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Best Cities in Vietnam for Meeting Vietnamese Girls


Vietnam is world renowned for their delectable cuisine, pristine coastlines, and of course the beauty of their women.

But trying to decide which city to live in can be tough. With a population of 90+ million people and growing, and Vietnam on course for continued rapid economic development, many cities are becoming a shadow of its former self.

As a foreigner touching down on Vietnam, its hard not to feel like a kid in a candy store with so many options on where to stay in Vietnam.

On today’s article, I’m going to be listing out the best cities in Vietnam for meeting Vietnamese girls.

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon

The former capital of Vietnam is a giant behemoth of a city boasting a population of over 13 + million people and continuing to grow.

It’s known as the financial hub of Vietnam and is a major port of foreign investment. In fact, in the last few decades, money has been pouring into the city mainly from Japan and Korea.

What this means is that out of all the cities in Vietnam, you can expect to find the highest concentration of hot Vietnamese girls here and more will continue to pour into the city, seeking better opportunities.

In addition to this, Ho Chi Minh City is the most foreigner-friendly city out of all the cities in Vietnam due to the previous French and American presence here.

If these aren’t enough reasons to come here, then know this, due to the hot climate and humidity, expect to see a lot of girls in tight jean shorts and cropped off tops as their fashion staples.

It will be hard not to pay attention to your surroundings when out and about.

Saigon best cities in Vietnam to meet Vietnamese girls
Ho Chi Minh City

Cost of Living

Despite the city being the most expensive city in all of Vietnam, the cost of living for a foreigner is relatively cheap.

Even cheaper than Thailand!

With a budget of $1000 USD a month, I am able to maintain a reasonable middle-class lifestyle here that includes eating out every day, taking girls out to mid-range and once in a while high-end restaurants, getting a gym membership, and renting a modestly sized studio apartment in one of the most expensive districts in the city.

If you know where to go for food and groceries, you can have even more significant savings.

For example, a beer at a skybar may run you upwards of 200k vnd whereas if you bought the same drink at a chain grocery store such as Coop Mart, you’d be only paying around 13-18k vnd. A huge difference!

Your biggest expense by far will be accommodations here. A typical room at a hotel will run you between $20-30 USD a night for a 2 or maybe 3-star hotel.

If you’re staying here longer then you can rent a room at a house for around $250-300 USD or a studio apartment. If your looking to splurge a bit more then you can nab yourself a nice luxury 1 bedroom apartment for around $700-800 USD.

You also won’t believe how incredibly cheap it is to go out on dates with Vietnamese girls here in the city. To find out more about the exact costs of a typical date in the city, click here.

Vietnamese food

Quality of Life

Although Ho Chi Minh City cannot be compared to the likes of Bangkok nor Singapore, it still has plenty to offer.

Want to hang out with smelly elephant pants wearing western hippies that are drunk and high up to the nines? Then head over to Bui Vien street.

Want to go for some Korean kimchi and hear the words “Annyeong Haseyo” ushered out loudly every 2 minutes while being surrounded by snobby Koreans? Then head over to Phu My Hung.

Looking to relax and escape the afternoon heat? Go inside one of the thousands of air-conditioned cafes here in the city.

New shopping malls are springing up every year, and a new subway line is on course for opening next year which will greatly help alleviate the atrocious traffic congestion here in the city.

Everywhere you go, delicious food is readily available for cheap prices. Hotels can be had for cheap as well, usually in the range of $20-25 USD a night.

Life in the city is quite hectic and busy, but if you’re used to living in big loud cities then you’ll quickly acclimate here.

There is an expat scene here in the city, mainly focused in the areas of district 2 or district 7. However, I don’t recommend that you just limit yourself to those areas and live in a bubble.

A lot of those so-called “expats” that live in those areas are nothing more than bitter angry hacks that couldn’t make it in their own countries and now spend their days bitching about Vietnam and getting drunk in their free time. Just go join any facebook expat group in Ho Chi Minh City to see what I mean.

To further deter you from staying away from those areas, food prices tend to be a lot higher in those districts too. A banh mi sandwich that you could buy for around 15k in a local district will cost upwards of 30k vnd in those neighborhoods.

Air pollution is a big problem here though and you will often find the locals donning masks to protect their precious lungs from the havoc of smog. But overall Ho Chi Minh City is a very livable city in South East Asia.

The city offers immense opportunities to meet girls. Large shopping malls, plaza’s, restaurants, online, bars, and clubs, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Women on motorbike
Need to protect my lungs

Saigonese Girls

Now for the good stuff.

The girls here in Ho Chi Minh City possess a sweet and warm persona which contrasts their sisters up in the north. Your typical girl here will be carefree and easygoing and live for the moment as evident by their spending habits.

Most of the girls you will encounter here are quite friendly and well mannered. If there is one place in Vietnam where the most Vietnamese girls are open to having relationships with foreigners, it would be here.

Due to westernization reeling its ugly head into Ho Chi Minh City, your chances of hooking up quickly with a girl are much higher here than anywhere else in the country.

But on average, expect to take a girl out between 3-5 times before she gives up the goods.

Sexy Vietnamese girl

You’ll most likely receive a lot of smiles and eye contact from the local ladies here unless you look like Shrek.

When you do approach them, they will be quite friendly and receptive towards your approach as long as you don’t act like a creep.

I had a friend one time tell me that while she was out on an evening at Bui Vien street with her friend, her friend became the victim of an unsuspecting foreigner groping her. Don’t be one of those foreigner idiots here.

In my opinion, I found the girl’s fashion sense here a lot better than other parts of Vietnam. Expect to see a lot of skin!

Vietnamese girl in bra


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is situated in Northern Vietnam. Unlike the blistering hot heat in the south, the north experiences 4 seasons from spring to winter.

In wintertime, expect temperatures to drop down to close to single digits. If you’re from countries that experience cold harsh winters like Canada or Russia, then winters in Hanoi will feel like a Tuesday. But for the rest of you guys, prepare to freeze your ass off.

Central heating is none existent in the capital and buildings are often poorly insulated.

Like it’s cousin in the south, the city is jam-packed full of residents, making it the second largest in Vietnam with a population of close to 8 million people. This means plenty of beautiful Vietnamese girls to go around.

Although not as vibrant as Ho Chi Minh City, the city possesses its own unique appeal with a mixture of Chinese and French influence. A perfect example of this is the french quarter.

hanoi best cities for meeting vietnamese girls

Cost of Living

Expect similar pricing across the board except housing. Housing is cheaper in Hanoi compared to Ho Chi Minh City. Food is slightly more expensive and probably a little higher if you’re a foreigner.

Ever hear the term “foreigner tax”?

With a budget of around $1000 USD, you can enjoy a nice middle class lifestyle of eating out every day or cooking nutritious food at home in a shared house or studio apartment.

To get around the city, you can rent a motorbike for around $50 USD a month or just use grab.

Fruit stall

Quality of Life

There’s plenty of cafes and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds and there’s even a large selection of western food available.

Head down to Hoan Kiem district and marvel at the ever-important central hub in the city.

There’s a beautiful lake that is frequented by lots of young cute Vietnamese girls going for a stroll or snapping selfies to post on Instagram and Facebook.

Like Bui Vien street in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi also has their own backpacker area on Ma May street and Bia Hoi.

Similar to Saigon, expect traffic to be bad, really bad!

However, Hanoi is in the midst of opening their first ever metro line and are in the final phases of testing it out before making it public.

Future travel should be a lot easier once the metro opens.

Air pollution here is just as bad as Ho Chi Minh City if not worse. Nearly every single local you see around will be donning a face mask to prevent the pollutants from filling up their nostrils.

The ESL English teaching scene is a lot bigger here then in the south so if you’re looking to become an ESL “English” teacher and make a huge difference in a child’s life by dancing around like a court jester then come on down. You’ll feel right at home.

Scamming is more rampant here and locals aren’t as friendly to foreigners compared to the south. Hell, even southerners get scammed up here!

hoan kiem lake best cities in Vietnam to meet Vietnamese girls
Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoian Girls

The girls in the north tend not to be quite as warm as the girls in the south. Whereas girls in Saigon are all smiley and giggling upon meeting you, expect to have to defrost the girls in Hanoi first before enjoying the fruits of your labor.

With that being said however, the girls in the north have paler skin and are taller than their southern counterparts on average. Expect the girls to sport a similar look more in line with the Chinese in Hanoi.

Many people claim that the girls in the north look better than the ones in the south. For me, I find both groups of girls equally as attractive and have their own unique charm to them.

The girls in the north tend to be quite well educated but a bit frugal when it comes to spending. In addition, expect the girls to be much more conservative and conforming to tradition than the girls from Ho Chi Minh City.

To learn more about the local Vietnamese dating culture, click here to read this article that I wrote.

Vietnamese girl in blue dress

Da Nang

Da nang is the 6th largest city in Vietnam and is situated along the coast in central Vietnam. If you’re into spear fishing or just relaxing on the beach then Da Nang may be your cup of tea.

The coastline city boasts a population of over 1 million residents and is close to several other cities nearby such as Hoi an and Hue. If you ever get bored with the city then just hop on a bus and in a short while you’re in a brand new spanking city.

The city experiences a much milder climate as it is near the sea. Expect a lot of rainfall while living here though. If you hate the heat and you hate the cold, then Da Nang may be the perfect compromise between the too.

I remember the first time I arrived in Da Nang from the airport. I was immediately smitten with the mild temperature. Coming from what felt like a hot oven in Ho Chi Minh City, it was a huge relief for me.

Da nang
best cities in Vietnam to meet Vietnamese girls
Da Nang at night

Cost of Living

Living in Ho Chi Minh City is already dirt cheap, but Da Nang takes it to another level. You can get a nice spacious studio by the ocean for $400 USD or less. Hell, you can even rent an entire house in a central location for around $500 USD.

Expect food costs to be even less than in Ho Chi Minh City. Banh mi sandwiches being sold on the beach can be had for around 8k vnd (about 40 cents US)

A bus ride from Da Nang to Hoi An only costs 25k vnd (about 1 USD )!

Quality of Life

The city is quite clean compared to the likes of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Due to the much lower population, expect a much quieter and slower pace of life here.

The air is also much better here. There’s no need for those pesky face masks anymore.

Crossing the street here no longer feels like your gambling with your life. There are barely any cars on an afternoon in Da Nang.

The city is also home to the longest bridge in Vietnam, the dragon bridge. In the evenings, expect a spectacular display of lights and fire shooting out of the dragon’s mouth.

Dragon bridge in Da Nang

In addition, Da Nang is famous for it’s delicious food such as Mì quảng (yellow thick noodles), Bánh bèo (steamed rice cakes), and Bánh xèo (Vietnamese pancakes).

Bánh Bèo
Bánh Bèo

There isn’t much of an expat scene here, at least when compared to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. This means that you will get to enjoy a huge boost to your exotic value.

A lot of the girls here in Da Nang may have never even come into contact with a foreigner before, especially one from outside of Asia.

If you journey outside of the city center, there are several famous attractions such as the Ba Na Hills and Marble mountain.

A 50 minute car ride lands you in Hoi An. The ancient old town in Vietnam that is bursting with life and things to do. In the evening, the whole town is lit up by lanterns hanging up from buildings. You can get tailor made shirts and pants for dirt cheap in Hoi An.

Hoi an
Hoi An


The Vietnamese girls here at this coastal city are more conservative then the ones you will find in Saigon. You can expect to go on a few dates before being allowed to seal the deal.

In terms of looks, expect more of an east Asian look similar to northern girls. You will not be disappointed in the level of attractiveness from the local girls. They can be just as pretty as the girls from the north and south.

Also since Da Nang is known as a tourist destination for locals, expect a lot of local tourists from other cities such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. I also saw some mainland Chinese and Korean tourists there as well.

Group of Vietnamese girls


Well there you have it, 3 of the best cities in Vietnam for meeting Vietnamese girls. It’s hard to go wrong with either one of these cities.

If you enjoy the bustling city life and the large variety of girls that are concentrated there, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi will be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed and laid-back vibe, Da Nang would be the perfect solution with its beautiful beaches and mild temperature.

You will undoubtedly find that in addition to the stunning Vietnamese girls that reside in each one of these cities, the cities themselves also have a lot to offer.

I am sure in due time, you too will fall in love with these cities just as I have.

Comment below and let me know which cities are your preferred choices for meeting Vietnamese girls.

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