends of mines as well that went out on dates with gold diggers.

Since gold diggers often deal with foreign men who beg and gravel at their feet, their egos have been greatly inflated and now they have developed arrogance to rival that of a diva. They know they are pretty and that men are lined up to date them, therefore they feel they can get away with bad behavior, that is until they meet men like me that are willing to put them in their place.

I was out on a date with a gold digger a few months back. I had literally just met this chick in person for no longer than 5 minutes and she was demanding that I buy her a big huge birthday cake even though her birthday had passed 2 days ago. I told her no and offered to buy her a small slice of cake instead but she said “no, I want the big cake!”. After some back and forth, she asked me one more time if I was going to buy her the cake otherwise she would leave. I gave her a firm flat out no and told her to get lost!

I also had another instance where I was on a date with another gold digger and she demanded that I hold her purse for her on our first date while her hands were completely free. I quickly checked her behavior and told her I ain’t gonna hold her girly purse while her hands were completely free and that her behavior was rude and completely unacceptable. Her behavior quickly changed after that, at least temporarily until I GOT RID OF HER!

Lots of Foreign Guy Friends

Gold diggers tend to be well connected and have a string of foreign guys that they can easily lure and entrap due to the guy’s naivety towards the local dating culture. He thinks her demands are normal and part of the culture meanwhile this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t believe me?

Go do a search online or ask some of your friends doing a long-distance relationship with a local Vietnamese chick whether or not they send their girlfriends money every month because she’s such a poor girl that can’t fend for herself or that she needs it for her “English” lessons.

Notice the victim mentality again from her?

These gold diggers tend to date multiple guys at once or have back up guys ready to replace any guy that isn’t providing her with enough money to maintain her spendthrift lavish lifestyle.

She knows that foreign guys make a lot more money then your average Vietnamese guy in Vietnam, therefore it makes sense to have a lot of them as her “friends”.

Photos of Her Showing Off on Social Media

Ever see those really nice shots of trips, food, and shopping bags from those beautiful girls on Facebook or Instagram?

Well, who do you think is paying for all of that stuff?

I can guarantee you this, it sure as hell ain’t her. She’s got guys in the background buying her mountains of things, taking her to the best destinations that money can buy, and giving her all-out access to their credit cards.

Selfie time

Always Likes to Suggest Going to Expensive Places To Dine

Gold diggers thrive off of going to costly places on your dime. It gives them a real high. If you take them to normal places for a date, they will bark at your request and insist that you change places to somewhere else costing an arm and a leg.

I remember once when I tried to arrange a date with one Vietnamese girl that I had met off of VietnamCupid. I just wanted to meet over coffee to see how we would vibe, but she kept on insisting that we go out for dinner. To make matters worse, she picked some of the most expensive restaurants here in Ho Chi Minh City. After I told her I just wanted to meet for coffee at one of those coffee chains like Highlands Coffee, she insisted that we go somewhere else that was more suited towards her taste, meaning sky-high prices for drinks and food.

She also told me in addition to getting a drink, she was going to order cakes and desserts too. Needless to say, I canceled the date and got rid of her.

This is why I always preach taking a girl on a first date to a coffee shop.

Pics of Money Spread Out or Dollar Bill Phone Cases

This is another red flag that screams GOLD DIGGER! Typically, you will also see the other signs that I mentioned above in conjunction with this.

You will see a bunch of bills usually spread out on their bed or a desk and her bragging about it or some pics of her taking shots in the mirror where you can clearly see a US dollar bill phone case. It just goes to show you what is really going on in her heads on a daily basis.

Vietnamese gold digger showing off Vietnamese dongs
Vietnamese gold digger using a US dollar phone case
Money Money Money

Countryside Girls

I can write a whole post on these girls. From most of my dealings with money-hungry girls, it’s usually a girl from the countryside, which makes sense. Girls who grew up from the countryside typically lived in households that earned far less money than their city counterparts, especially compared to Saigonese girls in the south and Hanoian girls in the north.

One would think that girls from the countryside would be more humble and down to earth and less materialistic but that is simply not true. It is because they have lived through poverty that drives them to become obsessed with money and material things.

Girls from the cities on the other hand, have things a bit better, and also tend to be more educated and have more opportunities. This in turn makes them less materialistic.

Also in almost 100% of cases where foreign men come to Vietnam to buy brides, its almost always girls from the countryside that sell themselves off to old creepy foreign men in exchange for money. Just something to think about.

Vietnamese gold digger in the countryside


Remember gentlemen, you are dealing with one of the most ruthless vile creatures to ever grace the planet. You need to keep your wits upon you when dealing with these blood sucking creatures.

I have now given you an extensive list of key characteristics and behaviors that Vietnamese gold diggers typically exhibit.

Hopefully with some due diligence and taking a wait and see approach to dating Vietnamese girls instead of jumping the broom right away, one can avoid a lot of heart aches and still have their bank account intact.

Remember, always think with your head, instead of your junk when dealing with women and you’ll be much happier in the long run.

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  • Reply
    Bs. Love
    June 4, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    Showing off their loot on social media is definitely a tell!!

    However I think the same girl can act in a totally different way depending of the guy. I know many girls who get support from providers while having a good time with boys they like. They need both a provider and a lover, and it’s hard to find both in one man !

  • Reply
    September 14, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    Hi and what a great article. I have a brother and yes it is my brother that appears to have met one of these Gold Diggers you speak of to the point to where he has been convinced into investing in some land in Vietnam and if course it had to be in the girls family name as supposedly that is how it’s done in vietnam. Is there any chance that there is any way that he can get this money back. My brother would have been a perfect target as he is extremely trusting. Hope you can offer some sound advice on this rather sad situation as my brother is now broke. She got him at a vulnerable time having just split from his wife and of course had a healthy bank balance from his share of the matrimonial home. That money is now all gone. Plz help.

    • Reply
      September 14, 2019 at 10:48 pm

      Unfortunately if he put the land under her name, I think he’s SOL. Foreigners can’t own land in Vietnam, however they can lease an apartment for up to 50 years in their name. He might want to go talk with a local Vietnamese lawyer and see what his options are at this point. As for the girl, its best to just cut your losses. Treat as an expensive lesson. If a girl ever asks you to buy her things like an iphone, clothing, jewelry, house, motorbike, land, etc. she’s just trying to use you.

  • Reply
    October 9, 2019 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks for this interesting information – even if they appear a bit too black and white. In fact, of course, you want the girl you are fond of like none before to be happy. So not always when you are pampering her with monthly transfers you will be ripped off. But check if she brings you to her family, that she will not neglect you when with her family and clearly shows signs of being in love with you. Also, you should follow up on a perspective to live with her. Best sign if she shows herself as in a relationship with you on her Facebook profile where she communicates with her family. Even with a photo and open to be read by everyone (check the little icon which reveals who can see this). Maybe a full sign of focussing on you if she changes her profile pictures on her WhatsApp and especially Zalo (the Vietnames main chat and profile app used by over 400 Million people worldwide) with a picture of you both and filling up the timeline of all what you did together including more pictures of you. Demand her to follow this sign of love and see her reaction. If she hesitates for too long she might plan to get a second phone and transfer the other lovers there. One more thing: Vietnamese women don’t mind the age gap in comparison to most western women. This is due to the cultural respect and position of old men. Vietnamese don’t thinl stereotype or even bad at all when they see older men with younger wives. This article shows clearly a Western perspective where women are pressured to get the most handsome guy instead of the most secure one. Love develops in Vietnam and is seldome passionately dump as it is appreciated in Western culture. Older people are generally respected highly and, of course, are not only more likely to show more security in material issues but also tend to be more faithful. Last but not least, the romantic love of Western belief to be the basis of any long term relationship is not what most marriages are based on in Vietnam. Romance passes and unlike Western women, the good Vietnamese women are by far wiser to look right away for long term security and loyalty. Unfortunately, one important way of proofing that by men is the same as gold-diggers requests for short term gains and a luxury wife. But the difference is to be found in the nuances. Hard job, but not impossible. In any case, if up for marriage ask fur full openness – which applies to you as well and exchange cell phones if doubt arise. These are the main source of finding out about honesty, yours as well.

    • Reply
      October 10, 2019 at 12:35 am

      Its actually not that hard to see whether or not a girl genuinely likes you for you vs your money. Just have a look at the level of investment they make towards the relationship. One of them is like as you said, them showing you off on facebook social media. Girls that are in love with their guy love to parade him around and show him off to others, perhaps to even make other girls jealous. A girl that is all secretively about your relationship and doesn’t want other people to know about you, you should be careful, especially if you’ve been dating for a while now. Larger age gaps are also more socially accepted over here compared to the west.

  • Reply
    Brian Tran
    January 23, 2020 at 12:43 am

    Some of the girls in Vietnam will even resort to asking you to teach them English. Ask you to sponsor them to a western country to study, and most importantly they are materialistic like want a knight in shinning armour a really handsome man who is rich and won’t even accept you if you a man have a weakness.

    • Reply
      January 23, 2020 at 2:48 am

      I’ve had girls blatantly tell me on dating sites that they are only their to practice their English lol. You need to screen girls when your dating and see whether or not they have girlfriend potential. I make every girl that I date go through a probation period.

  • Reply
    August 13, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    I just got played by a gold digger and this article says it all

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