Vietnamese vs Thai Women: Whose Better for Dating?


When you ask most guys where they would like to travel to in Southeast Asia (SEA), Thailand usually comes out on top.

The weather is nice, the cost of living is relatively cheap, but the biggest incentive over in Thailand for foreign men has always been dating the local Thai ladies.

However, in recent years, Vietnam has made a name for itself in the tourism industry. Rapid economic development, coupled with low cost of living and gorgeous Vietnamese girls, have started to get the country noticed in the eyes of foreign men.

But which country is better for dating and how do the girls from each country compare against one another?

In today’s article, we’re gonna have a deep dive into what dating a girl from each region is like.

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Looks and Attractiveness

Vietnamese vs Thai women: women in bath
Thai girls

Now this may come down to personal preferences but I found Vietnamese girls more suited towards being my type.

A lot of them have beautiful pale white skin, especially in the northern parts of Vietnam and as you know, having pale skin in Asia is highly sought after for females. Vietnamese girls also possess more of an East Asian type of look to them vs Thai girls, however, there are a number of Chinese Thais that also reside in Thailand, especially in the china town area in Bangkok. These Chinese Thais that are of mixed ancestry tend to exhibit more East Asian features.

This is not to say that Thai girls are all tan and dark-skinned. There are also a number of Thai girls with beautiful light skin in Thailand as well, especially in the northern regions in Thailand.

Vietnamese girl in pink dress
Vietnamese girl

However, on the whole, I found Vietnamese girls to have fairer skin.

In addition, I found Vietnamese girls to be a bit curvier than Thai women. Vietnamese girls despite being petite and small, have been blessed with good body proportions in all of the right places despite having a small stature and a healthy diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables.

Now when it comes to height, I would have to give it to Thai girls.

Thais looked slightly taller to me, which I would probably attribute to the recent economic developments in the country and having better access to more nutritious food and better healthcare compared to Vietnam.

When I was in Bangkok, I saw a tonne of super large supermarkets that would put a Canadian or American supermarket to shame.

I’m talking access to so much food that it makes you feel like a kid walking into a candy store. I could probably spend hours there, due to my love of food.

Vietnamese girls tend to be on the shorter end of the spectrum with the average height being somewhere between 5’1 and 5’2. This is unfortunate given their nice curvy figures and pretty faces, but I guess something has to give and in this case, it’s the height.


Vietnamese vs Thai women: Thai girl

Now when it comes to fashion, I would give the leg up to Thais. This may be due to Thailand being more developed and girls having higher purchasing power, as well as having access to a lot more international brands in Thailand vs their Vietnamese counterparts.

In fact, when I was in Bangkok, I saw so many shopping malls that trying to keep track of them all became difficult.

While I was there, Bangkok actually felt like a fashion hub, compared to Vietnam which is only now starting to get its bearings in the international arena.

So with all of these advantages Thai girls have, it’s not surprising to see them dressed much more elegantly and classy when compared to their Vietnamese sisters. When you compare Thais to Vietnamese girls, they tend to have a wider variety of outfits for every occasion.

Vietnamese vs Thai Women: Vietnamese girl

In Vietnam, a lot of girls tend to dress more casually and plain, especially for their everyday activities in the warmer regions like Ho Chi Minh City or the Mekong Delta.

Think lots of really tight jean shorts, and skirts, coupled with either t-shirts or summer dresses.

Again, this comes down to personal preference, but for me, there’s nothing like seeing a girl that really has her fashion down, which the Thais seem to be doing a better job of.


Pad Thai

Both countries have very healthy and hearty cuisines.

Both countries incorporate a combination of protein, carbs, and lots of herbs into their foods.

Thailand however, tends to have a slightly richer diet due to the heavy usage of coconut in their foods such as the various curries, soups, and desserts. In addition, due to the numerous foreign investments pouring into the country and the various foreigners residing there, Thais have much greater access to North American fast food chains and various Western cuisines.

What this means is that women are getting bigger and their waistlines are expanding.

When I was in Bangkok, I did see several overweight Thai women walking around the city, despite the abundance of slim cute Thai girls that were everywhere.

I contrast this with Vietnam, where finding an overweight girl is a rare sight. You will probably need to travel for several blocks before even finding one here in Vietnam.

And obese Vietnamese girls are pretty much non-existent over here. In fact, the only obese girls I saw were foreigners.

Mi Quang

Vietnamese cuisine relies more on broth and carbs. You will tend to see a lot of rice noodles, rice paper, or just plain rice being used in a lot of their dishes. Tonnes of vegetables and herbs are added into most of their dishes such as the shrimp and pork spring rolls, and their various noodle soups. Everything is harmonious and balanced in their dishes, without too much of one specific ingredient.

And because access to Western food is not that common at all, and also quite expensive, this has really helped the cute Vietnamese girls remain slim and pretty.

Thank god for that. Let’s hope most of that high-calorie artificial unhealthy crap from fast food chains stays the hell out of the country.


Vietnamese girls wearing ao dai

Vietnamese girls are very very friendly. Often times I would receive smiles from girls while out and about. Even when I’m filming videos I would often have Vietnamese girls waving at me or gesturing at me.

They all seem to have this happy-go-lucky attitude towards them, especially in the south where the hot humid temperature keeps everyone smiling. You get this sort of warmth and welcoming attitude when dealing with Vietnamese girls.

Thais on the other hand, while polite and friendly, I found did not exhibit the same sense of warmth that I received with Vietnamese girls on average, at least not initially. It took a little more work to warm the girls up.

This I suspect may have come down to a combination of them being shy, and also a bit guarded due to the countless thirsty foreign men that have been ravaging the country for decades now, hitting on any female in sight. Just go do a quick search on youtube and you will find at least a dozen or more videos of some bonehead hitting on girls with lame pickup lines, which would make them wary of any future interactions with strangers.

However, once you are able to plow through this shyness and guarded outer exterior, you will be welcomed with a warm interior similar to that of a Vietnamese girl.

But dating a Vietnamese girl isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. If there is one con of dating them, it would be the extreme level of neediness and clinginess.

Vietnamese girls are known for being extremely clingy and needy.

Just to give you an example:

My Vietnamese girlfriend won’t let me go even after having spent an hour on the phone with her even though we just spoke yesterday night.

There’s a constant need for attention and validation once you’re in a relationship with one.

While it’s great that they are willing to invest all of their time and energy into the relationship, they expect the same no less from you.

But being clingy isn’t just a trait exclusive to Vietnamese girls, Thai girls can also become quite clingy as well. I believe this is just a normal trait of girls in Southeast Asia and quite possibly the Asian region. For someone coming from a Western country, this can feel like they are smothering you, while to them, it’s their way of showing you they care about you.

I also found jealousy to be a big issue with both Vietnamese and Thai girls. Both can be highly jealous and oftentimes will make you feel like you’re being cross-examined.

Asking to see your phone is not uncommon, along with them video calling you at random times to check up on you if they even have a hint of suspicion that you are cheating.

It also doesn’t help that cheating is quite rampant in both countries. It’s extremely tempting and easy to cheat there when you have many beautiful girls everywhere.

These girls definitely know about this, which is why they are so guarded and always try to keep tabs on you once they are in a relationship with you.

Now when it comes to actually conversing with Vietnamese and Thais, I found my conversations to be much more mentally and intellectually stimulating when talking with Vietnamese girls vs Thai girls.

Vietnamese girls are a lot more curious about the outside world, and oftentimes will initiate conversations with you by asking where are you from.

Thai girl smiling

Thai girls on the other hand seemed to be much more interested in talking about Thai culture or Thai food. The conversations seemed a little more simplistic, but this could have been due to the language barrier.

One final note I should mention about girls from both countries is that they both are extremely nurturing and sweet.

Things like cooking, cleaning, and helping you out around the house is seen as an everyday obligation for these girls due to strong traditional gender roles. These girls once they are devoted to you, really know how to take good care of you.

With everything taken into consideration, I would say that Vietnamese girls just edges out Thai girls when it comes to personality. While both do understand slapstick humor and are friendly and warm, I found Vietnamese girls just to be a tad more welcoming, and nurturing compared to Thai girls.


Vietnamese vs Thai Women: girl in garden

Both Vietnamese and Thai girls really know how to take good care of themselves and act like a lady.

They aren’t loud and brass like some women that you would otherwise meet in a Western country.

Maintaining good mannerisms is of utmost importance for both types of girls so as to not lose face.

Unlike in the West, where a lot of women are shunning femininity, girls in SEA embrace it with pride.

Rest assured that if you ever have a date with a girl from either one of these countries, that they will be dressed up to the nines. These include picking out a nice dress, wearing makeup, putting on heels, wearing perfume, the whole package!

None of that crap like hoodies, sweat pants, baggy shoes, and old dirty sneakers exists in their wardrobes.

Thai girl holding umbrella

In addition, both girls from either SEA country knows how to take proper care of their bodies. They put limits on how much food they put into their bodies, unlike some other women that have no self-control and discipline.

Girls from both countries also regularly partake in working out either at the gym or at the local park.

Just wake up really early in the morning, and watch all of the cute girls jogging outside in the parks and you’ll get a good idea of how much effort they put into their appearances.

In addition, when you’re out with them, they will let you lead on dates and be a man.

When it comes to femininity, you can’t go wrong with girls from either country.


Thai women looking at camera

From my experience, I found that Thai girls tended to be more laid back and less ambitious compared to their Vietnamese counterparts.

Every time when you go talk with a Vietnamese girl you will hear her talk about starting this business or that business.

Why do you think most of the nail salons that you see around the world are owned and run by Vietnamese people?

While you do see some Thai girls being ambitious, usually the more well-off and educated ones, nearly every single Vietnamese girl that you encounter will have a entrepreneurial spirit at heart.

I have several Vietnamese friends and nearly every single one of them have attempted side hustles such as selling dried fruit or coffee online, selling perfume or clothing on Facebook.

I cannot say the same with all the Thai girls that I met.

Thai girls on the other hand are great for chilling out and relaxing with. They love to go shopping at the numerous malls in the country and eating Thai food. Also drinking at the various bars scattered around the city is a pastime for many Thais.

Vietnamese girls on the other hand, seldom visit bars as it is looked down upon in their culture. The more liberal ones you will see down on bui vien street having a beer with her friends or visiting one of the many beer gardens in the city, while the conservative ones will be enjoying a coffee, milk tea, or smoothie out on the streets with her friends.

When they aren’t outside, Vietnamese girls are at home cleaning or cooking up a storm.

This category comes down to personal preference, but in my opinion I prefer the ambitious yet conservative nature of the Vietnamese girls.


Thai girl wearing white

If you thought that you would just show up here in Vietnam as a foreigner and tear the place up with your “exoticness” without actually having to put in any work and that the girls would be handed to you on a silver platter, you got another thing coming.

Due to the ultra-conservative nature of Vietnamese girls, don’t expect easy hookups here in Vietnam.

You’re going to need to be a bit more patient and put some work into the relationship before she’s willing to sleep with you. Casual flings are not common here. A lot of girls date with the intention of getting married.

Thai girls on the other hand, exhibit a much more liberal attitude towards dating. This is why oftentimes you see a lot of foreign men that were very successful in bedding a lot of women in Thailand then come over to Vietnam and strike out. They would then go online and whine and complain about it like a spoiled child crying out to his mommy.

baby crying

They expected things to be just as easy in Thailand and used the same game plan.

Little did they know, getting girls requires a different set of skills over in Vietnam, along with more persistence and patience.

If you’re interested in going on a hook-up marathon session then Vietnam is not the place for you. But on the other hand, if you want a nice conservative girl as a girlfriend who you could potentially marry one day and be the future mother of your children then Vietnam is the perfect place for that.

Now if you’re just looking for some short-term flings and casual relationships, Thailand may be a better bet due to the more liberal view towards hooking up, especially in a city like Bangkok.

This is not to say that you can’t also find some real gems there to make your girlfriends. There are a lot of beautiful Thai girls that would make excellent girlfriends over in Thailand as well, especially outside of the big cities where girls exhibit a more conservative view towards relationships. It’s just that the percentage leans more towards Vietnam than Thailand when it comes to conservatism.

English Levels

In my experience, both countries have low English penetration levels.

However, I would say Vietnamese girls has slightly lower English levels than Thais.

Due to the more widespread exposure to foreigners and Western values for quite a long time, along with all of the foreign capital and developments flowing into the country, Thai girls have taken more of an interest towards learning English.

While in Vietnam, the focus has shifted towards learning some other Asian languages instead such as Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese due to foreign investment mainly coming from these countries.

While English is still a sought-after language to learn, some Vietnamese girls if given a choice would rather study something like Korean or Mandarin rather than English as these languages also offer them plenty of opportunities to work at these multinational companies that have set up shop here as well as abroad in other Asian countries.

But you shouldn’t just rely on English when travelling to another country, especially if you intend on staying there for an extended period of time.

Sex Appeal

Vietnamese girl in pretty dress

Despite Vietnamese girls conservative nature, Vietnamese girls have this on lock down.

On the classier end of the spectrum, you got loads of beautiful Vietnamese girls sporting those Aó dài traditional Vietnamese dresses that reveal everything yet reveal nothing.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you got your everyday Vietnamese girl wearing those extremely tight short jeans that hug the curvature of their butts.

Seeing a girl outside wearing those jeans coupled with a tank top or summer dress will have most guys mesmerized and unable to function for the rest of the day.

That clothing combination is deadly for any guy within a 5 mile radius!

Then when you add in those nice curves to the body of a Vietnamese, OMG, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven.

Unless you’re dealing with a Thai bar girl, most thai girls don’t show nearly as much skin as Vietnamese, especially in urban areas like Bangkok. Over there, you will see a more classier fashion sense from the local women. Furthermore, Thai girls aren’t quite as curvy as Vietnamese girls either.


Vietnamese girls have always had a reputation for being one of the most if not the most beautiful in all of SEA, and when comparing them to Thai girls, this seemed to be the case, at least for me personally.

Vietnamese girls are smart, beautiful, friendly, feminine, and ambitious while dripping with sex appeal yet still remaining conservative.

However, Thai girls also have their unique charm to them.

At the end of the day though, you really can’t go wrong dating girls from either country.

Let me know in the comments below which type of girls you prefer in SEA?

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    November 6, 2019 at 1:24 am

    Who’s better in bed though?

    • Reply
      November 6, 2019 at 7:52 am

      It depends on the girl.

  • Reply
    November 24, 2019 at 10:44 am

    I dont see the advantage of vietnamese girl regarding personality. Thai girls are less pushy, less direct, less rude. They are more relaxed and I think its based on Buddhism. If you are into Buddhism Thai Girl win by far.

    • Reply
      November 24, 2019 at 12:39 pm

      How are Vietnamese girls rude? They are one of the nicest girls in all of SEA. I’d disagree that Thai girls are more relaxed then Vietnamese girls. Just go take a trip down to southwestern Vietnam and see how relaxed the girls are there. Even the city girls are quite relaxed. Also the predominant religion in Vietnam is Buddhism as well.

  • Reply
    December 19, 2019 at 11:52 pm

    This article is spot on hahaha!

    Personally the best sex I’ve ever had was with Thai girls. But Vietnamese girls are way sexier/cuter on average and seem to be everywhere unlike in Thailand where honestly, hot thai girls are rather hard to find..(you’ll find hot ladyboys first before you find hot thai females).

    And 100% agree that Vietnamese girl are way friendlier. Actually found Vietnamese people in general to be way friendlier than Thai’s. It’s too bad Vietnamese aren’t into nightlife like Thai’s/Japanese/Koreans.

    • Reply
      December 22, 2019 at 1:24 pm

      Vietnamese people are extremely friendly, especially in the warmer parts of Vietnam. The party scene isn’t quite as good in Vietnam as in Thailand. There’s not enough clubs/bars plus its all table service here.

  • Reply
    Niklas Ludviksen
    November 26, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Farangs have ragaged and almost destroyd thai culture, regularitet thai girls are sweet and loyal , if u have a thai or a vietnamese wife, learn the language and culture and respect IT, i think thais are more open then viet girls because IT is still a bit taboo to date a western man. Do the homeworl an reaseartch culture😊

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