Should You Consider Marrying a Vietnamese Woman?


Every year thousands of men leave the comforts of their home and travel down to Vietnam with the goal of marrying a Vietnamese woman.

But why have all of these men come so far away to marry a Vietnamese girl when there are available females back home?

What makes marrying a Vietnamese girl so special that has men going gaga down here in Vietnam?

And should you consider marrying a Vietnamese women?

The short answer is yes you should and here are the reasons why:


Vietnamese girl wearing white ao dai

If your looking for a sweet and feminine women to marry then look no further because Vietnamese girls are as feminine as they come.

No more dealing with loud and crass women that try to act like men and wear the pants in the relationship.

Women in Vietnam know how to act like a real lady.

This includes allowing a man to lead, putting effort into her appearance, and being comfortable with herself as a women.

Unlike in the west where femininity is dying a slow painful death, the essence of feminine is well preserved in the mentality and behavior of the local women in Vietnam.


Vietnamese girls know that reputation matters a lot in society, therefore they go to great lengths to preserve their image and avoid gossip.

You won’t find a typical married Vietnamese woman wearing provocative low cut dresses while outside trying to get attention from other men in her vicinity to feed her ego.

This sort of attention seeking behavior is mainly isolated to western countries where society doesn’t hold women accountable for their bad behavior but instead rewards it.

That’s how trashy reality tv shows came to light.

Vietnamese girls have been taught by her folks to maintain a nice conservative clean imagine by dressing conservatively.

That’s what makes the áo dào so seductive. Its a real sexy yet conservative dress that fits over a Vietnamese girl perfectly, revealing all of the great curves of her figure yet without revealing much skin at all.

Courting a Vietnamese girl takes time and she isn’t just going to sleep with anybody.

Because of this conservative upbringing, it makes them more ideal for marriage and long term relationships.

Know How to Take Care of Her Household

Vietnamese girl in white dress playing with a camera

Vietnamese women have been trained by their mothers and relatives from a very young age to know how to take care of the household.

This includes learning things like how to cook up a hearty meal, cleaning and doing household chores, and attending to other family matters.

I cannot count the number of times that my girlfriend has come over to my place and then started to sweep the floor, clean my washroom, and even help me with the dishes, all without me even asking her to.

I had a similar experiences with several girls that I had over at my place that helped me wash the dishes as well.

One girl proceeded to start moping my place while I was cooking lunch one time, which I found kind of strange because I had just met her that day.

Another girl that I dated cooked me dinner at my place as well.

Household chores for your average Vietnamese girl is like second nature.

If you want someone to help you out around the house rather than sit on her ass all day playing on her phone and taking selfies for instagram, then a Vietnamese girl will be more than up to the task.

Are Family Oriented and Devoted

Unlike in the west with record high divorce rates where couples split in the blink of an eye, Vietnamese women once married remain devoted to you for life.

They don’t just get up and throw in the towel right after an argument unlike some girls in the west.

Instead they will take their time to communicate with you and try to resolve things.

Just to give you an example: I have had a few fights with my girlfriend whereby I would have thought things were over, yet she later came around and tried to patch things up with me. In fact, she one time told me that if she ever told me to go away and end things with her, that I wasn’t allowed to do that with her. I needed to get back together with her.

Vietnamese women know that if she were ever to get a divorce from her husband that she would be the black sheep of the the neighborhood and shunned by everyone, most likely needing to move far away to escape the stigma associated with being a divorced woman.

This forces Vietnamese women to think twice about getting a divorce and to work out their problems with their spouses unless its something serious like domestic abuse. In those cases, yes, Vietnamese women do leave their husbands which is understandable.

In western society, you don’t have safeguards like this to prevent women from quitting when things start to get a little tough.

It all seems like a game over there.

Had a little argument?

Ok fine, let’s get divorced.

But unlike in the west, marriage is taken very seriously over here in Vietnam. You don’t just marry the girl, you marry her family as well. A marriage is seen as a union of two families.

When you get a divorce, your not only bringing shame to yourself, but also to your family here in Vietnam.

That’s why when a Vietnamese women marries, she is married to you for a lifetime unless of course you found her working at some bar, in which case, she’ll most likely divorce you once she gets what she wants.

In addition to being devoted to you, Vietnamese women know the importance of family.

In Vietnamese culture, family is extremely important.

Vietnamese girls have been groomed since a young age to look after and care about the family.

My girlfriend is always worried that I am hungry and don’t have enough to eat at home, therefore everytime she comes over, she would bring me food.

Sometimes, it would be some frozen korean dumplings that she bought at the Coop-Mart and then would cook it for me, while other times it might be a roasted chicken hot off the grill.

In addition, she likes to give me massages whenever I complain about neck pain due to writing all these wonderful articles for you guys to read.

Now ask yourself, how many women that you previously dated in the west did something like this for you?

My guess is next to zero!

Sacrifice for the Well Being of the Family

This point goes along with the previous point.

Vietnamese girls will go to hell and back to sacrifice for the well being of her family.

This is why when you walk outside here in Vietnam, you will see tonnes of Vietnamese women hustling it out night and day, in order to provide for her family and hopefully give their kids a better future then what they had to go through in life.

In nowhere did I see this more clearly then on one evening during a typhoon here in Vietnam. There was a women selling dumplings outside even when the streets were completely flooded and the water was up to her knees.

The heavy rain and wind blowing into her face, along with being drenched in disgusting sewer water mixed in with piss and other nasty things I don’t dare to imagine didn’t stop this women from trying to put food on the table for her family.

I knew immediately that she was a fighter, a survivor, and had huge grit to withstand any hardships in life because she was determined to provide for her family.

That’s a women that truly loves her family and is willing to do whatever it takes to give them a better life.


marrying a Vietnamese woman wearing a pink dress

Vietnamese women are very supportive of their man, just as long as he has drive and ambition.

They will always have your back no matter what.

Just to give you guys an example, I knew a young couple, probably in their mid 20’s that were roughing it out at a local market selling fried rice and noodles every single day.

Instead of sitting on her ass at home complaining about re-runs of keeping up with the Kardashians, she was out there roughing it out with her husband and supporting him. He did the cooking, while she did the prep and handled the cash. They were a team and she had his back no matter what.

Instead of bailing on him because of his financial situation, she remained supportive and by his side.

Here’s another example: there’s a famous German sausage street vendor here in Vietnam that has been hustling out on the streets of Vietnam for several years now. He’s married to a Vietnamese woman who’s been quite supportive of his dream of selling German sausages here in Vietnam. She didn’t bail on him when he came up with this crazy idea of selling sausages in Vietnam making a pittance, but instead stood by his side.

When you marry a Vietnamese woman, know that she’s got your back no matter what!

Don’t Have Unreasonable Standards for Men

While female expectations have gone out of whack in a lot of developed countries, Vietnamese girls on the other hand are much more lax and reasonable in what they expect from a male suitor.

Most Vietnamese females are simply content with having a loving husband that treats her right and provides enough for the family to survive.

By simply not smoking and drinking, you already are a great catch and leagues above a lot of men here in Vietnam.

Its like the previous example I gave you guys about the fried rice and noodle shop owner that has a cute and lovely wife that doesn’t mind doing the grunt work of selling these dishes day in and out with her husband. Her husband is obviously not rich by any means, and probably more closer to the poverty line, yet she’s still with him.

Or perhaps the story of the German sausage seller that sells homemade German sausages with his wife out in 40 degree weather down in Phu Nhuan district. He ain’t rich nor handsome, but he treats her right.

Most Vietnamese women don’t expect their husbands to be over 6 foot tall, under 30 years of age, have a physique of a male underwear model, or be making six figures or more. They yearn for a husband that understands them and treats them properly.

Age Well

Vietnamese girl in white dress blowing bubbles

Asians in general age extremely well. A 30 year old Vietnamese women will look like she’s 21, while a 40 year old will look like she’s 32.

Vietnamese girls avoid the sun like the plague and this has done wonders for preserving their youthful looks.

Unlike in the west which tends to favor tanning out in the sun, which does insurmountable sun damage to one’s skin and ages them prematurely, making them look like a shriveled up overripe mango, Vietnamese girls cover themselves from head to toe when going out in the afternoon, even when the weather is 40 degrees Celsius!

They would rather suffer through hot weather and being uncomfortable in 3 layers of clothing then look 10-20 years older.

Marrying a Vietnamese women means she still looks beautiful and pretty all the way into her 50s.

Takes Good Care of Herself Even After Marriage

She is still under pressure by both her parents and in-laws to keep in shape to please her husband and prevent him from straying

Because of Vietnamese culture being very open to the idea of being direct to people, even if it might make them upset, it means that fat shaming is generally accepted over here.

In fact, when I gained a few extra pounds from trying to film and sample different Vietnamese foods to put on my youtube channel, my relatives and girlfriend were quick to point out that I got fatter and needed to start losing some weight.

My girlfriend dreads the idea about ever gaining extra weight despite her being quite slim. She appeared kind of upset one time after we had just had all you can eat hot pot at Kichi Kichi. She kept on complaining about the size of her stomach after dinner was over. I had a quick look at it and laughed cause it looked exactly the same as before because she barely ate any food there besides all the vegetables.

Here’s a little tip: Don’t take a Vietnamese women ever to a buffet or any sort of all you can eat type of restaurant because most of them will barely eat anything and then claim that they are full. Its a complete waste of money if you ask me. Instead just go for A la carte menu instead if dining with her.

If you ever pay attention to a married Vietnamese women, you’ll know that she still puts a lot of effort into her appearance.

Dresses, makeup, and heels are still regularly used when she leaves the household.

In addition, the parks in Vietnam are usually loaded with tonnes of married women working out to keep in shape.

The really do mean business down here when it comes to keeping their figure and keeping their husband happy at home.

Vietnamese Women are Beautiful

Marrying a Vietnamese girl wearing white shirt and jeans

And last but not least Vietnamese girls are absolutely stunning!

Vietnamese women didn’t develop the reputation for being one of the most beautiful women in all of southeast Asia for nothing.

Slim figures, jet black silk hair, cute smiles, mesmerizing dark brown eyes, pale white creamy smooth skin, slim figures with curves in all of the right places, defines the physical features of a Vietnamese girl.

Most guys that come here in Vietnam, are usually blown away by the beauty of a Vietnamese girl. What was supposed to be a vacation soon turns into permanent residency as guys simply cannot resist a beautiful Vietnamese woman and choose to stay here to maximize their chances of nabbing themselves one too.


Vietnamese women possess many qualities that make them perfect wife material.

These include:

  • Feminine
  • Conservative
  • Know How to Take Care of Her Household
  • Are Family Oriented and Devoted
  • Sacrifice for the Well Being of the Family
  • Supportive
  • Don’t Have Unreasonable Standards for Men
  • Age Well
  • Takes Good Care of Herself Even After Marriage
  • Vietnamese Women are Beautiful

Vietnamese women through their upbringing have been taught to take marriage very very seriously!

They know that their time and window of opportunity is limited for snatching herself a good catch.

And the thing is, being a good catch is well within the reach of most men.

Most Vietnamese girls don’t require their man to be filthy rich, or look like a model. The most important thing is to treat her well and give her your attention.

If you put in the time and don’t try to take any shortcuts, I can guarantee you that you will end up with an amazing Vietnamese wife!

If your interested in meeting a Vietnamese women today, check out my review of the best dating website for meeting Vietnamese girls here.

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