valentine’s day gifts for vietnamese girlfriend buying guide

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Well its that time of the year again where cupid is flapping his wings all around the neighborhood, and emotions are running high for everyone, including your Vietnamese girlfriend who is expecting something special from you on Valentine’s day.

Play your cards right and you will have a happy loving girlfriend whose attraction levels for you will only have risen but play it wrong and all hell breaks loose.

Some men chuckle at the thought of even spending an ounce of energy thinking about this holiday only to then have their girlfriend turn ice cold or erupt into a volcano days later, causing a whole slew of drama and arguments that could potentially even lead to a breakup!

I hope you’ve gotten your Vietnamese girlfriend or wife something fabulous for Valentine’s day because its just around the corner.

Even though some Vietnamese girls might pretend to brush this holiday off their shoulders when you ask them, in reality though, deep inside they all want to be sweep off their feet and romanced like in the movies on this day.

Not preparing something special for her on valentine’s day is akin to sacrilege.

While you don’t need to break the bank to show her that you love her, putting in a little effort towards getting her something nice goes a long away towards impressing her and squashing any sort of future drama that may arise from this holiday, and helping you build a stronger relationship with her.

In this Valentine’s day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend buying guide, I’ll give you some suggestions that will be sure to wow your Vietnamese girlfriend or wive and melt her heart.

Sterling Silver Polished Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

sterling silver necklace

This is a timeless classic. This sterling silver polished heart locket pendant can hold two photos inside and is hand crafted in the USA and made to last, unlike some of those other made in China pendants out there. Now your girlfriend will always be reminded of you everywhere she goes.

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Swarovski Women’s Tennis Bracelet

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend tennis bracelet

This eye catching Swarovski tennis bracelet will be sure to put a big smile on your girlfriend’s face on Valentine’s day without being overly expensive. Its the perfect compliment to a pair of earrings or necklace that she may have and will leave her breathless by its beauty.

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Swarvarski Swan Necklace

swan necklace

This Swarvarski swan necklace pendant is rhodium-plated and is elegantly designed to make your girlfriend feel like a million bucks. The necklace comes in a variety of different colors and styles as well. Its the perfect valentine’s day gift to gift that special someone.

In fact, I remember one of my ex-Vietnamese girlfriends had asked me to buy her this exact necklace upon my return back to Vietnam from abroad, but unfortunately we ended up splitting up before I got back.

I never got the chance to give it to her, but now you can for your girlfriend.

These swan necklaces are a hot commodity for females, and now you can wow her with this beautiful breathtaking necklace that will leave her bedazzled.

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Lazuli 4×6 Glitter Liquid Arcylic Shake Snow Picture Frame

picture frame

This thoughtful and inexpensive arcylic shake snow picture frame is a great valentine’s gift to gift your Vietnamese girlfriend without emptying the wallet. You can insert personalized memorable photos into the picture frame and keep her always thinking about you everyday.

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Bath and Body Works FOREVER RED Deluxe Gift Set

bath and body works forever red deluxe gift set

If you’ve ever gone down to a local supermarket here in Vietnam, then you’ve no doubt come across toiletry items such as body lotion costing an arm and a leg.

Its no wonder then that a lot of Vietnamese have turned towards importing these goods into Vietnam to gift to their loved ones.

This online exclusive fabulous Bath and Body Works gift set includes fine fragrance mist, body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and a travel size fine fragrance mist.

Its the perfect body care kit to gift to your Vietnamese girlfriend or wive from abroad without spending exorbitant amounts locally.

As a bonus, she’ll smell amazing too!

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Yehwadam Revitalizing Anti Aging Skincare Set

anti aging skincare set

Korean beauty products enjoy huge popularity over in Vietnam. You’ll see shops pop up selling Korean beauty products pretty much everywhere over in Vietnam as Vietnamese females cannot get enough of them.

This Yehwadam revitalizing anti aging skincare set by the Face Shop is made with Korean Ginseng and other Korean herbal ingredients.

If your girlfriend is worried about aging, then its the perfect valentine’s day gift to calm her nerves.

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ArtNaturals Essential Oil and Bluetooth Diffuser Set

diffuser set

These diffusers are all the rage right now in Vietnam and a lot of females own one.

My girlfriend has a diffuser in her bedroom that she uses every night.

You can’t go to a single large shopping mall here in Vietnam and not see a booth selling them.

This ArtNaturals bluetooth oil diffuser comes with 16 essential oils that will leave her smelling fresh all night. There’s also a built in music player, clock, alarm, and LED nightlight build into the diffuser and it can also be accessed via bluetooth as well.

Check prices on Amazon.

Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue Perfume Gift Set

Versace pour femme dylan blue perfume set

Whether she’s going to work or out on a date with you, she’ll be smelling fabulous with this beautiful gift set from Versace. This light and long lasting fragrance is perfect for the hot humid weather over in Vietnam.

This gift set includes the perfume, body lotion, and shower gel.

Here’s a quick review of the product by a youtuber.


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Long Distance Gifts

In the unfortunate event that your stuck in a long distance relationship, you’ll need to be a bit more creative in what you get her but here are a few ideas:

Bond Touch – Bracelets

Bond touch bracelets

These are the ultimate long distance relationship gifts for couples. The pair of bracelets allow you to send a vibration to simulate a touch to your partner no matter where they are located in the world by simply touching the bracelet.

The bracelets light up as soon as you receive a touch from each other, and are waterproof.

There’s an app that you can install on your phone as well to keep tabs on each other and allows you to receive notifications in case you miss a touch from them.

Now your partner doesn’t need to feel alone when she’s wearing the bond touch bracelet.

Here’s a review of the bracelet:

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BOLDLOFT You Are Worth Every Mile His and Hers Mugs

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend: two mugs for soulmates

If your stuck in a long distance relationship and aren’t able to see each other physically, then these are a great gift to remind her of you.

These coffee mugs come as a pair and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Now every time she’s making a cup of coffee or beverage, she will always be thinking of you.

Get your mugs here on Amazon.

BoldLoft Wish You were Here Couples Pillowcases

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend: couples pillowcases

These couples pillow cases are another great valentine’s day gift idea for your Vietnamese girlfriend.

They are extra cheesy but also extra effective too.

Now every night while she’s snugging up against the pillow she will be reminded of you.

When your not around her physically, you need gifts like these to help calm her nerves and pull you guys through the hard times of not being together.

Check pricing on Amazon.

Stuffed Animals

You usually can’t go wrong with a personalized stuffed animal. Most Vietnamese girls have a huge stuffed animal collection hidden in their bedrooms if you ever get a chance to visit them.

Vietnamese girl with a giant teddy bear

If your girlfriend is into stuffed animals, she should have at one point or another mentioned what type of stuffed animals she likes.

Here are a few suggestions though in case you didn’t get the memo or just forgot about it.

Cute Custom Photo Valentine’s Bear Gift

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend: teddy bear

When it comes to stuffed animals, teddy bears usually pop up on a Vietnamese girl’s mind first.

This 8 inch stuffed teddy bear featuring a custom printed t-shirt with any photo of your choosing will melt her heart when she sees it.

Cute, fuzzy, and absolutely adorable.

She won’t be able to resist!

Check pricing on Amazon.

Wild Republic Jumbo Sloth Plush

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend: sloth plush

If your girlfriend isn’t into teddy bears then perhaps a stuffed jumbo sloth would be a better option.

This 30 inch jumbo sloth is cute, huggable, and made out of high quality fabric that will last a lifetime for her.

And besides, who doesn’t love a sloth, right?

Grab your very own sloth on Amazon.

Valentines Day Gifts Of Chocolate Inspirations Basket

Valentine's day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend: Chocolate basket

If your Vietnamese sweetie is into sweets, then chocolate is always a safe option.

In this chocolate basket gift set, you’ll receive a variety of some of the best chocolates that money can buy that are highly addictive and delectable.

Melt her heart with a basket full of delicious mouth watering chocolates that will leave her wanting more.

Check pricing on Amazon.


If all else fails, you still got roses to fall back on.

These timeless classics will never go out of fashion.

Even if you don’t win any brownie points with her for originality, its the thought that counts, right?

Be forewarned though, during special holidays such as Valentine’s day and women’s day, vendors love to jack up the prices of flowers.

I remember paying around 30-50k vnd just for a single rose for one girl that I was seeing a few years back.

Its not uncommon to be spending over 100k vnd for a boutique of flowers.

Now if your girlfriend is the forgetful type and doesn’t remember to water her plants or she just doesn’t care to take care of flowers around the household, then perhaps some artificial ones would be a better fit for her.

Regardless of which option you choose, she’ll be glad that you remembered this special day.

1800Flowers Two Dozen Red Roses Flower Bouquet with Clear Vase

Valentine's day gifts: Two dozen red roses in a clear vase

This is a boutique of two dozen (24) red roses that come with a clear vase and proper care instructions to prolong the life of the roses from

Click here to order your boutique of roses on Amazon now.


Many men take their relationships for granted and don’t prepare anything for Valentine’s day for their girlfriends.

This later on leads to a host of problems in the relationship as she will feel that you don’t care about her nor the relationship.

To prevent these types of situations from occurring in the first place, its a wise decision to have something prepared ahead of time.

You don’t need to break the bank to show her that you love her.

In this buying guide, I covered 15 different inexpensive Valentine’s day gift ideas that will leave your girlfriend blushing and grinning all day long.

To recap, here are the 15 Valentine’s day gifts for Vietnamese girlfriend ideas:

  1. Sterling silver polished heart locket pendant necklace
  2. Swarovski women’s tennis bracelet
  3. Swarovski swan necklace
  4. Lazuli 4×6 glitter liquid arcylic shake snow picture frame
  5. Bath and Body Works Forever red deluxe gift set
  6. Yehwadam revitalizing anti aging skincare set
  7. ArtNaturals essential oil and bluetooth diffuser set
  8. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Blue perfume gift set
  9. Bond Touch bracelets
  10. BoldLoft you are worth every mile his and hers mugs
  11. BoldLoft wish you were here couples pillowcases
  12. Cute custom photo valentine’s bear gift
  13. Wild Republic jumbo sloth plush
  14. Valentines Day gifts of chocolate inspirations basket
  15. 1800Flowers two dozen red roses flower bouquet with clear vase

While getting your Vietnamese girlfriend a gift is nice, don’t forget the most important gift that you could be giving her for valentine’s day, which is your time!

Good luck on Valentine’s day!

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