best Vietnamese Dating Websites for Foreigners


One of the advantages of dating here in Vietnam is that practically every girl that is single will have at one point or another used some sort of dating website to meet a guy.

This isn’t surprising though because nearly every single Vietnamese girl is glued to her phone 24/7.

There’s literally dozens of different dating websites that you could use that would fill up your day to the brim with dates.

However, you will need to use caution when trying to navigate these treacherous waters because not all dating websites here in Vietnam are cut from the same clothe.

Some websites are great for looking for future girlfriends or wives, some for casual flings, while a few should never be used at all due to rampant scamming going on.

With so many dating websites around on the web, how do you know which ones are the best?

In this article, I will go through some of the best Vietnamese dating websites for foreigners that will help you out cut out all the BS so that you can start actually going on dates with real genuine Vietnamese women interested in dating foreigners.

The best Vietnamese dating websites for foreigners include:

  • VietnamCupid
  • AsianDating
  • Tinder
  • Okcupid
  • Badoo


VietnamCupid: Vietnamese dating website for foreigners

Vietnamcupid is one of the premiere dating websites here in Vietnam that boosts quite an impressive membership base of Vietnamese females that are all interested and open to the idea of dating foreigners.

Based on my own experience and that of others, the quality of girls is really high on VietnamCupid. You can find lots of cuties on there, and some hotties too that do modeling or work as promotion girls. I even had a mini-relationship with a promo girl that I met on here and met another girl that modeled part-time off of it as well.

Unlike some other dating websites that put quotas on how many females you can interact with on a daily basis, this is non-existent with VietnamCupid.

If you see a female that you like, simply shoot her a message and get the ball rolling.

Furthermore, the ratio of females to males is very favorable on VietnamCupid because a lot of guys are too cheap to fork over 20-30 bucks for a membership and instead flood those other free dating websites, further reducing the quality and user experience for everyone.

And if you’ve ever done any dating before well than you undoubtedly know how much of a difference ratios make when it comes to dating, especially online dating.

The dating ratio is so good on VietnamCupid that you can pretty much expect to get flooded with messages from cute girls upon first joining the website that would like to meet you. This has been the experience for me and many others that have also joined.

In addition, you can also search for members based on a number of attributes such as age, height, education level, occupation, residence, English levels, etc.

Joining VietnamCupid is free and you can browse profiles and view pictures of girls on the website, however if you would like communicate with members, you will need to purchase a membership.

I personally believe this small investment is worth it for the quality of girls and the ease of securing dates, but hey, some guys would rather save a few bucks and waste their time dealing with low quality women on some of the other free dating websites.

You get what you pay for.

There’s two paid membership levels, a platinum and a gold membership. Here’s the difference between them.

Vietnamcupid membership levels

If your only going to be in Vietnam for 1 month or less, then I would recommend you get a 1 month membership, otherwise you can take advantage of a large discount by signing up for a 3 month or 1 year membership.

vietnamcupid platinum
vietnamcupid gold

To take advantage of these cost savings, click here.

To read my full review on VietnamCupid and see my results, click here.


Asiandating: Vietnamese dating website for foreigners

AsianDating is a sister dating site under the same umbrella company CupidMedia that also runs VietnamCupid.

Unlike VietnamCupid which has a focus on letting foreigners meet mainly Vietnamese girls online, AsianDating lets you contact Asian women from all over the world, although most of the girls you will meet on there will be based in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia.

Like VietnamCupid, expect there to be a tonne of girls chasing after you when you join the website due to favorable ratios and girls being serious about dating. Most of the girls that contact you will come from one of the following countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

So if your not too picky about which type of Asian women that you would like to date, perhaps AsianDating would be a better fit for you compared to VietnamCupid which mainly caters to meeting Vietnamese women.

Also if you plan on touring all around Asia, then getting a membership with AsianDating makes more sense as opposed to VietnamCupid.

The User interface and platform is pretty much an exact carbon copy of VietnamCupid.

Asiandating platform

The features with each membership level are the same as well.

AsianDating membership levels

Once again, creating a profile and browsing profiles of females is free, however if you would like to communicate with a girl, you will need to purchase a premium membership.

The prices are the exact same as VietnamCupid.

Asiandating platinum
Asiandating gold

If your going to be exploring Asia for a while then I recommend you give AsianDating a try.

Click here to signup for a membership.

To read my full review on it and how I got over 80 messages in a few days click here.


tinder: Vietnamese dating website for foreigners

Tinder is another popular dating app over here in Vietnam.

Unlike other dating apps out there, they pioneered the “swipe” whereby you would swipe left or right on a profile depending on whether or not you’re interested in them.

Their easy to use interface plus clean interface helped them grow tremendously all throughout the globe.

I have a love/hate relationship nowadays with Tinder though.

When I first started using this app here in Vietnam many years ago, Tinder was great. There were lots of females that were serious about dating either casually or on a long term basis. In addition, there were a lot less foreign men using the app.

However, over the years I have noticed that Tinder just keeps getting worse and worse as the floodgates open up here in Vietnam, while other countries nearby such as Thailand are closing up shop.

As a consequence of this, you now have unprecedented levels of low-value thirsty males all flocking to free dating apps such as Tinder, and as a result of it, dating now on Tinder is much harder compared to the past.

Nowadays when you use Tinder, you will typically see one of the following things in at least 50% of the profiles there:

  • I don’t come here often, get in touch with me on instagram instead 😉
  • No FWB, No ONS
  • Serious Relationships Only!
  • I’m only here to practice my English
  • I’m only looking for friends
  • I’m a real estate agent, if you need a place to stay, please contact me

Now let’s say you get a couple of matches, what happens next is that at least 30% of those girls never reply back to you.

A further 20% will waste your time by pretending to be interested in you in order to stroke her ego and get free attention.

Another 10-15% will have some other motive such as trying to scam you, use you for free English levels, etc.

This leaves you with 35-40% of matches that are actually serious about dating and meeting you.

You wasted all of that time only to end up with 35-40% of the girls you initially talked with.

It’s a huge time sink!

But despite these drawback, you can use most of the features in Tinder for free such as swiping, messaging matches, and even sending super likes to girls, which gives you more exposure from your match queue.

The user interface is still quite clean and easy to use, although the company seems to be reducing this with each new update of the app.

And lastly, there’s still a tonne of females that use the app nowadays, although some of them have since migrated to other exclusively Vietnamese apps. Quality isn’t the best and you would most likely be dating at least .5-1 point down compared to other sites such as VietnamCupid, however the girls on Tinder are more open to casual relationships.

The premium memberships for Tinder are also pricey as well and will run you $10.85 (gold) & $16.25 (plus) on a monthly basis on a one year membership depending on your age, though they occasionally offer 50% discounts as well.

I personally think the free version is enough to get most guys by, however some guys want to be able to set their location, see who liked them, use Tinder boosts and super likes, and not have limits on the amount of swipes they can perform in a day.

To read my full review of Tinder click here.


Badoo: Vietnamese dating website for foreigners

Badoo is another very popular dating website that is widely used all across the globe, similar to Tinder.

You will often times see a lot of member cross over between Tinder and badoo as a lot of females also have profiles on Badoo.

Girls on Badoo tend to be similar to the ones you would find on Tinder, meaning less serious about dating and having relationships.

Also beware of girls using fake photos on it.

I actually called out one girl one time who was using her friend’s photos who was at least 2 points higher then her.

I didn’t find out how she actually looked like until I added her on facebook.

First she pretended to not know what I was talking about but after I would not have any of it, she made excuses and tried to justify herself for lying by telling me she was hurt before.

I pretty much kicked her to the curb after that. I don’t tolerate poor behavior in my relationships with women.

Badoo follows the typical conventional online dating method of finding a girl that you like and sending her messages.

Some of the highlights of badoo include being able to purchase credits that you can use to do a number of things such as giving your profile more exposure, sending gifts, adding stickers to chats, and being able to chat with very popular females.

There is of course a premium membership as well that allows you to see who liked you, being able to undo no votes, view profiles anonymously, and have priority with messages being read.

Badoo may be another good alternative if you don’t want to spend any money on a dating app, however do keep in mind that quality will be lower and you will need to deal with a lot more time wasters on it as well.

Also I found the more exposure a Vietnamese girl had to dating and talking with foreign men, the more attitude and entitlement she had on here. You may want to consider targeting girls with less English ability if possible.


Okcupid: Vietnamese dating website for foreigners

OkCupid is another popular dating platform that has members from all over the world.

Girls I found on OKCupid tended to be more on the career oriented side of things.

Think girls in their mid to late 20’s working in an office job and you will have a good idea about the types of girls you will meet here. In addition, for some reason or another the site tends to attract some crazies. So be warned!

If your more interested in the career oriented independent type, then Okcupid would be a decent option. However, I found the number of Vietnamese girls on the website quite limited. I was able to pretty much browse through all of the girls profiles within an hour.

Like some of the other dating apps, there are premium memberships that you can signup for such as the A-List Basic and A-List Premium.

okcupid membership


Even though there is a fair amount of Vietnamese dating websites here in Vietnam, a lot of them are in reality a waste of time. You will often times join a new dating website or app only to find out one of the following:

  • Its a scam dating site that requires you to purchase credits in order to send messages or videochat with girls. What you don’t know is that often times, its an employee from the dating company behind the computer trying to milk as much money out of you as possible.
  • Little to no Vietnamese girls on the dating app even though its located in Vietnam or advertised as a Vietnamese dating site.
  • Lots of girls just wasting men’s time and aren’t serious at all about dating
  • Really bad quality of female members.
  • Very buggy websites or amateur looking sites with little to no functionality

Luckily for you though, I pretty much tested out nearly all of the dating apps that I could find here in Vietnam, and these were the best of the best.

You will find the highest quality of girls that one could find online (the top tier girls don’t need to use online dating), with good ratios, less scammers, and girls that are serious about dating and are easy to score dates with.

Let’s summarize again what the best Vietnamese dating websites for foreigners are:

  1. VietnamCupid
  2. AsianDating
  3. Tinder
  4. Badoo
  5. Okcupid

If your interested in meeting cute Vietnamese girls then you really can’t go wrong with either one of these options here.

Some of them are free and the quality of girls are lower and you will be fighting tooth and nail with other low value supplicating males to try and score dates with the girls, while others require a paid membership and offer better dating prospects with very little to no competition, which makes getting dates very easy.

Its up to you to decide whether or not saving a few bucks is worth it to have to put up with this crap or if you value your time more.

In either case, your bound to come out on top when compared to your dating prospects back home.

Let me know in the comments below what sort of dating apps and websites you like to go to meet Vietnamese girls.

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      Some of them are genuine as some girls don’t want to spend money on a Vietnamcupid membership. You can add them to your zalo and chat with them. Just use common sense when chatting with them.

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