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Vietnamese girl sad

Online Dating pitfalls in vietnam

Introduction When it comes to online dating, Vietnam has it pretty good for men. Good ratios of females to males, beautiful feminine conservative girls, and realistic expectations on what to expect in a partner. But… Vietnam ain’t perfect and…


How to compliment a vietnamese woman

Introduction Giving a Vietnamese women compliments is a controversial subject. If you do it right, you will elevate her mood by several folds and leave her feeling good for the whole day but if you do it wrong, you’ll…


best Vietnamese Dating Websites for Foreigners

Introduction One of the advantages of dating here in Vietnam is that practically every girl that is single will have at one point or another used some sort of dating website to meet a guy. This isn’t surprising though…

Vietnamese girl cheating

what to do If your Vietnamese girlfriend is cheating on you

Introduction Let’s face it, getting cheated on sucks ass. One minute you think this girl is your everything and the next your whole world comes crashing down on you, leaving you with immense emotional heart-throbbing pain that just won’t…

Vietnamese girls together in a group

should you use a Vietnamese marriage agency to seek love?

Introduction Marriage agencies in Vietnam have long been a popular choice for foreign men looking to get themselves a wife. They are quick, convenient, less stressful than dating, and provide “pre-screened” girls to you based on the physical attributes…

Vietnamese girl using a tablet

What’s online dating in vietnam like?

Intro What’s online dating in Vietnam Like? After experiencing what was a train wreck of an online dating experience in the west, I didn’t have high hopes for trying my hand at it in Vietnam, but I was pleasantly…


Where to meet Vietnamese cougars in Vietnam

Intro Most guys when it comes to dating prefer to look for a younger partner. The typical most requested ages tend to run from 18-25. With 26-28 coming in second. Most Vietnamese women once they hit 30 years old,…