Land Yourself a Date With These Vietnamese Pickup Lines


Vietnam is a country filled with millions of beautiful and exotic Vietnamese girls and a lot of them are open to dating foreigners.

The only problem is a lot of them don’t speak a lick of English.

Now if your either too lazy to pick up a book to learn Vietnamese or you just don’t have the time to spend years learning it, then your plans are hooking up with a beautiful Vietnamese girl may be looking quite dire, or does it?

Rather than spend years trying to master the local language, which I know will be undeniably difficult if not nearly impossible for a lot of people, why not learn a few simple Vietnamese pickup lines to get your foot in the door?

Vietnamese girl in white ao dai

On today’s article, I’m going to be going through several Vietnamese pickup lines that you can start using today for all sorts of occasions.

Maybe you just want to break the ice with that hottie that works down at the local coffee shop.

Maybe its the cute gym receptionist you’ve been meaning to ask out on a date but things always go awry and you guys have to resort to using hand gestures instead.

Or maybe your just looking for some cheesy pickup lines to break the ice and get some random girl you see at the mall laughing.

Whatever it is, you will find that these pickup lines will come in handy.

Some Basic Grammar Rules

Flirting or trying to attract someone is referred to as thả thính in Vietnamese.

In Vietnam, people typically refer to each other in the third person such as “Anh” or “Em” meaning either “I” or “he/she”.

This can throw us English speakers off who are used to talking in the first person, but in Vietnamese its completely normal.

Basic pronouns you will typically hear are:

Anh (I, he, older brother) used for males only and guys that are older than you.

Em (I, he,she, younger sister/brother) used for both males and females when talking to an older person.

Chị (I,she, older sister) used when referring to a woman slightly older than you.

I’m only going to include these ones here as they are most pertinent for dating in our situation.

Vietnamese grammar rules dictate that we use the following structure when formulating our sentences:

Subject + Verb + Object

“Anh yêu em”

I (subject) love (verb) you (object)

If you keep this general rule in mind, you will better understand how Vietnamese people communicate.

If you would like to improve your Vietnamese, then I recommend the book called “Vietnamese for Beginners.”

You can purchase a copy here.

Vietnamese girl in pink ao dai

Girls Find Accents Sexy

Now when your trying to speak Vietnamese you will most likely butcher the pronunciation. This is completely fine, if not preferred because the girls will be giggling and laughing at your ridiculous accent.

Often times, I am told that I sound so cute when trying to speak Vietnamese.

Girls seem to love it when guys with foreign accents try to speak their mother tongue.

It’s the same phenomenon you see with British and Australian dudes when they visit North America. They simply clean up due to the fact that they have these accents that girls find cute.

You can see the same thing happening worldwide. In fact, when I was trying to learn Polish, I had a few Polish girls comment on my accent and call me very cute when I attempted to speak Polish with them.

Vietnam is no different.

So don’t run away from your awful pronunciation but rather embrace it.

Vietnamese girl in yellow dress

Practical Everyday Phrases

I have put together this short list of key everyday phrases here that you will most likely use in a lot of your interactions with Vietnamese girls.

They are straight to the point and shows the girl exactly what your intentions are.

1. “Em đẹp quá”

Your very beautiful.

This phrase will come in very handy when your trying to establish a sexual frame with the girl, but don’t overuse it.

Otherwise your gonna sound like one of those supplicating thirsty morons online that compliments every girl with these words.

2. “Khi nào em rảnh?”

When are you free?

Your gonna be using this line or a similar variation of it when your trying to make plans for a date with the girl. A highly effective and useful phrase that gets straight to the point.

3. “Số điện thoại của em là gì vậy?”

What is your phone number?

4. “Cho anh số đien thoại của em nha”

Give me your phone number.

Another variation of number 3.

5. “Ngaỳ mai mình đi coi phim nha”

Let’s go watch a movie tomorrow ok?

6. “Em có bạn trai chưa?”

Do you have a boyfriend yet?

7. “Mấy giờ em nghỉ?”

What time do you get off work?

9. “Anh muốn mời em đi cafe”

I want to invite you out for coffee.

Feel free to modify the word “cafe” with where ever your looking to take your date to.

10. “Anh thích nước hoa của em. Em thơm quá”

I like your perfume. You smell very nice.

Most of these phrases should help you get your foot in the door and show the girl that your interested in pursuing something romantic with her.

Cheesy Pickup Lines

This following list of cheesy pickup lines aren’t meant to be taken seriously but rather to break the ice and establish a sexual vibe with the girl.

When delivering them, its key not to have a serious look on your face like you just murdered someone or you may scare the girl off!

Vietnamese pickup lines: not smiling
Remember to smile

After hearing these lines, typically a girl will smile and start blushing, which is a relief when compared to trying this with western women who will either simply roll their eyes or maybe accuse you of sexual harassment unless you look like a model.

You will then need to follow it up with something, like introducing yourself to her.

1. “Em là người con gái trong mơ của anh”

You are the girl of my dreams.

2. “Em là cô gái đẹp nhất mà anh từng gặp”

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

3. “Khi anh nhìn em, anh gần như quên hết tất cả đất trời”

When I look at you, I almost forget everything.

4. “Lần đầu tiên thấy em, anh đã yêu em rồi”

I fell in love with you, the first time that I saw you.

5. “Mẹ em có tìm kiếm một chàng rể không?”

Is your mother looking for a son-in-law?

6. “Em sẽ là Valentine của anh chứ?”

Will you be my valentine?

Do They Work?

Your mileage may vary with these cheesy pickup lines.

Vietnamese pickup lines: Vietnamese girl wearing white hat

For example if when delivering a cheesy pickup line, your facial expression is very serious and you give off the vibe that your being serious with what your saying then you may come across as really creepy and strange. Girls will even call you a pervert or creep(biến thái).

This is why its important to never take your interactions with girls too seriously and just have fun with them.

When your delivering these lines, you should do it in a non-serious playful manner with a smile on your face. This lets the girl know that you aren’t serious and are just flirting with her to break the ice.

Some of these lines can even be used online to great success as an ice breaker or a way to flirt with her online.

Most guys will write some lame generic copy and paste line like this:

“Hi, how are you?”

You might as well write “I’m gonna remain a virgin for all of eternity“.

Zero thought went into the message and it shows you as a boring and plain guy. No different than the hundreds of other horny men trying to vy for her attention.

This message might have worked decades ago, when there was zero competition from foreign men, but now that the flood gates have opened, and thirst levels are at their highest, it just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

With these Vietnamese pickup lines, your going to instantly stand out and get her curious about how you know how to say these words.


I have now armed you with several Vietnamese pickup lines that you can use on any unsuspecting cute Vietnamese girl that you find attractive.

Some of them are very practical such as asking for a girls phone number or asking if she would like to join you for X activity.

Others are more for breaking the ice and getting the girl laughing and giggling so that you can now follow up with something else.

Remember, with great powers, comes great responsibility.

Don’t misuse your new powers!

Now that you have learned some new Vietnamese pickup lines, why not give them a try? I have written two articles below about where you can go to meet cute Vietnamese girls. Go check them out.

The Best Dating Apps in Vietnam for Meeting Vietnamese Girls

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Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite pickup line to use here in Vietnam.

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