the best websites to meet mature Vietnamese singles in Vietnam

Past a certain age and most guys simply give up on dating altogether due to difficulties finding a suitable partner.

While most men that arrive here in Vietnam tend to want to look for a much younger partner, there are some individuals out there that prefer to find someone closer to their age.

I sometimes receive emails from my readers asking me “what are the best websites to meet mature Vietnamese singles in Vietnam?”.

Here’s an email request I received from a fellow reader about a month back or so regarding this very issue.

I am 62 and getting ready to retire. I visited Vietnam last summer to do travel by motorcycle. I loved the country so much that I have decided to head back in May or June. I am committing a year to see how much more I can see and if I like it which I am sure I will, I will apply for another visa and plan to live there rather than her in the US.

I am not interested in dating women that are younger than my own kids so Where can I go to meet older women closer to my age that are financially secure, who may be looking for a man to travel with as well as a possible future companion and who would be interested in getting to know an american foreigner.

I personally believe Vietnamese women are the most beautiful women of SEA.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Bob (name changed for privacy reasons)

Whether you’ve been single your whole life, had your partner pass away or you got desecrated in the divorce courts in a previous marriage, there is never a perfect time to get back into the dating game.

If you still yearn to fill that empty void in your life then you’re in luck as Vietnam has more than their fair share of single mature females that are dying to meet a man that wouldn’t mind their age.

If you’re new to online dating here in Vietnam then this is the perfect guide for you. I’ve scoured through the net looking for the best websites for meeting older Vietnamese women here in Vietnam.

After testing out nearly a dozen different websites. each with unique offerings, I arrived at the following list.

Below you will find the best websites to meet mature Vietnamese singles in Vietnam for older men.

Benefits of Dating Someone Close to Your Age

Same Life Experiences

When your dating someone with the same life experiences as you, you tend to have an easier time connecting with them as you both will have had experienced the same things in life.

The both of you would most likely have gone through life experiences such as the following: a divorce from a previously failed marriage, the death of a spouse or loved one, raising children, other previously failed relationships, and learning how to balance work with family.

Now If on the other hand, you were dating someone much younger then you, say with a 20+ year age gap, then you guys would not be on the same wavelength and connecting with each other would be that much more difficult.

Also if you are looking for someone to be a mother figure for any of your children, an older Vietnamese lady would be much more qualified and up to the task compared to a 20 year old girl.

Furthermore, due to having the same life experiences, your partner would be much more understanding of where you are coming from in all of your day to day activities and decisions.

More Mature

There’s no doubt that the older you are, the more mature you become.

Being an older individual, naturally, your energy levels cannot match that of a younger person.

A more mature individual handles things a lot differently than someone much younger with fewer life experiences.

This clashing of different opinions and behaviour can cause rifts in a relationship and even break it apart.

You may find your partner too childish and immature for your tastes while they may find you too old fashioned and rigid in your ways.

Perhaps you’re more focused on your career or settling down while they might just want to experience life and have fun for a while.

Getting along with someone that doesn’t match your maturity levels could be a challenge for some folks and that’s why it may be a better idea to go with someone more mature and older.

More Relationship Oriented

Most women that are older tend to be more practical when it comes to relationships.

They’ve either missed their biological clock or are at the end stages of it, therefore don’t want to waste any more time just dating around.

They know there is no prince charming waiting around the block for them vs a younger girl that wants to date around and see what she can snag in the dating market.

This means a lot less flaky behaviour and games compared to a younger woman who will ditch a date if a better opportunity comes along.

The older she is, the more willing she is to settle down with a guy.

Shared Interests and Hobbies

Its no surprise that the closer your age is to your partner, the more interests and hobbies you two will typically have.

A 20 year old girl will probably not appreciate the same things that you enjoy such as music, movies, etc, whereas someone closer to your age would be better able to relate to these hobbies because they grew up around the same time as yourself.

This means that you two can actually enjoy these activities together instead of each individual partaking in their own hobbies. This will allow both of you to enjoy a closer bond together.

This article was originally published on Vietkieudating and is the property of Viet Kieu Dating.

So with all of these benefits being said, let’s dive right into each dating website for meeting older Vietnamese females.

1. My Top Pick: VietnamCupid

VietnamCupid home screen

When it comes to meeting relationship-oriented Vietnamese women, VietnamCupid is the gold standard.

Out of all the websites that I tested, I found Vietnamcupid to have the largest membership base of older females. I’m talking 35+ years old.

Doing a simple search using the criteria of females aged between 35-60 that lived in Ho Chi Minh City, I was able to find over 1000 profiles of females that fit this criteria.

That’s insane!

You won’t find this many older Vietnamese females on any other Vietnamese dating platform out there.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the females that use VietnamCupid have developed a reputation for seeking serious relationships on this dating platform unlike some of the other ones out there.

That means a lot less games and a lot less headaches from dealing with dating BS.

There’s nothing worse then spending all this time and energy on a chick only to have her flake on you or continue stringing you along for attention.

The women on Vietnamcupid are serious about dating and settling down.

And here’s another huge reason why VietnamCupid is my top choice.

The talent is just out of this world!

I found the female members to be top-notch compared to other dating apps out there.

There are lots of females in their mid-40s to 50s that are still extremely attractive and could pass themselves off as someone in their late 30’s, as they keep themselves in impeccable shape.

You won’t find talent like this anywhere else.

VietnamCupid is also among one of the more trustworthy dating companies out there and go to great lengths to screen out scammers to protect their members.

The only downside to them is that you need to purchase a membership in order to communicate with its members.

However, they use an unlimited communication system for a fixed monthly price rather than credits which can easily be abused by some shady company.

The advantages of this are that you don’t need to spend money every time you want to read, send, or watch any videos from another member.

You just pay one fixed amount every month and you can communicate with as many females as you would like.

There are also steep discounts if you signup for longer periods as well (up to 67% off).

meet mature Vietnamese singles: vietnamcupid gold membership
meet mature Vietnamese singles: vietnamcupid platinum membership

They offer two different paid memberships: a gold and a platinum membership.

Here are the differences between the two:

vietnamcupid types of memberships

Basically, the main benefits with a platinum membership are that you get preferential ranking and also advertised at the top of searches compared to other members. You also get extra search features as well in addition to the ability to translate messages.

If you want to stand out from all the other guys, it may be a good choice to spend a little extra on the platinum membership as its only costs a few extra dollars more.

You can, however, signup for a free membership to browse around, and if you like what you see, then you can decide whether or not to purchase a membership.



To read my full review of VietnamCupid click here.

2. AsianDating

Asiandating home screen

Asiandating is another dating website from the same parent company as VietnamCupid that specializes in connecting foreign men interested in dating Asian women.

Unlike VietnamCupid which almost exclusively caters to men interested in meeting Vietnamese women, Asiandating offers men the ability to connect with a wide range of Asian females from all ethnicities including Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Cambodia, Korean, etc.

Compared to VietnamCupid, however, I found the quality of females to be slightly lower.

Doing a quick search on Asiandating with the following parameters:

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Age Range: 35-60 years old

Search displayed over 1000+ members from Vietnam. Therefore from this data, we conclude that there is a sizable amount of Vietnamese members that use Asiandating.

But I was also able to find quite a large amount of females from other Southeast Asian (SEA) countries as well including the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos.

In addition, I was able to find a good amount of East Asian females from countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia.

There’s something for everyone on Asiandating.

Since Asiandating comes from the same parent company, you can expect the user interface to be a mirror copy of VietnamCupid, which means that it’s very easy to use.

Most of the females on there are serious about dating and are relationship-oriented so finding someone to settle down with shouldn’t be too difficult.

This article was originally published on Vietkieudating and is the property of Vietkieudating.

The membership fees also cost the exact same as VietnamCupid membership and come in two types: platinum and gold.

meet mature Vietnamese singles: Asiandating platinum membership
meet mature Vietnamese singles: Asiandating gold membership

Memberships start at only $10 USD a month if you signup for a year.

You can also signup for a free standard membership to just browse around as well and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Asiandating membeship types



To read my full Asiandating review click here.

3. Asian Women Planet

Asian women planet homepage

Asian Women Planet is another dating website that focuses on connecting foreign men interested in dating Asian women.

The site has been around for a while now but isn’t quite as popular as some of the other dating platforms.

This may be a good thing though as it will mean less competition on there.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of female members that the site has from Vietnam.

Using the same search parameters as before, I was able to locate a few hundred members using the site that are located in Vietnam.

While Asian Women Planet doesn’t have nearly as many members compared to other more well-known websites such as VietnamCupid, there is still plenty of females to be found on the site.

Another benefit of Asian Women Planet is that in addition to being able to talk with Vietnamese women, you can communicate with females from other Asian countries as well.

I was able to locate over 2000+ females in the age range between 35-60.

There are basically female members from every Asian country on there especially from SEA countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, etc.

I did also notice a sizable amount of females from the Philippines so if you’re into Filipino women, this may be another good avenue to meet them.

Now let’s talk about quality.

meet mature Vietnamese singles: asian women planet member pic 1
meet mature Vietnamese singles: asian women planet member pic 2

From what I saw on there, I found the quality to be quite decent in this age bracket.

There were more than plenty of slim and beautiful Vietnamese women on the site.

It’s definitely a heck of a lot better then what you could expect to get back at home, I’ll tell you that!

The user interface is similar to what you would see on VietnamCupid.

There’s a home screen with recommended matches and a quick overview of your profile.

You can edit and upload photos to your profile and also browse for members as well.

Other features include being able to bookmark members, sending interests, and seeing who has viewed or sent you interests and messages.

There are two membership levels: Basic and Premium.

The basic membership is free and allows you to create a profile and to browse around the website, however you won’t be able to communicate with any members here unless you pay for a premium membership.

Here are all of the differences between the two membership levels.

Asian women planet membership types

The membership fees are about average and what you can expect in the online dating industry.

The fees start as low as $10.41 per month ($124.95 annually) if you pay for a one-year membership.

Asian women planet membership plans

I would recommend that you create a free account first and then browse around and see if you like the site or not and then grab a paid membership if you see some girls that you would like to communicate with.



Criteria Used

Talent and Quality of Dating Prospects

This is pretty self-explanatory.

These websites were handpicked for having some of the highest quality in the older age bracket.

This ensures that you can expect to see top-notch quality when you signup to be a member of any one of these websites.


In this article, I only included websites that were geared more towards relationship-oriented members.

This meant other popular websites such as Tinder that have more of a casual hook-up culture were excluded.

On any of these websites listed here, you can expect to find more than enough females that are serious about dating and won’t waste your time with BS unlike the more casual dating apps where flaking is rampant or females ghosts you after 1-2 messages.

Ease of Use

Let’s face it, the more complicated and difficult a website is to use, the less likely you are to want to use it.

Luckily, all of the websites evaluated here use simple interfaces that even a high school drop out could figure out how to use.

Large Membership Base

No matter how great a website is, it won’t be of any use if it barely has any members on it.

On some of the younger dating apps out there such as Okcupid, there’s barely a soul in this older age bracket, which renders the app completely useless for those you looking for older more mature females to date and possibly settle down with.

On the websites that I listed above, you can expect to find hundreds to thousands of older female members all using the website and thus offering you endless opportunities to meet a wide assortment of females.

Reputation and Trustworthiness

With so many scammy dating websites out there, it’s hard not to be sceptical of any dating website that you come across.

Luckily there are a few reputable dating sites out there.

All of these dating websites have been operating for at least a decade or more in the online dating realm and have earned themselves a reputation for being trustworthy.

You can even report scammers to them as I have done so in the past and get them removed from the platform.

I have also personally tested these out myself as well.

While there are no guarantees that you will land yourself a date just by merely signing up on their platform, the majority of the members there are real and are looking at meeting men.

If you need help with securing dates on these websites, check out my article here for some tips.

Membership Fees

While looking at the costs of membership sites, I stuck with sites that gave their members unlimited communication for a fixed price rather than a pay as you use type of system.

It’s very easy to get scammed on dating websites that use a credit or token type of system.

It’s not unheard of for some shady dating companies to either hire someone to impersonate attractive females or the owners do this themselves.

They then try to entice men to continue purchasing credits and tokens with the goal of extracting as much money out of them as possible.

Read this message from her for only 5 credits.

Watch this video she sent you for 10 credits.

Send her a gift for 20 credits.

Before you know it, you’ve easily spent hundreds to even thousands of dollars talking to someone on the computer that you probably don’t even know whether is real or not.

That’s why any dating website that used this type of system was automatically excluded from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Online Dating Work?


I have gone on tonnes of online dates before and even met girls that later became my girlfriend from online dating.

I have friends that have gone on getting married with girls that they met online as well.

Are Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, however, you do need to do your own research and be careful as there are some shady dating companies out there.

You should only signup with reputable dating companies that have been well-reviewed and been operating for a while now and not some fly by night dating website.

Here are some tips to help keep you safe:

  • Never send money to anyone asking you online. In fact, report them to the website if you come across anyone asking you for money.
  • If you’re not 100% convinced the person on the other hand of the line is who they say they are, then ask to video chat with them.
  • If you suddenly receive messages from really attractive females that are obviously leagues above your level, be extra careful of their motives.
  • Never signup for dating sites that use credits or tokens unless it’s from a reputable company.

Why Is No One Responding to My Messages?

This usually occurs due to 3 reasons:

  • The member hasn’t seen your message yet because they don’t use the website often or their inbox is flooded with messages. Maybe you’re sending messages to someone that last used the site 6 months ago.
  • They aren’t interested in you. You need to up your game and show more value. Send better messages, take better photos, write a more interesting profile, etc.
  • You’re not contacting enough females. I see this one sometimes. Some guy sends messages to only 3-4 females and then complains how he doesn’t get any replies back. Here’s a newsflash for you if your this type of guy. Dating is a numbers game. The more females that you contact, the higher chances of success you will have. You need to contact way more females than just 3-4.

What Type of Memberships Should I Get?

I recommend you get a membership that allows unlimited communication rather than a pay per a message type of deal, as these can end up costing you way more money in the long run.

Also, it may be advantageous to upgrade your memberships so that you have a leg up against the competition. These might include being advertised and highlighted in search results or appearing more often on a female’s homepage when they sign in.

How Do I Improve My Chances of Getting Dates?

Here are a few tips to instantly improve your chances of getting dates:


Just because you’ve passed your prime, shouldn’t mean you have to give up on dating altogether.

While some of the more popular dating sites might not be appropriate for you due to females either looking to date casually or to find a younger partner, there are still several dating sites available for those of you entering your later years.

In this article, we looked at several of the best websites to meet mature Vietnamese singles in Vietnam.

These include:

  • VietnamCupid
  • AsianDating
  • Asian Women Planet

These websites were handpicked due to having a high number of attractive mature Vietnamese female members that are relationship-oriented, have an easy to use interface, and are reputable.

Membership fees are fixed and allow unlimited communication, unlike some other dating sites that require you to use credits or tokens every time you wish to communicate with a member.

If you’re looking at getting back into the dating game, then give these sites a try.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of females that can you meet on there and who knows, maybe she’ll end up being missus one day.

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