How to Get a Date on Vietnamcupid in 24 Hours or Less

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed, however you will drastically up your chances of securing dates with this guide.


Ever chat with a girl for months and years on end only to end up empty handed?

You poured all that time and energy into becoming texting buddies with her with the hopes of being a couple later down the line, except one day it all comes crashing down.

Some other guy managed to weasel his way into her heart and now suddenly you’ve been booted to the end of the line of potential suitors and forgotten.

Believe me, I’ve been there multiple times myself already.

This is why you need to move fast with girls that you meet, especially online.

The faster you can get a girl out after initially meeting her, the better your chances of becoming lovers with her, and if you so choose, even enter into a relationship with them.

This guide is designed to get you dates as quickly as possible, and in some cases within a day!

No more wasting time with girls that only want to use you to practice their English or girls only looking to be friends.

You didn’t join VietnamCupid to become texting buddies with them.

You joined it so that you could date Vietnamese girls.

If you’ve been burned in the past by girls not serious about dating or just don’t know how to get girls out on dates, then this guides for you.

Are you ready to get yourself a date on VietnamCupid in 24 hours or less?

Well then read on to find out!


If your not familiar with VietnamCupid, it’s a paid international dating website focused on connecting foreign men interested in dating Vietnamese girls. Each year thousands of couples meet through this website and go on to enjoy long term relationships and even marriage!

In fact, I met my current girlfriend off of this very site!

VietnamCupid has literally thousands of beautiful Vietnamese women that are eager and waiting to meet foreign guys.

That means you stud muffin!

To read my review about VietnamCupid and whether or not you should signup for it, click here.

To signup for a membership click on the banner below.

In Vietnam, its one of the easiest ways to meet Vietnamese girls, short of being introduced to one through social circle.


In order to start getting dates with girls off the VietnamCupid website, first you will need to have a premium membership.

There are two premium membership levels offered by VietnamCupid, the gold and platinum:

VietnamCupid membership

The gist of it is basically the platinum membership gives you extra exposure and ranks you higher on searches. This can come in quite handy if your only in Vietnam for a short period of time.

It’s only a few dollars more yet places your profile all the way at the top, outranking all of the other guys on the site.

If you don’t want to pony up the few extra dollars, it’s also fine. This guide can be applied for both membership types.

After you’ve signed up for a membership, its time to work on your profile.

Write a Killer Profile Description

One of the biggest determinants of success in online dating comes down to what you put on your profile description, along with your photos, and how you communicate with a girl through text.

Unlike on Tinder where most girls don’t even bother to read it, girls on VietnamCupid actually take their time to read it.

Most guys write really boring generic profile descriptions like this:

“Hi, I am from the USA and work as an engineer. I’m looking for a good honest person.”

Wow, could they be anymore boring?

I thought they wanted to date the girls in Vietnam, not put them to sleep!

Show some personality in your writing.

None of that boring stuff where you tell the girl where you live or what your looking for.

Nobody cares about that stuff except maybe your mother.

You want to convey through your profile description that your fun and laid back guy that doesn’t take life too seriously.

Tell them something interesting about your country or something funny that happened to you.

For example:

Hi, my name’s Jake and I live in Spain. I’m a bullfighter by day and a hopeless romantic by night.

Did you know I have a pet bull at home that loves to eat my mother’s empanadas?

VietnamCupid profile description

Fill out your profile characteristics but don’t list your employment income!

You don’t want to attract the wrong type of girls.

This section doesn’t need to be overly long and complicated.

Just 1-2 paragraphs will do.

But make sure it isn’t boring.

Boring = will remain virgin for all eternity

Under the section what your looking for, list some funny and interesting characteristics for the girl.

It doesn’t need to be the truth. What you want to do is give the girl good emotions while reading your profile.


“Must not be afraid of bulls!”


Most guys go and take awkward scary looking photos in dark lit places.

dark photo
Want to grab a drink?

Some guys don’t even SMILE!!!

This isn’t Halloween.

Are you trying to scare kids off or get a date?

Having good photos can be the difference between getting a response and potentially a date vs being sad and alone at home on a weekend watching re-runs of how I met your mother.

There’s a lot to learn about taking good photos but for the purposes of this guide, you only need to follow three major rules of taking photos:

  1. Use Good lighting
  2. Smile (some photos)
  3. Fashion and Presentation

Good Lighting

Photographers harp on this point all the time. Having good lighting can turn a bad picture into a great picture and vice versa. You need ample light in your photos to really make them shine.

This means no dark room shots or taking photos in the middle of the night and using those for your profile pics.

Those photos are fine to share with family and friends, not with potential dates.

red lights dark photo
Too dark
Asian guy in bangkok
Picture taken outside with lots of light

See the difference?

In one, you can barely see the guy and it just looks awful altogether.

Whereas the second photo looks bright, clean, and conveys warmth.


It blows my mind at the amount of guys that never smile when they take photos. They stare right at the camera and look like they just came from a funeral.

Nobody wants to date a Debbie downer.

Take for example this shot right here:

creepy looking white sexpat

and now compare it to this one right here:

Asian guy smiling

If you were a girl, which guy would you be more likely to go out with?

Not smiling in photos can work really well too, but you need to know how to pose for the shots.

It also doesn’t hurt to look like a model either.

Asian model

If your not a model and don’t know how to pose properly, then try smiling more in your shots. It could potentially nab you more dates.

Fashion and Presentation

According to a study conducted by ING Direct and Capital One banks, the average woman will spend $125,000 on fashion and accessories in her lifetime.

Women pride themselves on their appearances and know that it gets them places in life.

The average guy on the other hand thinks slapping on a wrinkled up t-shirt, jeans, and some dirty old running shoes is considered a fashion statement.

You may be able to get away with looking like a slob at home or with your parents and friends but in the dating world, this is considered sacrilege.

Most guys if you pay attention, look like slops in their photos.

They have unkempt hair, non-trimmed beards, and some of the worse clothing choices on the planet. This is especially true for the backpackers that roam around here in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Week long unwashed wife beaters, board shorts, and flip flops make up the bulk of their wardrobe.

Meanwhile girls are going all out with fashion and makeup, and applying ridiculous amounts of filters to make their photos stand out.

You can easily stand out from the competition if you just put some thought and effort into your appearance when taking photos.

Nowadays with the advent of the internet, there’s no excuse why you can’t dress better.

Need some ideas on what to where?

Just type in men’s fashion in google and off you go.

There’s a plethora of options available for you to look great in photos such as:

  • Suits
  • Dress shirts
  • Dress pants
  • Dress shoes
  • Sport jackets
  • Khakis
  • Boat Shoes
  • Loafers
  • Polos

I could go on and on.

Just make sure when your taking your photos, you dress to impress as if your going on a real date.

No one wants to see some dude wearing a dirty old t-shirt and shorts, looking like a hobo.


Here are some examples of guys that got their fashion down:

Asian guy wearing a suit
White guy posing

If your struggling to take good photos then I recommend that you go out and get some professional photos done.

The price that you pay for them will pay dividends down the line once your inbox starts getting flooded with girls eager to meet you!


Once you’ve taken care of your profile, its time to start searching for girls to contact.

This is what the search screen looks like on VietnamCupid.

VietnamCupid search screen

On this page, enter in the criteria of the type of girl that your looking for. These include age range, location, physical attributes, education, etc.

I recommend that you limit your searches to cities and towns that you actually intend on visiting. There’s no point in contacting some girl that lives far away from you and you rarely get the opportunity to meet up with her.

Instead of getting hung up on one particular girl, realize that there are more than enough girls here in Vietnam that want to date you then you could possibly handle.

Lots of guys make this mistake. They see some very attractive looking girl and instantly become smitten with her. The only problem is, she lives hundreds or possibly thousands of miles away from them.

They then waste months and years chasing this one girl yet can’t meet her yet due to work or life commitments.

In the end, she ends up meeting someone else either through social circle or online.

I will say this again, Only focus on girls in cities that you actually live in or intend on visiting in the near future.

I cannot stress this enough!!!

Once you’ve saved your search criteria, move onto the next section.

Which Girls to Target

Finding the right girl to target can be the difference between enjoying a Friday evening with a beautiful Vietnamese girl or stuffing your face with junk food and sobbing at home alone.

In my opinion these are the best types of girls to target:

  • Girls online
  • Girls that recently went online
  • New members
  • Girls that speak English
  • Girls that messaged you first
Vietnamese girl leaning against the window

Girls Online

To have the best chance of securing dates quickly, you should focus on girls that use the website often. Look for a green circle on a girls profile or photos to tell if she is online or not. You should be able to get replies back from these girls relatively quickly assuming they are interested in you.

VietnamCupid girls online

Girls That Recently Went Online

This is the second set of girls that you should be targeting. When your browsing through girls profile’s, pay special attention to the last active section.

I would recommend that you only message girls that have been online within the last few days at the latest. Anything over a week and you probably won’t receive a reply back anytime soon.

VietnamCupid last active

New Members

New members make much better prospects as they probably haven’t gotten the chance to meet a lot of guys yet and go on dates.

A lot of the old timers that you see on VietnamCupid are on it for that long for a good reason.

These include:

  • Unrealistic expectations about what type of guy they want. They want prince charming yet their value is nowhere near the level of the guy that they want.
  • Not serious about dating. I’ve spoken with a few girls like these. They seem very enthusiastic to talk with you online but on the day of the date, they will go silent on you.
  • Girls looking for sugar daddies

Girls That Speak English

Unless you speak decent Vietnamese, your pool of available women are going to be limited to only girls that can speak at least some basic English.

You can easily screen for this by looking at their profiles.

If it’s written in English, it’s usually a good bet that she can speak some level of English.

The better the grammar, the better her English level.

You can of course message other Vietnamese girls that you find attractive as well, however don’t be surprised if communication later becomes an issue.

Girls That Messaged You First

These girls have already been warmed up and taken a liking to you.

From this point on, its up to you to not screw things up.

Most of the girls that contact you will almost always know some basic level of English. This is especially true if your profile was written in English and you look like a foreigner.

You won’t find the cream of the crop typically with these girls, however getting dates with them are extremely easy and if your not too picky about getting the best of the best, you’ll hit a goldmine with these girls.

Vietnamese girl wearing grey

Girls to Avoid Targeting

Don’t waste your time with girls that haven’t been online in the last month or more on VietnamCupid.

You won’t hear anything from them for a while or perhaps never.

Most of these girls have either:

  • Found someone already
  • Weren’t serious about dating on here
  • Gave up on using the website all together and migrated somewhere else

I rarely ever hear back from any girl that was last on the website a month or more.

Crafting Messages

Once you’ve decided who you want to message, click on the messages icon in the profile. This will cause a message dialog box to pop up.

VietnamCupid messaging girls

Now comes the hard part.

What exactly do you send her to break the ice?

There are various ways of breaking the ice with a girl.

You can either:

  • Use a template message
  • Customized message

I’ve had success using both messages depending on what type of message your sending girls.

Template Messages

With these, you want to make one that is general enough that it can be used with all the girls yet unique enough that it doesn’t sound boring.

Things like “Hi, how are you?” just don’t cut it. Your gonna need to be more creative than that.

You can craft templates using things like your country, something about a girl’s culture or country that is unique such as food, travel, etc.

For example:

“OMG!!! I finally found a woman that isn’t afraid to eat anything besides a salad.”

Customized Messages

For this method of messaging the girl, you will need to go and look through her profile to find out anything that you can use to craft an interesting message to send her.

Things like her hobbies, job, residence, etc can be used as ammo in the message.

If she lives by the ocean, ask her if she ever got stung by a jellyfish before.

If she lives in the city, ask her how can she sleep at night when her neighbors are singing karaoke until the wee hours of the morning.

You get the idea.

Just use what she has written or her photos to provide you with clues on how to send her a message.

Pick a handful of girls to message, somewhere around at least 2 dozen because you won’t always get a reply back from every girl. In addition, logistical issues may arise preventing the two of you from meeting.

Once you’ve sent out several messages, just sit back and relax. The girls will reply back to you soon enough.

Ask Her Out and Number Close

After she replies back, do a little back and forth with her exchanging several messages. Once you feel she is comfortable enough talking with you, ask her out on a date and number close her.

“When are you free to grab a coffee?”

“BTW what’s your number?”


Easy as pie.

Its natural for her to give you her number while your both trying to make arrangements to meet for the date.

I recommend that you try to get her out ASAP if possible.

Strike while the iron is hot!

Don’t go planning dates a week from now because something is always gonna come up.

Instead try to meet her either today, tomorrow, or 2 days later at most. You should be able to get a handful of girls to agree to go out with you within this time frame.

Date Venue Selection

For first dates, I always recommend you that you go for either a coffee, smoothie, or tea. Most Vietnamese girls don’t drink alcohol and the ones that do aren’t the best for long-term relationships.

These dates not only help you save money but allows you to screen out gold diggers as well.

There are some girls that are used to using guys for eating out at expensive restaurants. They either suggest you meet at an expensive place before hand or they show up and then try to persuade you to go somewhere else.

Stand firm on your decision.

The girls that are genuinely interested in you will agree to your venue of choice whereas the ones only in it to get a free meal will now disappear.

The coffee house

If you need ideas on where to take a girl out on a first date check out these two articles that I wrote:

Where to take a girl on a first date in Ho Chi Minh City? A practical guide

Best date spots in Ho Chi Minh City


You now have at your fingertips, an easy to follow guide for securing dates with Vietnamese girls in 24 hours or less on VietnamCupid.

No more wasted time chatting with some broad that you’ve never even met before for what feels like an eternity.

Leave the online talking for those other guys that want to waste their precious time talking with girls online for months and years instead.

Meanwhile, your out there dating these women.

To signup for a VietnamCupid membership and start meeting beautiful Vietnamese girls today, click here.

Let me know in the comments below how easy or difficult it has been for you to get dates on VietnamCupid.

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