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Vietnamese girlfriend upset

Common Vietnamese Girlfriend Problems and How to Fix Them

Intro Who doesn’t want a stress-free and happy relationship with their partner? But sometimes things aren’t as rosy as we’d like them to be. Learning how to navigate and resolve problems in a relationship with a Vietnamese women could…

Vietnamese girl in white dress

Best Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend Buying Guide

Affiliate Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Introduction Giving gifts to your girlfriend can be a delicate matter. Timing, picking the right gift, and frequency all play a role in gift giving. while I don’t condone you…

girl wearing purple ao dai

Do’s and Don’ts When Dating a Vietnamese Woman

Intro As a foreigner dating Vietnamese women, often times misunderstandings can occur. I mean it’s bound to happen right? You both grew up in two completely different worlds, with completely different social and cultural norms. But if your looking…

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