How to Attract a Vietnamese Woman


Learning how to attract girls can be the difference between living a life of loneliness and solitude or a life filled with love, companionship, and ever lasting memories.

Guys that fail to learn how to master this skill end up frustrated, angry, and resentful of others happiness.

There was a time in my life, where I too felt helpless and desperate. I yearned for a woman’s love and companionship that I saw others have, yet success always seemed to evade me.

It wasn’t until I made a vow towards myself that I would learn these necessary skills no matter what it took that I eventually succeeded.

But the road wasn’t easy by a long stretch, and I had to make many difficult sacrifices but in the end, I obtained the holy grail and got what I had set out to achieve.

Learning how to attract women, especially a Vietnamese woman, is just a skill, like all things.

The more time you put towards developing this skill, the better at it you will become. For some people, it may take longer to master while for others, relatively quickly.

But as long as you have the resources, guidance, and an undying willingness to never give up, you will learn these skills, I can guarantee you.

I’m hoping this article today on how to attract a Vietnamese woman will help shorten the time-span it takes you to learn these skills, allowing you to meet that special someone.

You can attract a Vietnamese woman through the following ways:

  • Being Confident But Not Arrogant
  • Leading
  • Be a Gentlemen
  • Learn How to Flirt
  • Being Financially sound
  • Having good style and fashion sense
  • Lose the Gut
  • Having Social Proof
  • Using Preselection

Let’s dive deeper into each one, shall we?

Being Confident But Not Arrogant

Vietnamese girl in green dress

I fumbled my first few attempts at flirting with girls here in Vietnam because I tried to employ the overly confident and macho persona that American and Canadian girls seem to love.

Well, it backfired big time over here in Vietnam.

Girls called me arrogant and overly confident and it got me zero dates!

Instead, once I had readjusted my game and ditched the cockiness out the door while still maintaining a bit of confidence, my results skyrocketed.

Girls love confidence no matter where you go.

Confidence in their minds means that your a go-getter. You go out there and take what you want in the world.

This translates into being able to provide for the family and be a leader, someone that she can look up to.

It means you know that your good enough for her and that you can get her.

Girls hate dating wimps!

But on the other hand, do too much, and soon she will start to think that your overly conceded and full of yourself.

In Asian cultures, being humble and showing modesty is king.


Vietnamese girl in black dress

Vietnam is a patriarchal society where men are expected to lead and provide for the family.

Nothing makes a Vietnamese woman lose respect and attraction for you fasting then following her around like a little puppy.

Girls want to be led.

They want a leader, not a boy.

A Vietnamese woman wants reassurances that if they follow you in life, you will successfully lead the family and provide for them.

If you want to build attraction in a girl, you must develop and demonstrate leadership skills to her.

This means no more tippy toeing around asking her out on a date.

Don’t ask her where you guys should go.

Your the man, act like it!

Your responsible for planning dates, leading the interactions, and even making moves towards you guys becoming lovers.

Be a Gentlemen

How to attract a Vietnamese woman:  be a gentlemen

Vietnamese girls go ga-ga over guys that know how to act like a true gentlemen, that’s because a lot of men don’t really know how to act like one here.

You always hear girls complain about guys doing the following things:

  • Cat calling her
  • Groping her
  • Grabbing her
  • Making unwanted sexual advances towards her
  • Being loud and crass
  • Cursing and swearing

The list goes on and on.

Doing simple gestures for her goes a long way towards impressing her such as:

  • Being polite and respectful towards her and other people
  • Helping her move her motorbike
  • Giving her flowers on women’s day
  • Standing on the outside of the sidewalk
  • Opening doors for her
  • Giving her your jacket if its cold
  • Being considerate
  • Never try to hurt a girl

Now you don’t need to become a pushover and doormat, but simply being thoughtful and warm when your around her makes her feel comfortable and good around you.

If your able to demonstrate yourself as a gentlemen, you will quickly separate yourself from the hordes of men that lack class and finesse.

Learn How to Flirt

How to attract a Vietnamese woman: flirting

While you can get pretty far with girls just based on how good looking you are, learning how to flirt with a girl and leaving her with those butterflies in her stomach makes you unstoppable.

In fact, if you don’t flirt with her in some way or capacity, at some point in time, you will eventually land yourself in the dreaded friend-zone, never to be heard upon again!

Vietnamese girls love guys that know how to flirt because it makes them feel good and special inside. It also lets them imagine you as being more than a friend.

There are a number of ways to flirt with a Vietnamese girl such as:

  • Holding extended eye contact with her while not appearing creepy
  • Touch
  • Teasing
  • Giving her a sly sexy smile
  • Being playful
  • Re-framing what she says and implying things
  • Getting into her personal space

Basically it all comes down to making her feel good when she’s around you and her also seeing you as a sexual man and dating option.

Being Financially Sound

Red sportscar

Dating culture over here in Vietnam is a lot different then in the west.

Due to rampant poverty, having wealth and financial resources is looked upon highly over here.

When your fighting tooth and nail to put food on the table, you only care about survival.

Girls would rather marry some guy who they don’t have any feelings for, rather then a poor broke guy that they love.

This is why there’s a bit of a gold digging problem here.

Showing wealth and financial resources can get you quite far with the ladies over here because in their mind, it shows them that you can provide for them.

Now I’m not advocating that you start showering girls with expensive gifts and money.

On the contrary, you should be extra diligent when screening girls to make sure that they are in the relationship because they like you and not the size of your bank account.

With that being said however, you should be able to pay for dates.

This means if you go take her to a movie theater, your expected to pay for the tickets or if your having dinner, the bills on you.

This is commonly accepted practice when it comes to dating over here.

Even though some girls may suggest going dutch, don’t try none of that splitting the bill stuff over here.

You want to demonstrate to her that your financially independent.

Just don’t be a cheapskate and you’ll do fine in this area.

Having Good Style and Fashion Sense

Asian guy in a suit

This is one area where you have no excuse for dressing poorly.

Most local guys here in Vietnam, typically wear a t-shirt, shirts or jeans paired with sandals or some ugly loafers.

Then comes the backpackers whose wardrobe consists of dirty old t-shirts, cargo shorts, and flip flops.

Basically most guys dress like slobs here.

If you just dress like a normal guy, you will easily stand out from all of these guys.

If you kick things up a notch, you will easily get noticed by girls.

Get yourself a nice polo, dress shirt, dress pants, khakis, or khaki shorts and you’ll soon found yourself wowing all the local ladies here in Vietnam.

Jeans would also work quite well, but only wear them during the evenings, otherwise you’ll wish you were wearing a pair of shorts when its 40 degrees Celsius during the day time and your sweat soaked jeans are hugging tightly against your thigh causing severe itch and quite possibly a rash!

Also don’t forget the shoes!

Women pay a lot of attention to a guy’s shoes.

I couldn’t count the amount of times I got paid a compliment on my shoes from women.

Since the weather here in Vietnam is like a steaming hot oven 24/7, I’m gonna leave out the boots.

Instead get yourself a nice pair of boat shoes or loafers.

These go a long way towards keeping you from sweating your butt off while complimenting your clothes really well.

Lose the Gut

How to attract a Vietnamese woman: bellyfat

This goes without saying, you shouldn’t have a gut anywhere in the world.

Not only is it unhealthy and increases your risk of developing heart disease, it’s also an attraction killer.

Most guys here in Vietnam if you notice are quite slim and lean. I would even argue that more than half of them have abs.

If your looking to attract a Vietnamese woman, looking like Santa clause isn’t gonna cut it.

Now you don’t need to have a body like a male model or a bodybuilder.

In fact, being too big and muscular will work against you.

Girls here prefer a more slim muscular look, rather then a big hulk like muscular appearance.

When it comes to appearances, girls in Vietnam are quite direct and blunt.

If they notice that you gained a few pounds, they will be more than happy to point that out to you.

Don’t take offence to this, as they don’t mean it in a rude way. They simply point out the problems so that you can fix them.

Portion sizes here in Vietnam are already a half to 1/3 the size of a normal plate of food in a western country.

Half the work is already done for you so you really have no excuse.

It shouldn’t be hard to lose weight over here in Vietnam if you simply watch your portion sizes and maybe do a little physical activity each day.

Social Proof

Tip me well and I’ll be your best friend

We all know that social proof is one of the ways that we can attract women, however here in Vietnam, this is magnified several folds.

Community is very important here.

Often times neighbors grew up together, and formed tight little knit social circles.

This is why whenever there’s a wedding here in Vietnam, practically the whole neighborhood is invited because everybody knows everybody.

If you allow a Vietnamese woman to see you interacting positively with someone that she personally knows, she will instantly become fascinated with you.

If you take this one step further, and that person or group of people even vouch for you, in her eyes your suddenly a catch.

Use this to your advantage and try to get in close with her social circle or someone that she knows.

Using Preselection

Group of girls

I saved the best for last.

I stumbled upon this deadly form of game a while back when I was in Latvia. I was hitting things off with 1-2 girls that were seated by the bar, when I started to notice girls looking at me and checking me out.

After those girls left, I soon found myself having girl after girl come by the bar where I was seated and try to either strike up a conversation with me, or grab my attention hoping I would break the ice with them.

Eventually a hot flight attendant with brown hair, beautiful eyes, and a small nose that worked for airBaltic I believe came over to check me out. She told me that I looked like Glenn from the walking dead.

Preselection for those of you that aren’t familiar with the term basically means in layman’s terms that girls are attracted to guys who other girls are attracted to. Essentially, a girl will become more attracted to you if she sees other girls, especially attractive girls being around you.

Whether or not those girls are actually attracted to you is irrelevant, she simply needs to see those attractive girls around you and having a good time. This in turn will convince her that your a great catch and an attractive guy.

You can essential pit each girl against each other and it will have a snowball effect, earning you top marks with the ladies.

One girl will see you talking with another girl and then she will get intrigued and want to talk with you.

As soon as she talks with you, another girl in the vicinity will also get her interest piqued.

This new girl will then come and talk with you, making other girls more attracted to you in the process.

This works great when gaming girls that work in retail, especially one with lots of female employees.

Make one female employee there attracted to you, and soon the whole lot will be interested in you as well.


Anybody can succeed with attracting a Vietnamese woman regardless of skill level or looks.

It may take more effort for some effort and less for others, but in the end, if you put in the work, you will undoubtedly be rewarded for it.

With these nine new tips at your side, attracting a beautiful and loving Vietnamese woman should not be too difficult a task.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with these killer tips, why not put them to good use and start meeting some cute Vietnamese girls today.

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