She Ain’t Going to Wait Around Forever: Make a Move Already!


When it comes to making a move on a girl, you’re on a time crunch.

Miss your chance when it’s available with a woman and it’s sayonara baby.

Recently I received an email from an individual about a month back regarding a girl from his workplace that was showing signs of interest yet he failed to capitalize on it on time. Here is what he said.

Hi! I had a co worker being very warm, talkative, flirty, touchy with me and one day she said that she wanted To show me Her house.                 

After that, she started being cold and distant, and even denies ever flirting with and giving me signs Said she was only being friendly but stopped talking to me at work, I never flirted back when she was ” Hot” Am I right? Is it auto rejection?


The girl was making obvious signs that she was into him but unfortunately he realized it a bit too late and the girl went into auto-rejection.

The Problem With Waiting Too Long to Make a Move

 Vietnamese girl sitting on a swing waiting for someone

Most men like to second guess themselves.

They know intuitively that a woman likes them yet they come up with all sorts of excuses as to why she doesn’t like them.

This then leads to them second-guessing themselves and looking for further signs of interest from the women before trying to make a move on her.

These thoughts and limiting beliefs that they possess then sabotage whatever opportunity they had with the woman and end up making her lose interest in the guy due to a lack of action.

You Only Have a Limited Window of Opportunity With Women

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

It’s unfortunate but most females only give you a limited window of opportunity to make a move on her once she’s tried to hint to you that she likes you.

If you miss this window then she’ll think that you aren’t into her and go into auto-rejection as a means of protecting her ego.

This is why it’s often better to make a move on a girl even if you aren’t 100% sure that she likes you because if you don’t, you’ll still end up losing her regardless.

At least if you were to make a move on her, there’s a chance that you could get her.

This limited window of opportunity will vary between females and how often you have contact with her.

Say for example, some girl at a bar that has taken a liking to you may only give you a few minutes to make a move on her.

She may walk by you once or twice, or may even linger for a couple of seconds in your close vicinity.

If you fail to recognize these signs and don’t make a move within this timeframe, then you just blew your chances with her.

Now on the other hand, someone else in your social circle who you regularly see may give you a couple of weeks, maybe even months before she will move on to someone else.

But regardless, you still need to be the one making a move on her.

She’ll throw you the hints and hope that you pick up on them and make a move on her, but ultimately the one that needs to make the move is you.

If you won’t make a move on her then she will find somebody else that will.

Other Guys Start Coming Into the Picture

I know this sucks but guys are ruthless when it comes to trying to steal girls that you like.

The longer you wait to make a move on a girl, the higher the risk that someone else will come into the picture and poach your girl.

I’ve seen it happen countless times and even experienced it myself a couple of times early on when I was still trying to get a handle on this stuff.

It could be some horny overly aggressive tipsy douchebag over at a bar, a male coworker, or even someone that her friends try to hook her up with.

If you aren’t a couple, then other guys will suddenly start swooping in and try to steal her away from you.

If you don’t want this to happen, then make her yours and all of these guys will buzz off.

Other Things Start Popping up in Her Life

She ain't going to wait around forever: girl sitting down while wearing sunglasses

In addition to the previous two issues, you’ll also need to contend with other things in her life popping up all of a sudden as well.

Maybe she needs to go back to her hometown for a while to visit family or friends.

Perhaps it’s a business trip or she needs to start taking evening or weekend classes to update her skill set.

Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that it will take her focus off of you, and if it’s for too long, her level of attraction for you may even suffer!

If you’re not making a move on her when she’s available, you may not get another chance again in the future.

Stop Beating Around the Bush and Make a Move Already

Fortune favors the bold

While there isn’t a guarantee that you will always succeed if you were to make a move on a girl and you do run the risk of getting rejected, you’ll be surprised at the number of times where you do actually succeed.

Girls don’t like guys that aren’t confident and go after what they want.

Society has taught females that it is the guy’s job to make the first move on a girl and not the other way around.

If you like a girl and you sense that she likes you as well, then go make a move on her already.

The chances are that she has been waiting a while for you to show her that you are also interested in her.

If you don’t make a move, she’ll think that you aren’t interested in you and move onto someone else that will.

The choice is yours.

Just don’t complain later on when you see that new guy with his hand around her waist as she introduces her new boyfriend to you.


It doesn’t pay to wait when it comes to making a move on a woman.

She’ll only throw out so many hints before she finally gives up and moves on.

And once she does, it will be a lot harder to reverse the damage then if you had prevented it in the first place by actually making a move on her.

In this article, we looked at several reasons why not making a move quickly on a girl that you like can cause a multitude of problems for you such as her losing interest in you, other guys trying to hit on her, or other things in her life coming up and preventing the both of you guys from taking things further.

You can alleviate all of this by simply making a move on her when she gives you the green light, or better yet, make a move on her regardless rather than waiting for things to fall into place.

Don’t want to end up in a situation where you live with regrets for not having made a move quicker on her?

Then don’t wait, because she ain’t going to wait around forever!

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