7 Places Where You Should Never Go To Look For a Vietnamese Wife


Where should you not go to look for a Vietnamese wife?

When it comes to wife hunting, how you screen your potential new wife is only half the battle.

In addition to vetting her and seeing if she exhibits wife like qualities, you also need to find her in the right places to stand the best chance of having a successful marriage.

I think most guys know intuitively that certain places are not wife hunting grounds, but for some reason or another still choose to ignore this.

Common sense seems to get thrown out of the window as soon as they meet a girl that is willing to spread her legs for them.

Only when it’s too late do the guys finally realize their mistakes.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but let’s try not to go there in the first place.

Here is a list of places where you should never go to look for a Vietnamese wife.


Bui vien street

In a lot of western countries, a bar remains one of the most popular go-to places when either looking to hook up or to meet someone for dating purposes.

The bar scene in Vietnam however, is a completely different animal.

Most “good” Vietnamese girls would not dare to visit a bar for fear of having her reputation getting damaged.

While other Vietnamese girls may just come to one once in a while to unwind after a long day of work with her coworkers and friends, and these are usually at local bars, not the ones frequently by foreigners.

Most normal Vietnamese girls do not come to bars expecting to meet men, and are quite wary about men that frequent these places.

However, there is a different type of Vietnamese girl that you will typically find at bars and they are classified into two types:

  • working girls
  • semi-pros

Many of the girls that you meet here will flirt with dozens of guys a night, especially foreign men, and will go home with the men if the price is right.

Some of them may even get into some sort of “relationship” with these men, whereby they give her monthly allowances or take her shopping and buy her gifts.

These men get easily fooled into thinking that their Vietnamese bar girlfriend is a good girl that is just struggling to make ends meet and doesn’t sleep with any customers except them.

Yet, she’s most likely sleeping with no less than a dozen dudes at any one time and some of these guys are even sending her monthly allowances while they are away.

If you’re looking for Mrs. right, you won’t find her at a bar!

Hostess Bars

Look for a Vietnamese wife: hostess bar

This is another variation of the bar, whereby owners hire girls to be hostesses for customers that come in.

The girls can range between being in their early 20s, all the way up to their 30s, depending on where you go.

The younger girls typically like to work at the Japanese hostess bars that cater to Japanese and even Korean clientele.

While the older women, typically work at the ones catering to western males, along Pasteur street in Saigon.

Lonely and desperate men seeking female company and attention will visit these hostess bars and drink with the hostesses, hoping to get laid.

But instead, the girls working there will just flirt with the guys, meanwhile pressuring him to get more and more drinks on his tab.

She of course gets a huge cut of the commission based on the number of drinks that he orders.

Having the tab rung up is not uncommon here.

In some cases, the girl may go home with the guy or even date him, for money of course.

Some naive guys even try to wife these girls up, convincing themselves that she’s only flirting with the men here and doesn’t date clients nor sleep with them outside of the hostess bar.

What he doesn’t realize is when he’s not around, she’s probably going home every night with a different dude that has negotiated the right price with her.

Marriage Agencies

Most guys think “Oh, how convenient, I can just hop on the internet and order myself a new wife or I can join some bullshit love tour and be chauffeured around Vietnam to meet single women.

There are a number of issues associated with using a marriage agency to find a wife such as the following:

  • The girl might have been kidnapped and is forced against her will to marry someone
  • The girl is doing it strictly for financial reasons
  • The girl is doing it for a green card
  • The girl is looking to scam you in another way such as getting you to buy her property or other things
  • She will leave you for someone else once she moves abroad with you

I’m not going to get into too much detail on this topic because I already wrote an article about marriage agencies.

You can read more about it here:

Should you use a Vietnamese marriage agency to seek love?


Look for a Vietnamese wife: night club

Clubs are another popular option for men to meet women and sometimes men even decide to wife up a chick that they met from a club.

Girls that you meet at clubs are probably not the best candidates for having long term relationships with, but the girls that you meet in clubs in Vietnam are even more so.

If you’re planning on visiting a new club to meet women, here’s what you’ll typically find there in terms of prospects:

  • Working girls and semi-pros
  • Girls that go clubbing all the time
  • A few normal chicks
  • Gold diggers (at high-end clubs)
  • Hostesses

As you can see, wife material candidates aren’t exactly abundant at these places and you’ll need to weed through a lot of girls before you can find one that is suitable to be in a relationship with.

Furthermore, the club environment in Vietnam is very different than the ones you would typically encounter abroad.

Things like a large dance floor, more reasonable sound levels for music and less cliquey behavior are pretty much nonexistent over here.

And don’t even get me started on the mandatory table service that a lot of clubs have here in Vietnam.

Don’t want to get a table with bottle service?

Fine, you can wait around in the back at one of the few table stools left lying around and get ignored, and that’s if they even let you in through the front doors.

Massage Parlours

I really don’t know what goes on in the mind of a lot of men, but some of them despite warnings from close friends and family and even reading about horror stories on the internet, still decide to wife up some chick working at a massage parlor.

The ability to think with their brains instead of their penises clearly is lacking.

They know that girls working at massage parlors are engaging in sexual activities with customers for money, yet try to backward rationalize it to themselves that this one particular girl is different and “special”.

“No wait, she’s not like all of the other girls. She’s a unicorn, and I’m the exception to the rule.”, they might argue.

6 months later she’s taken everything from him and he’s left out to hang and dry.

Girls that work at massage parlors are masters of flirting with men because that’s what they do for a living.

So why would you so easily believe everything that is spewing out of her mouth?

If you want to be captain save a hoe and a white knight then by all means, go and wife up a chick working at a massage parlor, but she ain’t going to be the one that needs to be saved, it’s gonna be you!

Seeking Arrangement

For those guys looking to rent a girlfriend while on vacation, seeking arrangement is one of the most popular apps for seeking a girl willing to participate in this type of sugar daddy arrangement.

It’s basically gold diggers galore here for men that don’t mind paying a pretty penny to have some chick’s company who doesn’t mind pawning her body off to the highest bidder.

In these types of transactional arrangements, typically both parties get what they want, which is female companionship for a short period of time in exchange for money.

It only becomes a problem when the men get too attached to the girl and fall in love with her, believing that she also shares the same feelings as him and that they could live happily ever after, as if in some fairytale.

And so…they try to tie her down by proposing marriage to her.

What they don’t realize is that she only sees the relationship as one big giant transaction and when you stop paying, she’ll move onto the next customer.

She was never yours, it was just your turn!


I am a bit hesitant to list Tinder here because it is becoming more and more of a relationship app as it becomes more mainstream here in Vietnam.

A lot of the women on Tinder nowadays list that they are only looking for serious relationships and so you may have better luck on it.

I actually met and had a mini relationship with an accountant that was a virgin on Tinder here so anything is possible.

However, with that being said, Tinder still attracts a lot of low-quality females that are by no means wife material.

Girls like:

  • Pros and semi-pros
  • Girls that sleep around a lot and have very high notch counts
  • Foreigner hunters
  • Spoiled princesses and gold diggers
  • Girls that are mentally unstable and crazy

If you are planning on meeting the misses on Tinder or you’ve been dating a girl for a while that you met on Tinder, make sure that you put her through a thorough vetting process before whipping out that ring, otherwise, you might end up with more than you bargained for.

Or better yet, stick with a site where the women are more serious about dating such as VietnamCupid.


If you’re planning on coming down here to Vietnam to look for a wife, then you need to be aware of certain places that make poor choices for wife hunting.

Most of the horror stories that you hear about from men, typically happen because those guys wifed up some hoe that they met at one of the above places that I’ve mentioned.

They thought that they were the exceptions and could beat the odds, well they were wrong!

You know the saying, you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

Knowing where not to go when wife hunting is just as important as screening a girl out to see if she is suitable for marriage.

If this article still hasn’t convinced you not to go wifing up a girl that you met at one of these places, then I really don’t know what will.

Hopefully, you will come to your senses before it’s too late!

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