Vietnamese vs chinese girls in vietnam: who should you date?


When people ask “Where do I go to meet Chinese girls?” the first thought they have is usually somewhere in China.

But did you know that in Vietnam, there is a very large Chinese minority that has lived here for centuries now?

Vietnam is home to roughly a million ethnic Chinese residents.

They have built up their own little enclaves within Vietnam to preserve their culture and heritage and you will typically run into them when visiting these neighborhoods.

In this article I’m going to discuss the largest ethnic minority that resides here in Vietnam yet has not been talked about much in the dating realm.

I feel these Chinese girls have been neglected and not given the attention that they deserve.

Most guys when they visit Vietnam only go after Vietnamese girls, yet ignore the Chinese girls while other guys may have never even knew that they existed at all.

But when it comes to dating, who is the better catch?

We’ll be looking at Vietnamese vs Chinese girls and seeing who you should be dating.

Now I want to make a distinction here:

Chinese girls that reside in Vietnam are actually quite different then the Chinese girls you would find over in China, Singapore, Taiwan, and even overseas Chinese.

Each one of these girls possess unique characteristics and traits that differentiate her from her sisters.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

Note: This comparison between these two ethnicities is of course subjective and based on my own opinion and you may not share the same feelings that I have with the girls.


Chinese girl
Chinese girl wearing the Cheong sam

Both Chinese and Vietnamese girls that you find in Vietnam will exhibit the typical East-Asian look compared to women in neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, which is good if you’re into the East-Asian look.

However, Chinese girls tend to have paler skin and are taller on average while Vietnamese girls have more curves to their figure.

Vietnamese girl
A Vietnamese girl

For me personally, I found Vietnamese girls just a tee bit more attractive due to them being a little more well-rounded, however, both girls are attractive so you can’t go wrong with either one.

If you like taller Asian women with lighter skin, perhaps Chinese Vietnamese girls would be more to your liking, or if you’re more like me and like a little more curves on your women then Vietnamese girls would fit the bill better.

I do have to make a comment here that I typically don’t hang out too much in the Chinese neighborhoods therefore I probably haven’t gotten the chance to see the cream of the crop yet and my experiences is based on what I have seen so far.


Chinese girls in red dress

Now when it comes to fashion, most Chinese girls you see will typically be wearing the same outfits as your everyday Vietnamese girl except for during Chinese New Year or a Chinese special event such as the Lunar New Year festival.

During those occasions, you will typically see a Chinese girl sporting a Cheong sam rather than the áo dài to follow in their ancestral heritage.

Vietnamese girl wearing an áo dài
Vietnamese girl wearing the áo dài

Both dresses are absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is better than the other as I find both of them equally as elegant and graceful.

But if you were to go outside on the streets on a typical day, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell whether or not a girl has Chinese blood in her based on her fashion sense.

Typical Vietnamese fashion includes summer dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, and a whole bunch of other clothing I have no idea what they call.


Chinese food: fried rice
Chinese food

Being as both girls reside in the same country, it’s only natural that they would share the same diet and cuisine.

However, Chinese girls also partake in the consumption of Chinese food as well or more specifically Chinese food originating from Vietnam.

Now you may ask what’s the difference between Chinese food and Chinese-Vietnamese food?

There are some subtle differences in the use of ingredients and how they are prepared here compared to say a Chinese restaurant that you would find in Hong Kong.

Fine details such as the type of noodles used, the cuts of meat and organs served with the dish, and the selection of vegetables, give the Chinese food here in Vietnam a distinct taste that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Vietnamese food: Pho noodles
Vietnamese food

Whereas the Vietnamese diet usually consists of a bit of carbs, some protein, tonnes of vegetables and herbs, along with nước mắm (fish sauce), Chinese diets are much more carb and protein heavy, focusing a lot more on stir-frying dishes.

Since Chinese girls who reside in Vietnam also get to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, they are masters at cooking both Chinese and Vietnamese dishes and incorporate this fusion into their diet.

In turn, what you get are taller, bulkier girls with a bit more meat to them. However, they aren’t nearly as curvy as a typical Vietnamese girl for some reason which I can only attribute to genetics.

Now this by no means translates into wider waistlines as most Chinese girls are often quite slim as well, but just slightly bulkier.


Vietnamese vs Chinese girl: Vietnamese girl looking at a tree

Now when it comes to personality, I did find a bit of a difference between the two.

When dating Chinese girls, they seemed to be more intellectually curious, outspoken, and ambitious compared to Vietnamese girls.

This likely could have stemmed from their upbringing and old teachings from back in day when the Chinese ran and controlled a significant portion of the commerce business over here in Vietnam where around 70-80% of businesses were owned by the Chinese.

Chinese are generally taught to be ambitious in life and to always seek ways to improve one’s economic levels.

You typically won’t see too many Chinese girls sitting on their ass all day playing on their phones, otherwise, their parents would give them a good earful.

Instead, education and making money are instilled in them from a very young age, and it’s priority #1.

Now, this is not to say that Vietnamese girls don’t value education as well.

On the contrary, education is also valued very highly in the household.

It’s just that you will tend to see a lot more Vietnamese girls, usually of the lower class working at nail salons, hair salons, massage parlors, or even clothing stores playing on their phones a lot more often.

Also, I have met plenty of Vietnamese girls that were contempt just working at a beauty or nail salon and had no aspirations to better their education and careers.

However, because of their drive and aspirations, I found when dating a Chinese girl, they tended to be more cunning compared to your average Vietnamese girl.

If you think Vietnamese girls are good at flattery, wait until you meet a Chinese girl here.

While a Vietnamese girl will typically try to flatter you by calling you handsome “đẹp trai”, a Chinese girl will take this to a whole new level.

I once met a Chinese girl online, who by the second video chat, was trying extra hard to stroke my ego, giving me all sorts of praise and even told me that when she would meet my grandmother, she would tell her that she was my girl.

This was all said and done before I ever got a chance to meet her!

I knew she was bullshitting me and wasn’t sincere with her compliments.

Yet a few months later, I found a photo of her on Wechat with some dumb foreigner who had sponsored her over to the UK. She also had photos of dollar bills on her profile.

You can form your own opinion of what her motives were.

Vietnamese girls on the other hand while also capable of being cunning, especially to naive foreigners who lack experience with women, tended to be softer and meek.

This is one of the reasons why some Chinese men living in Vietnam prefer to marry Vietnamese girls as opposed to Chinese girls. They prefer someone less outspoken and more submissive despite the girl not being Chinese.

I remember once when I was setup on a group date with my cousin’s girlfriend’s Chinese friend.

Although her friend was polite, she lacked the sweetness and softness you often see in a Vietnamese girl.

Whereas a Vietnamese girl would ask if you’re thirsty or not on a date or would hand you a pair of chopsticks when you’re getting ready to eat, this girl did none of that.

Now I could probably attribute some of this to shyness but still…

The mannerism was just different.

Like some of the Chinese guys living in Vietnam, I also share the same sentiment as them when it comes to Vietnamese girls.

While I do like my girlfriends to be ambiguous and confident, I don’t like to have that feeling of having a guile girlfriend looking over my shoulders all the time. In addition, I want my girlfriend to be more meek and gentler.

However, maybe you like a girl that is super ambitious and will keep you on your toes.


Vietnamese vs Chinese girl: Chinese girl wearing a traditional dress in red

Based on my experience I found both girls to be quite feminine.

They both know to dress well and present themselves as an Asian lady.

Both Chinese girls and Vietnamese girls have their own unique spin on traditional dresses that accentuates their femininity.

Both women love to be led by strong masculine men.

Furthermore, Vietnamese and Chinese girls have been taught starting from a young age to acquire domestic household skills such as cooking/cleaning and are warned that if they don’t learn these skills, they won’t be good wives.


Vietnamese vs Chinese girl: Chinese girl wearing traditional Chinese dress

As both Chinese and Vietnamese cultures have many similarities, oftentimes you will find the lifestyles of both girls to be quite similar.

Chinese girls embrace Vietnamese culture yet still try to retain their own culture usually through lecturers by their parents that preserving Chinese culture is important.

A lot of Chinese girl’s livelihood is often intertwined with that of Vietnamese girls.

They attend classes together and learn Vietnamese.

They hang out together.

And they even eat the same foods often.

In fact, some Chinese girls can’t even speak Chinese due to having so much exposure to Vietnamese culture and having to communicate in Vietnamese on a daily basis.

This is especially true in areas where its not predominantly Chinese, forcing the Chinese girl to use Vietnamese to communicate with people in the neighborhood.

I have met a fair amount of Chinese girls who couldn’t even speak Chinese at all and lost their mother tongue similar to what you see overseas in North America where a lot of Asians have to resort to speaking English with their parents.

Learning Vietnamese is mandatory for all the citizens here and therefore a lot of Chinese girls will be speaking Vietnamese a lot more than Chinese.

Signs and roads are 100% in Vietnamese, and stores outside of the Chinese enclaves are all written in Vietnamese.

So unless a Chinese girl lives in a predominantly Chinese neighbourhood, and speaks it with her folks daily then the chances of her retaining much of her mother tongue will be lost.

Because of so much lifestyle intermixing going on between Chinese and Vietnamese girls, a lot of Chinese girls have acquired the easygoing nature of many Vietnamese girls, especially those living in the south in cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, yet they still maintain their entrepreneur spirits that have been passed down from their parents.

Family and relatives are always thinking about ways to open up a new business of some sort.

If you journey outside of the cities into the countryside, you will oftentimes find a lot of Vietnamese girls that are quite contempt with just living off of the land and having an easy-going lifestyle which could give off the impression that they are lazy.

Also just being satisfied with either a middle school or high school education is a huge NO NO for a Chinese girl’s family.

Unless the family is dirt poor and can’t afford to send their kids off to school, most households place a huge importance on their child’s education levels.

Choosing not to go to school when the opportunity is available is akin to living a life of poverty in the future in the eyes of a Chinese girl’s parents.

Finally, let me touch up briefly on pop culture.

Chinese girls who choose to embrace their Chinese heritage opt to listen and follow Chinese tv shows/movies/singers much the same way a Vietnamese girl would with Vietnamese pop culture.

Her household may be big watchers of Hong Kong TV series such as TVB or big fans of Andy Lau.

There isn’t really a clear cut winner here as both Chinese and Vietnamese girls share similar lifestyles, with the exception of Chinese girls more likely being raised and instilled with an ambitious upbringing by her parents which means your Chinese girlfriend will never be complacent.


Vietnamese girls have a reputation for being tough to hook up with unless you are willing to wait and commit to a long courtship phase and even marriage in some cases.

Just to give you some perspectives, some girls save themselves until marriage and often times you will find lots of girls in their late 20s and even early 30s who still haven’t been with a man yet.

A lot of foreign men, especially sexpats think they can just land over here in Vietnam for a few weeks or up to a month and wave their passports or parade their skin color around and start bedding women left and right only to soon have a rude awakening when they discover that most girls will not put out that easily.

These men then return back home sexually frustrated and bitter at the women and country as a whole, vowing never to step foot here ever again while going online to vent their anger and frustration.

It’s actually quite comical to read about it.

Sexually frustrated beta male

With the exception of the small percentage of Vietnamese girls that have a liberal attitude towards hooking up, most Vietnamese girls are quite conservative.

But what about the Chinese girls living here in Vietnam?

Are they just as tough a nut to crack as a Vietnamese girl?

The answer is yes!

Since they share the same country, and very similar lifestyles as a Vietnamese girl, their attitude towards hooking up is a big NO!

Chinese culture here in Vietnam is just as conservative as Vietnamese culture, if not more so.

“I want to see that ring on my finger before you get any action”, a Chinese girl might say.

So if you’re in it for the long game, then great!

Otherwise, another country would be more appropriate for you.

English Levels

I have to be honest here, English levels for both groups of girls is just god awful.

Don’t expect to be able to have a meaningful conversation with either type of girl unless you either speak good Vietnamese or Chinese or they have very high English proficiency levels.

This is why I always harp on guys to spend a little time improving their Vietnamese. Not only will it allow you to communicate better with the local girls, it will give you opportunities to meet more girls too.

Now for the Chinese girls, you may want to brush up on your Cantonese and Mandarin as well.

Check out my article here to learn more about learning resources to help you out in this area.


This comparison between Vietnamese vs Chinese girls has got to be one of the toughest and closest match-ups I have ever seen over here in the Southeast Asia region.

We got two groups of girls that look extremely similar and share similar lifestyles and culture yet are ethnically different.

After having dated both types of girls, I would have to conclude that they are both equally as good for dating.

Both girls have their pros and cons when it comes to dating.

If you want someone that is more laidback and easygoing, a Vietnamese girl will fit the bill.

However, If you prefer someone that is taller and is more ambitious, then a Chinese girl residing in Vietnam might be the better choice.

Where to Meet Chinese Girls in Vietnam?

If you’re interested in meeting Chinese girls in Vietnam, then I recommend the following dating websites:

You can signup for a free account and browse around to see which site you prefer, and then get a premium account if you would like to communicate with the girls.

*Make sure you select Chinese as the language if you’re using VietnamCupid or Vietnam as the country if you’re using ChinaLoveCupid to narrow down the searches for Chinese girls only residing in Vietnam.

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    Tony Walker
    January 21, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    But the conservative girls are the freaks bro!!!! Just saying great article though…

    Will you still do the “1 week guy vs 1 month guy” next time?????

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      January 22, 2020 at 5:05 am

      Yes they can be quite the freaks in the bedroom lol.

      What’s the 1 week guy vs 1 month guy? I don’t understand your question.

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    Thuong Ho
    March 3, 2020 at 9:19 am

    I am a Vietnamese girl studying abroad in America and I find your article quite funny lol. I know that it is based on your experience but there are tons of Vietnamese speaking good English out there that you never meet or I could say you do not have the chance to be with them haha. Stop generalizing because I am so tired of these articles.

    • Reply
      March 3, 2020 at 11:10 am

      Vietnam has a population of over 90 million so obviously I cannot survey and talk with every single person here but only the people that I have encountered as well as my friends and also what the news reports which btw has dropped to the low category on the English Proficiency index (EPI) (Source:

      Also according to the article “In the national high school graduation exam in 2019, the average English score was 4.36/10, with almost 70 percent of students posting below-average scores.” That is well below what I or anyone in an English speaking country would classify as “good English”.

      There are plenty of more sources that support my claim: “However, some teachers of English have voiced their doubts about the ranking. They spoke about a report by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) that says 78 percent of students attending the 2018 high school finals got below 5 (average score) on the English test, and the average score was 3.91 on the 10-score scale.”

      Furthermore, since your a university student, obviously you would be exposed to a lot more people that can “speak English” which skews your view of how well most Vietnamese people can speak English. Go outside of a university or college and go speak with the grannie or old man selling food on the streets or the girl working at the nail salon and see how well your “good English” is.

      Also, I would bet if you were to leave the cities and go to a smaller town or even rural area of Vietnam then maybe only a handful of people would be able to even be conversational in English.

      In addition, what you define as “good English” is very subjective. What you deem good could in fact be considered ok or just average to a native English speaker. I have met plenty of Vietnamese students that told me they had “great english” yet had difficulty keeping up with me in a basic conversation or make plenty of mistakes constructing sentences together.

      Lastly, I find it quite hypocritical of you to tell me to stop generalizing yet do the exact same “I could say you do not have the chance to be with them haha.” We have not met before and you do not know me, so how could you know whether or not I met any of these “tons of Vietnamese speaking good English” out there?

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