How to date in Vietnam during the coronavirus pandemic


In my last article, we talked about why trying to date in Vietnam during the middle of the Coronavirus is ill-advised.

Not only is the virus highly contagious, but new government regulations are being put into place such as social distancing and the closures of bars and clubs, which in turn makes things a whole lot more difficult when it comes to meeting women.

Having said that, if you are still trying to find love during a pandemic in Vietnam, all is not lost.

There are still several avenues at your disposal where you can still meet girls here in Vietnam and find love.

I’ll be going over several different ways on how to date in Vietnam during the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: I am assuming that you already are residing here in Vietnam, otherwise there’s no point unless you are just sticking with online dating.

Online Dating

date in vietnam during the coronavirus pandemic: online dating

During times like these where social distancing and isolation is enforced by countries all around the world, online dating will be your bread and butter when it comes to meeting girls here in Vietnam.

Online dating is socially acceptable as a means for meeting people, and right now is the safest way for people to connect with each other.

As most schools and companies are closed up and nightlife is pretty much non-existent at the moment, most people are bored outta there minds sitting at home doing nothing.

Most girls will turn to social media to keep themselves entertained, while those of them looking to date and meet men will start signing up for dating websites such as VietnamCupid.

If you deleted all of your dating apps a while back, now is the time to start reinstalling them back.

You may also want to freshen up your dating profile if it hasn’t been updated in a while now unless of course you have a killer profile that was scoring you dates left and right.

You’ll need to have the following things in tip-top shape if you’re looking to succeed in online dating:

  • Have excellent well-lit profile photos. Since this is online dating where your looks will be the biggest factor when it comes to getting replies back from females, you need to have great photos.
  • Have a great profile description. Forget about listing out your employment history and what you are looking for in a Vietnamese woman. This isn’t a job interview. Your job is to create a profile that stands out from the rest of the schmucks out there, not repel women.
  • Your text game. Since communication is mainly going to be through text when you initially start talking with women, you need to have your texting skills down pat. I cannot count the number of women that I have lost previously due to having bad text game.

Furthermore, it helps tremendously if you’re a good looking guy when it comes to online dating.

Whereas charisma and charm can get you quite far in real life and make up for shortfalls in the looks department, it doesn’t really work too well with online dating.

Your chances of initial success usually come down to your looks.

However, I do have some good news for you though.

Since you are here in Vietnam and don’t need to content with the issue of trying to arrive here in Vietnam during this ban on foreigners, nor having to leave the country because you can’t afford to renew your visa, the ratio of male to female should be much better than before, at least when it comes to competing against other foreign men.

Now, you will need to compete against a higher ratio of local men though since they too will have nothing to do around the house, but it won’t be nearly anywhere close to what it was before.

Virtual Dates

date in vietnam during the coronavirus pandemic: virtual date

Since most places are under lockdown, people have resorted to having virtual dates rather than physical dates.

A virtual date in my books is basically a video chat with someone, although people are getting more creative with it during these times such as using an app to watch movies together in real-time or playing video games together either using a game console or a virtual reality headset.

You can even plan out a dinner date with her, by either ordering her dinner or cooking dinner together through video chat.

Some people may even want to do a vlog type of virtual date with their dates, where they film their whole day to share with the girl.

Now I generally don’t recommend virtual dates, especially during the early stages of courtship, as you cannot develop a physical bond with the person due to the chemical oxytocin not being released through touch, and there’s no real physical intimacy when you talk with someone online.

That’s why a lot of long-distance relationships fizzle out, they lack physical intimacy.

But It’s also bad because until you’ve both become lovers, your chances of ending up in the friend-zone are much higher as time goes by.

If you spend months trying to pursue a girl through texting or video chatting with her but you haven’t yet slept with her, suddenly you get placed into the texting buddies category rather than the lover or boyfriend category.

However, under the current circumstances, you are generally left with no choice if your looking at practising social distancing.

So pick a platform ie. skype, facetune, etc, then plan out the date as if you were on a real date.

That means not looking like a backpacking hobo asking people for spare change to fund their travel.

Put on some decent clothes, look sharp, turn on some nice background soothing music, and hit things off with your date.

Social Circle

If there was ever a time where social circle game came in handy, that time would be now.

Unlike meeting a stranger off the street that is apprehensive about your intentions and whether or not your infected, in a social circle type of setting, especially if they already know you or someone can vouch for you, your chances of securing dates have drastically increased.

Girls would be much more willing to go out with you on a real date or to even come over to your place if they already know you through social circle.

If you listened to my advice previously where I mentioned to try and get to know the locals and become friends with them, now is the time where it pays dividends.

If on the other hand, you chose to just stick with other foreigners, as most foreigners tend to do when they come over to Vietnam and never bother to talk with locals, then tough luck.

A local could introduce a girl to you right this moment if they like you.

This article was originally published on Viet Kieu Dating and is the property of Viet Kieu Dating.

There is a girl that I know that recently just got engaged to some guy that was introduced to her about a month ago or so.

Now there’s a lot of things wrong with this picture and getting hitched immediately with someone that you barely know a thing about, but that’s a discussion for another day.

But, my point is that despite Vietnam being in the midst of the coronavirus, girls are much more willing to go out on dates with guys if they met them through social circle.

Now is the perfect time to start going through your contact list and contacting people to secure dates.

Day Game

empty street in Vietnam

When it comes to trying to meet people, most people generally stick with either social circle or online dating.

It’s not that common for guys to come right up to random girls and then try to hit on them here in Vietnam.

And no… catcalling doesn’t count.

What this means is that guys that can do this possess huge balls of steel and are extremely confident and dare I say attractive to females, at least when done in a none creepy manner.

The only problem with this strategy now is that most of the streets are empty.

Even though most Vietnamese women now have a tonne of time, most of it is spent indoors rather than outside, unless she has some essential errands that she must do.

You probably won’t be seeing too many people strolling around on Nguyen Hue street or a shopping mall at the moment, in fact, malls are closed for the time being here in Ho Chi Minh City.

There’s also the issue of social responsibility and whether or not you should even approach girls during this pandemic for fear of spreading or catching the virus.

However, if you still want to meet women outside during this time, your best bet would be at places that females would need to go to on a regular basis despite the risk of catching the virus.

Places such as supermarkets, small restaurants with small crowds, eateries, parks (if open), etc.

A lot of street stalls have now been given the boot to close up for the moment as well, but you may be able to find a few that are still opened despite warnings from the government.

If you do decide to go this route to meet women though, you’ll need to do your research first to avoid wasting your time.

Also, make sure to keep a safe distance from them and try to minimize body contact if possible.

One of the upsides though is if you do meet some girl out and about, she’ll have a lot more time to chat with you, and probably would welcome the conversation as she’s bored.

This wouldn’t have been possible previously with most people’s hectic schedules.

A final note about running day game here.

Make sure you are abiding by the local laws in Vietnam. If new rules suddenly pop up restricting socializing while out in public or keeping a safe distance from each other, you need to follow the law.


With the coronavirus at Vietnam’s doorsteps, it’s causing quite the havoc on people’s love life.

Going out to bars or clubs to meet single females is no longer an option, while even trying to find someone to socialize with during the day time can be tough as most people have opted to stay indoors.

However, this isn’t the end of the world, and you can still date during this period.

Some strategies for dating right now include:

  • Switching over to online dating to meet women
  • Going on virtual dates
  • Acquiring dates through social circle
  • Meeting women through day game

Utilizing any of these methods will allow you to continue meeting women during these hard times.

Now whether or not you feel a social and moral obligation to stick with social distancing is your call, I am just presenting you with numerous strategies that you can use if you do still decide to date around during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important to also consider the current laws in Vietnam and to make sure that you don’t break any of them.

If you needed some suggestions on how to date in Vietnam during the coronavirus, well now you’ve got it.

Just remember to stay safe out there!

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    Mikail Susir
    April 22, 2020 at 9:07 am

    They dont even like meeting when theres not a pandemic unless u talk to them for months straight. Corona made it 1million times worse.

    So u have a country of scared women from 18 to 45 afraid to leave their houses what a shithole. I was in Thailand too briefly and ordering girls on Timder was awesome super easy. Thats all that needs to b said

    • Reply
      April 23, 2020 at 3:38 am

      That hasn’t been my experience so far. On average it typically takes me anywhere from 1-3 days before I can get them out. A big mistake that I often see foreign guys make when texting girls is that they often try to invite the girl immediately right over to their place which is a huge NO NO and scares them off. This might work in countries like Thailand but not so much in Vietnam. With Vietnamese girls, it’s all about building comfort first before asking them out on a date.

      Also, social distancing rules are able to be relaxed in Vietnam, so getting girls out will be easier pretty soon.

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