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Should you date in Vietnam during the coronavirus?

Introduction With the coronavirus taking the world by storm and with no end in sight, should you date in Vietnam during this pandemic? Most governments around the world have begun issuing lockdown procedures and warning people not to go…

Vietnamese girl wearing red ao dai

valentine’s day gifts for vietnamese girlfriend buying guide

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Introduction Well its that time of the year again where cupid is flapping his wings all around the neighborhood, and emotions are running high for everyone, including your…

Unhappy couple

Signs your Vietnamese partner is losing interest in you

Introduction I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives before. One day your Vietnamese partner appears all happy and proud to have you as her man, and the next suddenly she’s gone cold and doesn’t…

Vietnamese girl holding flowers

should you come to vietnam during tet to meet girls?

Intro Tet is knocking on our doors and its the biggest holiday to ever grace Vietnam. Prepare to see fireworks light up the skies, tonnes of delicious food being prepared, beautiful decorations littered everywhere, and noise levels you never…

Vietnamese girl sad

Online Dating pitfalls in vietnam

Introduction When it comes to online dating, Vietnam has it pretty good for men. Good ratios of females to males, beautiful feminine conservative girls, and realistic expectations on what to expect in a partner. But… Vietnam ain’t perfect and…