WARNING! Are You Dating One of These Types of Vietnamese Girls?

When it comes to dating, your bound to encounter a few bad apples, and Vietnam is no exception.

If you date here in Vietnam for an extended period of time, then you’ll most likely end up dating at least one of these types of girls.

These girls are bad news and one should avoid them at all costs, as they will only bring chaos and suffering into your life.

Besides, there are much better quality Vietnamese girls that you could date instead.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the 7 different types of Vietnamese girls you should avoid dating in Vietnam.

They are:

  • The Gold Digger
  • The Semi-Pro
  • The Pro
  • The Princess
  • The Stage 5 Clinger
  • The Mentally Unstable Girl
  • Miss Busy

The Gold Digger

If there was a definition for a real-life blood sucking vampire then they would call her the gold digger.

When it comes to satisfying their objectives, they can scoop to the lowest of lows.

They feel no pain, no remorse, no pity, and will suck out every last cent out of the guy and leave him high and dry.

These creatures can usually be found at some of the cities most luxurious malls, restaurants, hotels, and event functions, hunting for their next prey.

Gold digger vietnamese girls

Being able to speak English is not a requirement as they target both rich locals and your average foreigner as well.

These girls come in all age groups, and aren’t exclusive to just young girls.

Never take these girls to a fancy restaurant nor shopping on the first date! Their eyes will light up like a Christmas tree and pretty soon she’ll have her fingers wrapped around you.

You don’t need stakes and holy water to vanquish these blood sucking creatures, just don’t go flashing your cash around like an idiot, and don’t hint that your financially well off.

They will then fly off to look for somebody else’s bank account soon enough.

Most of these girls will gawk at the idea of having a coffee at a general run of the mill cafe.

Instead, her idea of a first date, usually involves a trip down to the local mall for a shopping spree, followed by dinner at some overpriced sushi restaurant.

Key Characteristics:

  • Will start asking you to buy her things right away
  • Try to size you up as soon as possible
  • Usually cute or somewhat attractive
  • May or may not be dressed up
  • The most important thing on her mind is money
  • You will see dollar bills or some sort of currency being advertised on her social media
  • Usually has a phone case of a US dollar bill
  • May suggest that you go shopping and eat at expensive restaurants on the first date
  • Usually works some low paying job such as a receptionist
  • Last seen at one of the many fly clubs such as Kasho Club

To learn more about Vietnamese gold diggers, click here to read this article.

The Semi-Pro

These girls are usually either still in university or work at one of the many nightclubs and bars as a hostess here in the city.

You may even find them at the massage parlors helping the many tourist get a load off.

Online dating websites such as Tinder is another hotbed for them. They like to target foreigners because they are under the impression that all foreigners are well off and naive.

These girls don’t consider themselves actually pros and may pass judgement on legit pros. It’s quite ironic considering what they are doing is grey zone border line pro work as well.

Semi-pros will usually have multiple suitors in the background.

He may be some clueless idiot in America sending her money every month, or some schmuck over in Singapore who takes her on expensive vacations and buys her things every once in a while.

These girls can be quite seductive and are experts at sweet talking you into falling for them.

I almost got sucked into a Vietnamese girl that fell under this category.

She was great at sweet talking and inflating my ego, while putting up a nice girl front. Luckily, I had a family member warn me about the girl, and I was able to later see her for her true colors.

These girls have serious game!

Semi-Pro vietnamese girls

They can make you feel like a king, and know all the emotion triggers to press to make you want them even more.

In addition to having game in their arsenal, they know that looks get them resources, that’s why they tend to dress more provocative then your typical conservative Vietnamese girl.

Getting lucky usually comes easy if your a guy that she finds attractive or you show her the money. In either case, she has a more liberal attitude towards sleeping around.

Their partner count can be upwards of over a dozen, and you can easily tell by how they act in the bedroom.

Because these girls love to target naive foreigners, their English levels are a lot better then most locals.

As a result of dealing almost exclusively with foreigners, and trying to learn more about their culture, her outlook and attitude shockingly resembles that of a western chick.

In fact, if it weren’t for her accent and outer appearance, you could even suggest her behavior is a mirror copy of a western girl.

Due to this westernization and being spoiled by countless guys, expect her attitude to be repulsive and difficult to deal with.

On dates she will be extra demanding, ordering you around like a servant to do her ever bidding. I want to go this expensive mall, she barks, as she orders you around like a little bellboy.

You might as well just castrate yourself now.

In addition to all of these aforementioned cons, dating these types of girls is bad news.

If you manage to score with her without opening your wallet, know that she most likely has a rich background boyfriend that is well connected.

Occasionally these guys will keep tabs on their girls, and if caught, the blame will rest on your shoulders, as she will play the victim card.

Drama soon ensures, and you may soon find yourself getting visits from the local gangsters in the city.

You’ve been warned!

Key Characteristics:

  • Can be quite sweet and charming in the beginning
  • Will put up a good girl front to lure her victims
  • Getting some action usually comes quite easy with them
  • Usually speaks decent enough English
  • Typically westernized to some extent
  • Can have bad attitude
  • Has really good game
  • Is under the illusion that because she doesn’t directly work as a pro, she isn’t considered one
  • Is seeing multiple guys in the background including some rich well connected guys
  • Usually found online, at hostess bars, skybars, and massage parlors

The Pro

If one were to rate the bad attitude of the local women, the pros would win hands down for their extremely rude and condescending attitudes towards men.

You would think that with the high poverty levels here in Vietnam and the amount of competition that these pros face with one another that it would force them to treat their clientele better but no, they treat their clientele like crap.

And if you get any ideas about dating one, don’t expect her attitude to change for you.

These girls have seen it all. They’ve dealt with locals and foreigners alike and have become quite jaded.

They have very cold and calculating personalities and many foreigners have been scammed in the past from their dealings with pros.

You will usually find these girls either online, at a nightclub like Apocalypse now or somewhere sitting by a motorbike looking for prospective clients while her pimp watches her back.

If she’s at a club, she’s either there with another girl, or sitting by herself. Most locals go to clubs in groups and you would be hard pressed to find someone going there alone for fear of being ostracized and shamed.

If you got your wits about you combined with solid game, you may be able to shore them in the short term, however eventually your going to have to pay up one way or another as you get pulled deeper and deeper into her world.

Some of these girls are quite easy to identify for the most part.

Vietnamese Hooker
Can you spot the pro?

Usually they will wear really revealing and skimpy outfits. I’m talking stuff that will have the whole neighborhood gossiping for a full month.

Other obvious signs include provocative tattoos that a normal person would never imagine getting. Look for giant tattoos on their backs, calf, or thigh. Some of them even have tattoos down their necklines.

Some of the other pros, you won’t be able to identify as she will play the “good girl” act in front of you, so you will need to dig deeper and ask her more questions about her profession, family history, etc.

Dating pros in nearly all parts of the world is seen as taboo and a bad idea, so why would you do that here in Vietnam?

Avoid like the plague!

Key Characteristics:

  • Great at lying
  • Cold and calculating
  • Very cunning and likes to scam guys a lot
  • Usually found working in pairs at a club or bar frequented by foreigners
  • Extremely bad attitude and difficult to deal with
  • May have tattoos, and excessively big ones to boot (i.e. back, calf, thigh)

The Princess

The princess is your stereotypical spoiled brat that’s used to having guys pamper to her every wish.

My way or the highway is her motto when it comes to dating.

If you like being whipped when it comes to dating, then she’s perfect for you. She’ll get a new lapdog.

You’ll be her own personal butler, running errands for her 24/7, all the while she loses more and more respect for you with each passing minute.

These girls usually have had some experience dating westerners before. It was usually some beta male that spoiled her with lavish money and gifts, taking her out to the finest restaurants the city has to offer.

They let her get away with a lot of things, and no matter what she did, or how bad it was, they would always let it slide.

These girls can be quite arrogant and disrespectful, not to mention selfish and self-centered.

Princess vietnamese girls

Usually when she meets a guy that is willing to put her in her place, she will be in total shock and awe for all but a few minutes before reverting back to her princess like habits.

It will be a constant exhausting battle of tug of war with her as she will always try to push your buttons and see how much you will let her get away with.

You can’t teach old dogs, new tricks.

Key Characteristics:

  • Spoiled
  • Selfish
  • Demanding
  • Difficult to deal with
  • High maintenance
  • Can speak good English to just barely passable English
  • My way or the highway attitude towards dating

The Stage 5 Clinger

Most Vietnamese girls are clingers by nature. They will text you nearly everyday to ask you some of the most borning and mundane questions such as:

“What are you doing now?”

“Did you have dinner yet?”

However, there are some girls that take this neediness one step too far. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the stage-5 clinger.

Unlike her normal clingy counterparts, she will constantly cling to you as if her life depended on it.

You quickly become her source of food, water, and might I add oxygen supply.

She will need constant validation from you just to raise her low self-esteem levels.

The minute that you don’t answer her calls, she will freak out and lash out, accusing you of cheating on her or not caring about her.

If you do decide to pursue a relationship with her, expect to have long boring conversations with her over the phone or even video calling for hours on end each day.

Good morning text anyone?

How about a good afternoon one?

If that’s not enough for you, check your messages, I can bet you there’s a good night one in there as well.

She will excessively praise and compliment you and tell you how much she cares about you.

In this type of relationship, you will feel like your being suffocated, as she constantly bombards you, trying to extract as much attention out of you as possible. The longer you stay in this type of relationship, the more exhausted you will feel.


She will slowly suck the life energy right out of you.

We all know girls love attention, but for her, its a matter of life and death.

As far as she is concerned, your already a married couple. In fact, she may have already mapped out the location of your wedding, and have the whole wedding ordeal planned out in her head.

Key Characteristics:

  • Extremely clingy and needy
  • Will call up on you multiple times in a day to check up on you
  • Might show up unexpectedly at your place
  • Wants to know what your doing at every exact moment
  • Needs constant validation from you

I unfortunately encountered a girl of this sort early on in my dating journey here in Vietnam. It was a girl that I met on VietnamCupid.

Before we had met, she had already video called me, and then over texts, starting to call me babe. I knew something was off once she started to do that.

After seeing her for the second time, things only got worse from there.

In addition to being bombarded with messages everyday from her, one day she showed up so conveniently in my neighborhood unannounced, saying her family was having a birthday celebration for her brother.

I found this suspicious as she had asked me where I lived at just a few days ago, and then suddenly boom, shows up within walking distance from my place.

I knew what was up, she was trying to get me to go to her family get together and show me off, but I wasn’t going to have none of that.

It kind of freaked me out a little that I could she could potentially be a stalker, and her extreme levels of neediness and calling me babe wasn’t helping her case.

I quickly ghosted her, but not before she tried to desperately get me out again a few more times.

She tried all sorts of things in the books such as trying to guilt trip me by telling me how she misses me and that I didn’t care about her.

The Mentally Unstable Girl

If you thought the stage-5 clinger was bad wait until you meet the mentally unstable girl.This one ups the ante several folds.

Expect her to have some sort of bi-polar disorder. She will blow hot and cold until the circulation to your brain has been cut off and your senses go haywire from being overworked.

Expect loud fights, followed by crying that is eventually soothed with her apologizing afterwards for the outbursts.

Crazy girl

The action of these girls know no bounds and they can resort to doing all sorts of crazy shit.

Expect your relationship to be unstable and have a lot of drama in it.

Best not to mess with one of these girls.

Now your probably asking me “Well how the hell do I identify a girl like this?”

Luckily, here’s a few pointers I picked up to help you avoid this death trap.

How to Identify a Mentally Unstable Girl

  • Extreme hot and cold behavior that happens consistently
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Spontaneous outbursts
  • Expect lots of turmoil and drama in your relationship with her
  • Lying and use of manipulation and emotional blackmail
  • Unstable family history (absent father figure,etc.)
  • Partaking in risking behaviors
  • Irrational behavior
  • Unable to maintain close friendships with people
  • Amazing in the bedroom
  • Can be difficult to get along with
  • Reckless behavior
  • Quite self-fish and demanding

At the end of the day, you got to ask yourself whether or not being with a looney is really worth it?

Hang around with her long enough, and you might yourself end up at the insane asylum.

My Run-Ins With Some Mentally-Unstable Girls

I unfortunately got the pleasure of meeting a few girls with a few screws loose here.

I had met one girl off a language exchange website but had no interest in dating her. I was just looking to be platonic friends with her so as to improve my Vietnamese and also to expand my local social circle. Sadly, she had other plans.

When we first met, after I had bought her a bottle of water, she handed me the bottle and demanded that I open it for her. After that, she took a sip and then handed me the bottle and told me to hold it for her (red flag #1).

Her hands were completely free so I asked her “why can’t you hold it? Your hands are free.

She shot back and said this is what guys are supposed to do. I replied and reminded her that this wasn’t a date and that I am not obligated to hold jack for her. We bickered a little bit before I managed to sooth things.

Later as the meeting progressed, we sat down and had lunch. During lunch, we managed to get a good conversation going but then suddenly, her mood changed and she looked down and depressed. I asked her what’s up?

She didn’t look at me and appeared motionless as if she was thinking about something.

I found the behavior kind of odd.

About a minute later she answered me.

She told me that she is a really difficult person and that because of that, she doesn’t have a lot of friends (red flag #2).

Then suddenly she got angry at me and asked why could’t I meet her in her area. It’s like a 40 minute grab ride from my place. I got her to meet at a mutually convenient location that was about 20 minutes for each of us.

Crazy girl #2

A normal person would have seen this as a good compromise, but a person that is self-centered would not have seen it the same way.

I thought this was a fair arrangement. But she was mad that I made her commute on a motorbike for 20 minutes to see me.

She seemed quite self-fish and difficult to get a long with during the meetup. This was crazy #1.

And here’s crazy #2:

Remember that birthday girl that I mentioned here in this article?

Well, after I had blocked her on my zalo, I noticed she kept on uploading pics of her having birthday cakes.

Now I know she could have done that to spite me and show me that there were other people more than willing to be a spineless simp, but she took it way overboard.

I noticed for an entire week, every single day without fail, she would upload a picture of her with a new birthday cake.

After the second or third birthday cake, a normal person would have called it quits but not her. It was as if she was trying to go for a birthday cake receiving Guinness world record.

Even now, when I check up on her zalo, she still has photos of her receiving birthday cakes, months after her birthday ended!

How’s that for crazy?

In addition, I have a friend here in Saigon that also had a run in with a bat shit crazy Vietnamese girl. She would always blow hot and cold with him and it would lead to lots of fights.

He would always complain to me that his chick was so cold yet warm too.

I could see that she was causing him a lot of unwanted drama in their relationship.

She eventually decided that her true calling in life was to become a herbalife ambassador so they broke things off so that she could realize her dream.

Miss Busy Body

She knows she shouldn’t be dating with her hectic schedule but decides to try and pursue a relationship regardless.

She usually works 2-3 jobs and looks stressed out all the time. Because of this time constraint, don’t expect her to get all dolled up when you do meet.

Expect her to flake on you at least once during your courtship period.

Her schedule changes on a daily basis, and you really need to have major self-control to not get angry at her, while maintaining a flexible schedule to accommodate her last minute requests.

Its not worth pursuing these types of girls because you will always be deemed second on her priority list. She’s bitten off more than she can chew yet still thinks she can manage it.

But here’s the truth: She can’t!

Busy girl

I dated a girl like this once. She was working 2 jobs and was hard to make arrangements with. She flaked on me for our first meeting, but after a 2-week hiatus, she rescheduled and we finally met up.

She appeared stressed and mentioned how little time she had for extra-curricular activities.

I wondered why she even bothered with dating if she was this busy. During the date, she actually mentioned to me that afterwards she was going back to work, but then asked if I wanted to hang out again afterwards.

I wasn’t really vibing with her, and didn’t like the wishy-washy commitments she was giving me so decided to just end the date as planned.

Later that night, she again messaged me asking me if I wanted to grab a drink that night, only to change her mind several minutes later.

She tried again to arrange a movie date with me, but wasn’t sure about her schedule. I let her go after that.

Key Characteristics:

  • Usually very busy
  • Tries to make dates with you last moment
  • Looks flustered and all over the place
  • Usually an older career woman
  • Flakes a lot

Bonus: The Kpop Obsessed Girl

These are your highschool and university students that somehow stumbled upon Korean media somewhere down the grapevine.

They have a obsession with Kpop and Kdrama that one could even classify them as having a mental illness.

Due to their fascination with Korean culture, they are currently studying Korean and plan to visit Korea someday in the near future.

These girls almost always only date Korean guys exclusively. In their heads, they have concocted up this fantasy that they will someday meet Lee Byung Hun, they will have a rocky relationship as seen in a kdrama, before eventually settling down and getting married, living happily ever after.

Korean fans

Most girls that go through this phase eventually grow out of it and are left disappointed that Mr. Man-soo doesn’t look and act anything like those kdrama movie stars that they see.

Key Characteristics:

  • Usually fairly young (18-22)
  • Really into Korean culture
  • Loves Kpop and Kdrama’s and thinks all Korean men look like those celebrities
  • Almost always dates Korean guys exclusively until growing out of this phase
  • Sometimes can be found in Kpop dance groups
  • Studying Korean

Unless you want to go join a kpop dance crew with her and watch kdramas all day while eating Kim Chip and bibimbap all day, its not worth it. She will drive you mad and insane with her Korean culture infatuation.

In fact, don’t even bother with her at this point unless your Korean.

Best to wait till she grows out of this phase and then try your luck with her.


Possessing the ability to screen girls is a paramount skill that every guy should have under his belt.

This helps you avoid all the crazies, time wasters, and gold diggers that will bring chaos and havoc into your life.

Its better to be single and free rather then being stuck in a toxic and soul sucking relationship with the wrong person.

Finding love is already hard enough.

Why make things more difficult and complicated for you?

Let me know in the comments below what types of girls you have had bad experiences dating here in Vietnam.

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    May 31, 2021 at 12:39 am

    You nailed it here. only thing I would add is many of them can be a mixture of all of the above 😬

    • Reply
      Viet Kieu Dating
      May 31, 2021 at 2:40 pm

      Definitely, girls can fit more than 1 or even 2 categories 👍

  • Reply
    March 24, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    Thanks for writing in detail about this topic. I’ve dated a handful of unstable girls and time wasters here in the states… it’s always short lived and never worth the headache.
    I’m looking forward to dating in VN and I’m just 100% not going to deal w any bs.

    • Reply
      Viet Kieu Dating
      April 17, 2022 at 11:16 pm

      Your welcome Bob! Life’s too short to have to put up with an unstable chicks causing drama. For your mental health, you should avoid any chicks giving off red flags.

  • Reply
    Craig Batley
    May 13, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    Great advice. I wish i would have known earlier as i encountered the stage 5 clinger this year! Constantly texting and if i didn’t reply she would text “honey oi” about 20 times! I knew something was wrong when she said she loved me after 1 week!

    • Reply
      Viet Kieu Dating
      May 13, 2023 at 11:19 pm

      Saying she loves you after only 1 week is a huge red flag. I’d be careful with this one.

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